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Command & Conquer: Renegade

aka: C&C: Renegade, Command & Conquer: Commando

Critic Reviews 74% add missing review

Game Chronicles (9.5 out of 10)

Command & Conquer: Renegade embodies everything that we all know and love about the C&C universe and drives it home with some intense gameplay, amazing story, and great graphics. And while Renegade exhibits a few notable flaws, there is enough here to entice FPS lovers and C&C veterans alike.

Apr 28th, 2002 · Windows · read review

GamePro (US) ( )

Renegade has its assorted other problems, like Gump-level enemy A.I. and somewhat silly mechanics (destroying a building's master terminal disables the entire building), but the sheer fun of blasting your way through Nod's defenses and just being a badass makes up for a lot. Westwood's rogue shooter sneaks its way onto the FPS hit list, and it looks like it belongs there.

Mar 8th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Game Vortex (90 out of 100)

You want a great mission base Single Player First Person Shooter? Side step Command and Conquer Renegade then, and go after Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, or Return to Castle Wolfenstein . If you already have those games, then C&CR is a luscious addition to your library. If you're Command and Conquer crazy, then this is definitely a game you want too. If you like Mulitplayer games though, run don't walk and get your hands on this game. It brings a strategy/simulation feel and mentality to a First Person Shooter game, which is flawlessly done. It is fun to look at, hear and most importantly, play. And while there could be a little improvement here and there, it is a very well done game that Westwood deserves high merits being that this is the first FPS they had ever done.

2002 · Windows · read review

4Players.de (88 out of 100)

Command & Conquer Renegade ist der erste 3D-Shooter von Westwood und der Entwickler hat ein erstaunlich gutes Spiel abgeliefert. Allen voran ist der Mehrspieler-Modus zu nennen, der schlichtweg als klasse bezeichnet werden kann und sehr viel vom Spielspaß ausmacht. Ansonsten macht die detailgetreue Umsetzung des Szenarios sowohl grafisch als auch vom Sound her viel von der Atmosphäre aus. Missionen und Story sind schön verknüpft und so umfangreiche und fordernde Aufgaben, die bis zu zwei Stunden dauern, hat es bisher noch nicht in einem 3D-Shooter gegeben. Jetzt die Negativ-Punkte: Da wäre zum einen die tumbe künstliche Intelligenz der Gegner und die technischen Unzulänglichkeiten. Der Grafik-Engine merkt man deutlich die lange Entwicklungszeit an; Grafik- und Soundruckler trüben den Spielspaß. Trotzdem: Fans der C&C-Reihe und Action-Fans können auf jeden Fall zugreifen!

Mar 6th, 2002 · Windows · read review

GameStar (Germany) (87 out of 100)

Mir haben es speziell diese Massenschlachten angetan, in denen ich mich wirklich wie im großen Kampf zwischen GDI und Kane fühle. Aber selbst wenn es etwas ruhiger zugeht, sorgen die motivierenden Einsätze für gesteigerte Adrenalinausschüttung. Besonders gelungen ist auch der umfangreiche Fuhrpark: In keinem anderen Ego-Shooter hat es mir dermaßen Spaß gemacht, wild böllernd mit Vehikeln durchs Gelände zu brettern. Größter Schwachpunkt ist die Feind-KI. In Zeiten eines Medal of Honor erwarte ich einfach mehr als Gegner, die sich offensichtlich gerne abknallen lassen. Auch an den extremen Qualitätsunterschieden in Sachen Grafik hätte Westwood besser noch gefeilt, zumal die 3D-Engine durchaus was kann. Trotz der Schwächen: Allein schon wegen der abwechslungsreichen Hochspannungs-Einsätze können jetzt auch Actionfans im C&C-Universum losschlagen.

Feb 2002 · Windows

Gamezoom (86 out of 100)

Vor allem Command & Conquer Fans dürften sich in Renegade sofort zu Hause fühlen. Wer die kleinen Schwächen in der Gegner KI oder der Grafik übersieht, sollte zusammen mit dem hervorragenden Multiplayer viele Stunden Spielspaß haben. Jeder, der schon immer mal in einen Mammut Panzer steigen oder eine Hand der Nod mit dem Ionen Satelliten in Schutt und Asche zerlegen wollte sollte sofort zugreifen. Lediglich, wer Command & Conquer sowieso nicht mag, sollte sich den Kauf noch einmal überlegen.

Mar 23rd, 2002 · Windows · read review

Game Informer Magazine (8.5 out of 10)

If you are like me, and have played every Command & Conquer release, blasting through Renegade's levels is a great new way to enjoy the franchise. If you are just a first-person shooter fan, Renegade doesn't live up to the Allied Assaults, Unreals and Wolfensteins of the world.

Apr 2002 · Windows

games xtreme (8.5 out of 10)

So is it worth buying, yes and no, yes for the great Single player game and if you enjoy the kind of Multiplayer that C&C Renegade offers – attack opponents base until destroyed or you’re destroyed yourself. I will note you can’t build new structures but the vehicles and units are all there (Except for the flyers at the moment) so it kind of comes across as a cheaper version of Team Fortress Classic (Sorry Westwood) and leaves you feeling a bit flat. We can only hope that the mod teams capitalise on such a good game and engine and start to really rock the boat as people did with UT, until then, Wolf out…off to blast some NOD!

Mar 21st, 2002 · Windows · read review

Game Over Online (83 out of 100)

The previous Command and Conquer RTS series has already laid out the foundation for the unit types in this game and if you’ve played the RTS games, you are already familiar with NOD’s evil plots for world domination and GDI’s intention to stop them. C&C: Renegade brings us a new playing field perspective with all of the same units that we love plus a couple new ones. It keeps the C&C saga alive and expanding with all the favorite GDI and NOD plot tension that you would expect. Who knows what the next C&C will bring. Maybe at some point they will create a combination of RTS and first person shooter, wouldn’t that be killer? For now, Renegade should satisfy your need to roll some people over in a mammoth tank or pick off the troops with a sniper rifle as they unload from an APC. If you are a C&C fan in any way, you should surely check this out.

Apr 9th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Gamesmania.de (83 out of 100)

Westwood versteht es, den Spieler ins Geschehen einzubeziehen. Wenn man über die Mängel in Grafik und KI hinweg sieht, dann bietet Renegade jede Menge Action und Spielspaß, was eigentlich den Ausschlag geben sollte. Für den Genrethron reicht es leider dennoch nicht.

Feb 15th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Game Captain (83 out of 100)

Eine gelungene Umsetzung des Strategiespiels in Form eines Shooters. Die gute Idee wird ideal umgesetzt.

Mar 17th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Game Informer Magazine (8.25 out of 10)

I guess I was hoping for a little bit more from this game, but with all things said and done, the satisfaction of playing a well-built first-person shooter was there when I turned it off. It's worth investing in if you're a C&C freak, but otherwise I'd say there are bigger fish to fry out there.

Apr 2002 · Windows

PC Zone Benelux (82 out of 100)

En aangezien dit Westwoods eerste shooter is en het ze verdorie gelukt is om enorme, spannende levels boordevol actie te creëren, zien we de middelmatige graphics door de vingers. Veel belangrijker vinden we de gameplay, en het mag duidelijk zijn dat die ons prettig wist te verrassen.

Mar 2002 · Windows

Gameplay (Benelux) (81 out of 100)

Renegade is een geslaagde first person shooter die op voorbeeldige wijze een RTS universum naar 3D actie vertaalt.

Feb 28th, 2002 · Windows

Peliplaneetta.net (81 out of 100)

Se, minkä Renegade häviää yksinpelin ja ulkoasun puutteissa, voittaa se monin verroin hyvillä moninpeli-ideoillaan. Command & Conquerin perusidea toimii nimittäin loistavasti myös 3D-räiskinnässä. Ideana on tietenkin Skirmish-pelityylin tapaan puolustaa omaa tukikohtaa ja yrittää siinä samassa tuhota vastustajan vastaava. Harvesterit keräävät Tiberiumia, josta saaduilla varoilla pelaajat voivat vaihtaa koulutustaan / sotilasarvoaan, ostaa itselleen lisäominaisuuksia, superaseita tai erinäisiä ajoneuvoja. Myös vihollisen rakennuksien ja yksiköiden tuhoamisesta kilahtaa lisäkrediittejä pelaajan taskun pohjalle. Homma pelaa näppärästi esikuvansa tyyliin: Mikäli voimalaitos tuhotaan, puolustusjärjestelmät hiljenevät ja tuotannon hinnat kohoavat. Jos parakki posahtaa, ei pelaaja enää voi kouluttautua tavallista solttua kummoisemmaksi, ja mikäli asetehdas menee, voi sanoa hyvästit ajoneuvoille.

Mar 20th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Christ Centered Gamer / Christ Centered Game Reviews ( )

The game is easy to install, it comes with Game Spy Arcade, which is good to have. The graphics are good, and the player and vehicle detail is great. I wasn't impressed with the scenery or environment detail. The sound effects were good. I love the boink sound when someone dies. The weapon and vehicle sound effects were great, the background music is techno like. The game ran well in Windows 2000 with no lockups. For controls, you use the standard WASD for movement, and E to use items. The game play is fun and unique. Get it for the multiplayer, which is a blast, as you may be disappointed with the single player game play.

Jun 1st, 2005 · Windows · read review

IGROMANIA (8 out of 10)

Вполне достойный "шутер по мотивам". Отличный подарок всем фанатам серии C&C, да и просто очень хорошая игра

Apr 2002 · Windows · read review

JeuxVideoPC.com (16 out of 20)

Lorsque l’on évoque la série des Command And Conquer , on a l’esprit assailli d’images de petites unités militaires qui explosent, de tanks effroyablement armés que l’on dirige d’un simple clic d’un endroit d’une carte où il sont en sécurité à un autre où ils ont toutes les chances du monde de finir en un amas de ferraille fumante. Bref, Command And Conquer, c’est du jeu de stratégie en temps réel. Le succès rencontré par la série a bien entendu poussé les éditeurs à en redemander (ou les joueurs ? Allez savoir) et donc une série de suppléments, de suites et de titres dérivés. Tous ont respecté le genre, lui apportant de nouvelles unités, de nouveaux prétextes et surtout une évolution technique devenue bien nécessaire. Dans cette jungle mercantile mais toutefois agréable à arpenter, Renegade vient un peu à contre courant. Pour une fois, la série C&C choisi d’occuper un nouveau terrain. Et, réflexion faite, ils se sont rendus maîtres des lieux en un rien de temps.

Nov 30th, 2003 · Windows · read review

Gameguru Mania (80 out of 100)

So was it worth the wait? I think definitely, though the game could be a bit more polished and run faster on my computer :) I bet C&C fans who likes also FPS genre will be satisfied especially with great multiplayer.

Mar 3rd, 2002 · Windows · read review

Nerikes Allehanda ( )

Som ren 3D-shooter är det knappast mer än okej. Men illusionen av att verkligen vara förflyttad ner på slagfältet i C&C gör det här spelet till något extra. Alla som någon gång spelat något spel i serien kommer att känna igen sig direkt. Alla byggnader, fordon och vapen är med. Roligare blir det när du upptäcker att du faktiskt kan hoppa in i en Mammuttank och skapa kaos omkring dig genom att skjuta vilt eller köra över fotsoldaterna.

Mar 26th, 2002 · Windows

GameSpot (7.8 out of 10)

Most PC gamers have extremely high standards for shooters after having played outstanding games like Half-Life and Unreal Tournament. Renegade aims to match the high-level quality of these much older games but falls short--Westwood has never made a shooter before, and you can tell. That doesn't mean Renegade isn't a fun game. For one thing, Westwood is extremely experienced at making multiplayer games, and that too comes across in Renegade. In the end, the game's single-player mode is a fine homage to a real-time strategy classic, while the multiplayer mode has a lot to offer those interested in multiplayer shooters--especially those who also consider themselves C&C fans. Furthermore, like all of Westwood's products, Renegade is also a highly accessible, impressively produced game, making it well suited for players who've wanted to get into shooters but have felt intimidated by their generally steep learning curves.

Feb 26th, 2002 · Windows · read review

ActionTrip (77 out of 100)

I so want to love this game - it has all the pieces necessary for a classic, but it just comes up short. It is 100% apparent that a lot of hard work and effort went into this game, and it shows. But it is also 100% apparent that this game is lacking in certain areas that prevent it from being the new 800-lb gorilla on the block. I would say that this game is about 2 or 3 patches away from being complete - fix the physics on the engine, scale it for lower-end machines, tweak the netcode on the multiplayer side and overhaul the AI and Renegade is the game that ever C&C fan wants it to be. It's a good game, just not a great one. But with a little TLC, Nick Parker will rank up there with the gaming elite, as he so richly deserves - at least in the eyes of the C&C fan.

Mar 1st, 2002 · Windows · read review

PC Action (Germany) (75 out of 100)

Dank einiger Gegner, die mich wohl nicht mal dann bemerken würden, wenn ich vor ihrer Nase mit Britney-Spears-Maske und im Tiger-Tanga einen Schuhplattler aufs Parkett legen würde, weiß ich jetzt, was KI bedeutet: ’Kaum Intelligenz’. Mit geistigen Sozialhilfeempfängern kann ich wegen des hübsch hohen Feindaufkommens aber noch leben. Viel blöder ist, dass der Kick etwa nach sechs Stunden nachlässt - denn im Grunde habe ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt alles gesehen und erlebt. Nicht-C&C-Süchtige pflügen sich folglich nur noch wegen der grandiosen Zwischensequenzen und witzigen Dialoge weiter durchs Nod-Gewimmel. Ich empfehle den Kauf von Renegade hauptsächlich aufgrund des Mehrspielermodus. Denn der ist ’Rock ’n’ Roll’, wie Havoc sagen würde.

Feb 8th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Game Freaks 365 (7.5 out of 10)

Since Command & Conquer Renegade is a game released in 2002, it only is fair to judge it based on the time that it was released and not on today's standards. For its time, Renegade would be considered a slightly above-average shooter with a decent online multi-player. I played it online back when I still had a 56K modem in 2002, but did not get a chance to play it today. With or without multi-player included, Renegade is a game that all fans of Command & Conquer should seek out. The easiest way to find it is by buying the Command & Conquer: The First Decade compilation.

Mar 16th, 2008 · Windows · read review

GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (74 out of 100)

De singleplayermode is een mooi eerbetoon aan de real-time strategieklassieker, terwijl de multiplayermode voldoende unieke spelelementen bevat om online shooters happy te maken.

Mar 6th, 2002 · Windows · read review

IGN (7.4 out of 10)

The novelty of the Command & Conquer mechanic is definitely enough to hold your interest but the overall production is what, ultimately, keeps the title from attaining the success we all thought it ought to have. I wanted to like Renegade more than I eventually did. The challenge in it comes not from its sophistication but from brute force and weight of numbers. In the end, it's not quite smart enough to really deliver the grunt's-eye-view of the RTS that it should have been. It's a departure for Westwood and only a moderately successful one. Still, with another title or two in this same genre, Westwood may finally be able to refine the concepts of Renegade into something much more enjoyable than the current game.

Mar 4th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Armchair Empire, The (7.4 out of 10)

What would a real-time strategy Half-Life look like? How about a space sim set in the Space Quest universe? A massively multiplayer Leisure Suit Larry game? A tycoon game set in Land of the Dead starring Manny Calavera? I can almost guarantee that the gaming world will never see games like these (and arguably they should never be made).

Mar 22nd, 2002 · Windows · read review

PC Zone (1993-2010) (73 out of 100)

Renegade has pace, plenty to do and for C&C fans especially it really does bring the C&C universe to life, but compared to other first-person shooters it isn't a particularly amazing game. The AI is laughably basic, the graphics unsophisticated, the interface overly complicated and the characters clichéd and wooden. Perhaps the best thing about the game, apart from the multiplayer mode, is that someone saw fit to include the playable demo of Medal Of Honor on the disc. However, though it may drive many to buy what is an infinitely more accomplished game, I fear most will be making an exchange before too long rather than parting with more cash.

Feb 15th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Computer Bild Spiele (2.36 out of 6)

Das Originalspiel „Command & Conquer“ und seine diversen Nachfahren waren allesamt Strategiespiele, in denen Sie das Geschehen aus weiter Entfernung lenkten. Jetzt kommt Renegade und verfrachtet Sie mitten ins Gefecht. Ein Vorstoß, der nur teilweise geglückt ist: Grafisch variiert das Geschehen von Spielstufe zu Spielstufe zwischen ganz passabel und unterdurchschnittlich. Beispiel: In einem Auftrag müssen Sie schier endlos durch immer gleich aussehende Schiffsflure laufen – bis Sie irgendwann endlich eine bestimmte Zugangskarte finden. Und wenn im letzten Auftrag die Computergegner ihre Dummheit durch zahlenmäßige Überlegenheit wettmachen, wird das Gewinnen so schwer, dass man vor Zorn am liebsten gar nicht mehr weiter spielen möchte. Schade, denn Renegade hätte richtig klasse werden können. Doch so muss es sich mit einem knappen „gut“ zufrieden geben.

Apr 2002 · Windows

PC Games (Germany) (72 out of 100)

Havoc würde sagen: ’Man muss der Wahrheit ins Auge blicken.’ Und die sieht nun mal so aus, dass Renegade zwar viel Spaß macht, aber nicht der erhoffte Hit ist. Weil die Gegnerintelligenz noch nicht 100%ig funktioniert (allerdings wird versprochen, dass dieses Problem in der endgültigen Version behoben ist). Weil die Grafik zu durchschnittlich ist - hey, selbst Counter-Strike hat zuweilen bessere Texturen! Weil der allgemeine Feinschliff fehlt. Beispiel: Meine Spielfigur tapst in einer Geschwindigkeit durch die Levels, die auch nach einer Kanne nicht entkoffeinierten Kaffee einschläfernd wirkt - warum können selbst Nichtspielercharaktere schneller rennen? Zum Glück hat Renegade abwechslungsreiche, gelegentlich sogar richtig hübsche Schauplätze, lange Missionen und einen liebenswerten Hauptdarsteller. Der rettet das Produkt vor dem Absturz in die Mittelmäßigkeit. Danke, Havoc!

Feb 15th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Frictionless Insight ( )

Renegade is not as innovative as other titles in the genre, but, for the most part, is presented with a surprising polish for a first-outing in the FPS world. The attempts to crank up the difficulty in the later missions are a bit clumsy. Surely there are better ways to challenge players than by placing instant death in every blind alley (perhaps by making the enemy AI smarter instead of just more powerful). Even so, it's probably worth finding your way to the end just so you can see all the parts of the extremely well done game cinematics. The multiplayer game is addictive and more detailed strategically and tactically than you might expect. In addition, it is tantalizingly close to the feeling of organized battle, but just not quite there. For that, you still have real-time or turn-based strategy. In the meantime, jump in a tank and squish a friend. He'd do the same to you.

Mar 10th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Thunderbolt Games (7 out of 10)

It’s interesting to notice how more recent titles, such as Savage and Battlefield 1942 have expanded on some of Renegade’s strongest features. The huge levels, the strategy involved in multiplayer, and the controllable vehicles are in all three games, though since Renegade is the oldest, it is also the weakest of the three. However, if you value a good online experience over the single-player experience, then this is the game for you. While the single-player campaign is fun for a little while, it quickly devolves into a tedious experience. Despite the flaws, the cheap price of Renegade makes it a solid title to pick up for the enticing online play.

Mar 16th, 2004 · Windows · read review

ESC Magazine (7 out of 10)

All my bitching aside, I really did enjoy Renegade as a cartoony, testosterone-laden shooter. I was impressed by the flashes of brilliance: My hope is that Westwood expands on those, probably in a sequel featuring Tanya of the Red Alert timeline. Renegade is a must for C&C devotees, if only to experience those battles from the ground. Shooter fans may want to give it a look, though it’ll never replace paragons like Half-Life or System Shock 2.

Apr 2nd, 2002 · Windows · read review

Computer Gaming World (CGW) ( )

Amazingly, it’s the C&C-flavored part that’s going to make this game appealing to C&C- fans and non-fans alike. But it’s the more generic 50 percent of the game that keeps us from giving a wholehearted recommendation to Renegade. If the C&C faithful really build up a strong multiplayer community, this game could be a must-buy in a month or two.

May 2002 · Windows

Game Arena (7 out of 10)

Overall though, the hardcore first person gamers might not like this one. The problems throughout combined with the average graphics will probably turn off a few people, especially if they've recently played some other very well constructed titles such as Medal of Honor. The game is very much aimed at the mass-market, and thus the features and gameplay are heavily slanted to make it easier for newcomers to the first person action scene. That isn't to say that current FPS gamers won't enjoy it, but it might not tickle everyone's fancy. In any case, as mentioned earlier, with the huge name of Command and Conquer behind it, Renegade almost can't fail to succeed spectacularly. This game is definitely one to keep an eye on, as it is entirely possible that it will be remarkably huge in a very short period of time.

Sep 9th, 2004 · Windows · read review

Stratos Group (3 out of 5)

Westwood has managed to release a game that is very, very average. An entertaining action game that will appeal to those that like traditional shooters, Renegade has a few good points and a few annoying oversights. Adequate graphics and sound keep the pace, and a multiplayer mode that is sometimes good, sometimes bad combine to create and action game that is, well, average.

May 1st, 2002 · Windows · read review

Génération 4 ( )

Westwood avait tout pour faire de Renegade un titre exceptionnel. Au final, ce n'est qu'un quake-like honnête... Un de plus.

Mar 2002 · Windows · read review

Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) ( )

Renegade was a game that I personally really wanted to see succeed. It seemed like a great concept with tons of potential to take such a well-established strategy series and port it to another popular genre. Sadly, it falls short of these lofty expectations, devolving into little more than a standard run and gun shooter with a few innovative features that aren't pulled off well. The multiplayer mode was hyped to no end during development, and is terrific fun, but only on the rare occasions when it is playable. Single-player is a mixed bag that some will find enjoyable and others will find merely average. While it's possible that the quality of the game can and will be improved immensely with patches, the product as it stands now falls short of what it promises. If you check your brain at the door, Renegade will probably be an enjoyable experience for you, but for the rest of us, it will ultimately fall short.

Feb 25th, 2002 · Windows · read review

FiringSquad (60 out of 100)

Who would I recommend this to? I honestly think that you shouldn’t touch this game until Westwood patches the hell out of it. I’m talking full-on, change every weapon damage, vehicle armor, and buying price in the game. If you really like the Command & Conquer universe, and always wanted to see what it’s like to be a CnC soldier in an FPS game then you may like Renegade, but only if you have a lot of patience.

Mar 14th, 2002 · Windows · read review

GameSpy ( )

If you're looking for something fun and original in the multiplayer arena, or are a total FPS junkie, Renegade isn't a bad choice. Westwood appears serious about supporting the mod community, and with the engine's solid vehicle support (the ability to control air vehicles is planned for an upcoming map release), it could blossom into something special. It's not Medal of Honor, but if you can get past the first-generation engine and various technical and design glitches, there's still a good deal of fun to be had.

Feb 15th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Fragland.net (59 out of 100)

Westwood enters the FPS arena with a game inspired on their never-ending license of Command&Conquer but does a good license make a good game? In the case of Renegade it does not.

Sep 14th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Svenska PC Gamer (57 out of 100)

Visst är det kul att få vara lite jordnära i C&C-världen, och visst har Renegade sina ögonblick då det faktiskt är ganska underhållande. Tyvärr är det en shooter av lite klenare kaliber, så den kommer inte i närheten av de stora grabbarna i genren. Nej, Westwood borde faktiskt försöka förnya sig inom realtidsstrategin istället för att ge sig på flera sådana här projekt. Fast det är klart – friskt vågat, hälften vunnet, även om det kanske inte blir som man har tänkt sig alla gånger.

Mar 2002 · Windows

Gamekult (5 out of 10)

Au final, Command & Conquer : Renegade est donc un jeu bien décevant, un premier essai un peu loupé pour Westwood et un titre à éviter pour les joueurs. Seuls les fans absolus de Command & Conquer, convaincus par la très bonne restitution de l'univers de leur jeu favori, lui pardonneront ses défauts. Des graphismes vraiment datés, une réalisation à la rue et un gameplay pas terrible sont à l'ordre du jour. Seul le multijoueurs tire son épingle du jeu, mais il va lui falloir beaucoup de mises à jour avant d'être jouable de façon confortable sur le Net. Dommage, mais malgré tout encourageant pour l'avenir..

Mar 15th, 2002 · Windows · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (4 out of 10)

To say that Renegade is disappointing would be a masterful understatement. The single player game is marred by incompetent AI, poor mission balance and some very linear maps, while the promising C&C mode is let down by dodgy network code. If Westwood can fix the multiplayer problems then it could be a lot of fun online, but in the meantime this is a game which is well worth avoiding for all but the most forgiving of Command & Conquer fans.

Mar 9th, 2002 · Windows · read review

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The Good
You're playing GDI, you're playing a commando, you're playing that little top-down units from the original "Command & Conquer", and that's the only unit you control in this game, and nope, this is not "Sole Survivor 2". Nick Parker, code name Nicky... ahem, I mean, Havoc, undisciplined, fast on the trigger, and barely doing anything left-handed. This time, the exact time of 1995 during the first Tiberium conflict, you'll be shown the war you've already passed, only from another perspective... from a commando's eyes. You can easy shift between first-person and third-person perspective, and in both of them, navigation and controls are extremely well done, and easy to master in no time. Now, since that is original war, you'll encounter many enemy and allied units in game, from the Nod minnigunner infantry and rocket soldiers, to GDI grenadiers, minnigunners and civilians. The ranking is making some extra abilities, so Nod and GDI officers can call for backup and reinforcements, which is why you should set your prior targets on officers, and than on grunts. Also, the game goes way into touch of "Tiberian Sun", so there will be experimentations with Tiberium, and even couple of different types of mutants and enhanced Nod soldiers resistant to Tiberium. Also, units such as Hum-vees, Nod light tanks, GDI Mammoth tanks, Nod buggies, Flame tanks and others will be present in the game, but that's not all. You will as well be qualified to control them (though in third-person perspective only), and although this may reseble to "Grand Theft Auto", it is nothing like it, hehe. This game is made so there is no corner for resting, and war is omnipresent all the time, so you see flying orcas help you with some Nod turrets, Nod Apache helicopters shooting atcha, A-10 planes bombing enemy installations, or GDI gunboat firing missiles incorrectly so most of them comes in your direction. GDI support won't be heavy, but you can always expect bunch of Nod troopers behind every corner, constant incoming reinforcements, landing from the transport helicopter, exiting APC, or incoming paratroopers. All the houses also have affect on the game (for example Hand of Nod is helping with enemy infantry reinforcements, or helipads will increase Apaches activity in the area, or power plants giving enough energy for Nod obelisk tower, etc.), and this time you can check them all inside out. Or you can destroy them with Mammoth tank, or Ion Cannon pretty quickly. Hand weapons arsenal is more than enough, from the ground basic silence pistol and machine gun, to spray gun, flamethrower, hand ion cannon, lightning gun, C4 explosive charges and more. The game uses cinematics that look pretty much as ingame, and are done with the same engine, but just the look at some character talking and moving lips won't be able to stop you laughing, hihi, dunno if they did that on purpose, but I like it, hehe, breakes the seriousness of the game from time to time. Also, there are some funny dialogues throughout the game (for example, Syndey demostrates you how your health bar works by shooting you to which you angrily say "Was that really necesary?"), you get the feeling as if they inserted part of their "Malcolm's Revenge" humor in it. The detail level is simply fascinating, and every level is entirely different, using different textures and places, beaches, ships, town, ski cottages, bridges, frozen rivers, dam, and using pretty nice rain, snow and volcanic ashes effects. The game follows the story of the original "C&C" almost entirely, with a little knocking on the "Tiberian Sun" surface. Basically, what you used to see in the masterfully done FMV of "C&C", you will now experience from first-person and see those 3D objects as well as interact with all of 'em. Music is also great, and it approximates the one in original "C&C", and some songs are identical, only reconstructed a bit, to couple of "Command & Conquer" and "Tiberian Sun" songs, and they're even called the same (which you can check on the game soundtrack). It works fast and fine on my ol' ASUS RIVA TNT with some drivers that are even now two years old, but the thing is, if they made it work great with such an old card, this opens range to users with not so upgraded computers, and believe me, this one is a must of all musts.

The Bad
I was thinking raging a bit about the game's shortness, but I guess all great games are somewhat short. And to think Westwood was developing this game for so long, and I finished it so soon... sigh, it's not healthy thinking much about it, hehe. This game has so many varieties and goodies, that the fact they made so many differences in it, and were so faithful to level of details is really rising this game up. They didn't just make this game on some already existing engine and try to take a fame from their renowned RTS, no, they needed two years just to create the engine for this game from scratch, and what once was an idea for 3rd-person shooter, they extended onto 1st-person shooter, and left both modes (something like in "Jedi Knight"). But just as I got this longly anticipated game from "C&C" series, they're already announcing new game in the universe called "Command & Conquer: Generals". If they continue with this pace, "C&C" universe may soon enough surpass the quantity of "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" series.

The Bottom Line
It's a flawless perfection you shouldn't miss. I really don't think I should comment much on this topic. There can only be two people who may consider trying this game out, fans of "C&C" series, and fans of FPS genre. Actually, there's also a third type of people, like me, who loves both "C&C" universe and FPS genre. So if you like "C&C" RTS, but not because it's C&C but only because it's good, then this may not be a good decision to try, but if you've wondered how Hand of Nod or Construction Yard look from the inside, and how does it feel to try drivin' some of the units, this may be a step you should make.

Okay, so let's try to summarize...

  • Story: could compete with renowned "Half-Life" plot, only this is more war-oriented, than using too much of interiors.
  • Sound: voice-acting are great, as well as dialogues, and music is in a style of the original C&C and TS.
  • Graphic: huh, I don't think comment is needed on this one. It supports down from 640x480 in 16bit color mode and low level of details up to 1600x1200 in 32bit color mode and high level od fetails (which of course, would drag its arse on my computer). Textures, units, maps, places, general level design is really top notch. Now, I can't say much about the multiplayer, because I'm not fan of multiplayer in general, no matter how good it is, but this one is probably so good that noone who tries it will ever complain. Look, it's a small box, you can miss it, but don't. Just because Westwood rleased this game in less than noticeable gamebox shouldn't distract you from noticing perfection. Diamonds are usually small, are they not? ;)
  • Feb 18th, 2012 · Windows

    G.I. Joe will dare!
    by Zovni (10617)

    The Good
    Renegade was the latest prostitution of the C&C brand before their ahum "next-gen" move towards 3D rts in Generals, but instead of being yet another ho-hum, tired exploit of their once interesting franchise this is actually a brand new spin-off!... yeah, whatever.

    Anyhow, Renegade answers that question that kept you up all those lonely nights: How does the C&C universe look from the first person perspective of one of those tiny soldiers? What's that? You never asked yourself that? Well, neither did I, but the good marketing execs at EA and Westwood weren't going to let that one pass us by, hence they unleashed into the world C&C: Renegade.

    Taking place in the Tiberium wars continuity, you take the role of Nick Parker, aka "Havoc", who happens to be the best commando in the GDI armada, your regular one-man-army who can level entire enemy bases all by himself, now out to take down Nod's base of operations to save a group of scientists. If it's starting to sound like your typically by-the-number fps premise don't worry, rest assured that Renegade IS your typical, by-the-numbers fps shooter, but fortunately it acknowledges this and goes along with it. Rather than trying to cover itself up with phony excuses Renegade goes the Duke3D route and goes for the cheese with gusto. "Havoc" is your stereotypical loose-cannon hero, with little respect for authority (except towards his typical buddy/superior) and with a propensity to spill out er..., "witty" one-liners a-la Schwarzenegger (my favourite being the one he says after asked if the appearance of an old flame in the war might condition his loyalty: "I don't have a conflict of interests [leans forward] I have interest in conflict!" har-har.... ah, yep. Don't worry Havoc, we love you anyway). The plot is pretty much the same as in those grade-Z Delta Force movies, dealing with the bad, bad cult of Nod kidnapping a key GDI scientist (along with his feisty supermodel/scientist daughter) whom you must rescue. This assignment takes you through a merry chase along the world searching for the eggheads, and along the way you'll meet other cartoony characters like the "asian femme-fatale antagonist", not to mention the "psycho latin-american terrorist", among other equally interesting dorks (I barely remember Kane's name, let alone the ones from the rest of these G.I. Joe rejects).

    Do I need to continue? The only way the whole thing could have been cheesier would have been if Cobra Commander and Serpentor had cameos in it, but considering the game takes place in the laughably cartoony C&C universe, where the enemy is an "Evil Cult (tm)" that strikes wearing goofy space-suits, go around in red buggies and tanks, and speak with "evil" accents among other assorted foolishness, the whole thing fits the game like a glove. I mean, it just wouldn't have worked if they had gone for serious characters, interesting storylines and credible settings. This is C&C!! What we need here is cheese! And Renegade tunes in perfectly to that.

    Moving on towards the gameplay, one asks oneself what new ideas does Renegade bring to the table. The answers are both nothing and a lot. For now, let's just say a lot, as the game incorporates (as tirelessly advertised) the classic C&C game mechanics. Now, the ads. for the game sold it as a virtual war theater with you being RIGHT THERE in the heat of multiple C&C campaigns. The truth is somewhat different. There's no dynamic war going on around you as advertised, but a lot of scripted events and conditions works towards creating a somewhat satisfying simulation of one. Basically, enemy units and installations work under scripted versions of the C&C game mechanics, meaning if you take out the power plant, you scale down unit production. Take out the officers and you'll stop enemy spawning (by cutting their ability to call for reinforcements), etc. etc.

    No, this is not a dynamic environment that reacts to your actions following the same logic as the C&C rts universe, they are just scripted events that simulate the effects of it, but when you add to that cruising helicopters, artillery fire and similar smoke and mirrors, the result is a pretty credible warfare climate pretty much unique in the genre (well... uh... sort of, anyway).

    To complement the package the game comes loaded with the standard C&C flashy interfaces and glitz (courtesy of EA's always top-notch production values). The same funky techno soundtrack, streamlined interfaces, carefully produced multiplayer options and funky installation routines and menus that we have all come to cherish from the many Westwood/EA products. The cutscenes, while graphically unimpressive, are very well designed. Using smooth noise camera controllers to produce that hand-held shaky feel and with the added motion captured animation the results are pretty entertaining to see, and mask the poor graphical quality behind it.

    The Bad
    As I mentioned Renegade adds nothing to the fps genre, it's your average Half-Life clone with cliche'd weapons and tired gameplay that revolves around shooting everybody down, getting keycards, maybe escorting some bozo and then shoot everybody down again. The much vaunted vehicle use is a joke, with only lousy-controlled tanks and humvees that slug around the battlefield and which are barely more effective than a well-placed rocket. And while shooting everybody down might sound like fun (heck, I can dig it) it becomes extremely boring when the faulty AI means the enemies are more of a threat to themselves than to you (ha-ha! Stupid rocket soldiers!) and the officer-controlled spawning backfires into the game design and turns the whole thing into a first-person MegaMan clone (the last mission is a piece of CRAP!). And besides being easy as pie, the game is about as long as a C&C mission pack.

    The weapons are the same tired arsenal you've been seeing since the dawn of time, except you don't have a shotgun (WTF??) and you have C4 charges and ion cannon beacons that can call upon a rather impressive death from above, but that's it.

    While the sound department is excellently developed, graphic-wise the game is pretty unimpressive, with pretty much nothing in the way of special effects, and blurry textures that make character close-ups a pain to behold. As for the cutscenes (pre-rendered but using the game's models and textures) while they may be interesting enough, the use of the same low polygon models from the game results in several unintentionally funny moments, such as when morpher tries to make the 3 vertex or so that each character has in their mouths form words and ends up making their lips fly all over the place and make the characters look like retarded rednecks when they talk.

    Finally, while the whole cheesy cartoony thing has it's charm, the premise can get on your nerves from time to time. Havoc tries to play it cool, but he doesn't have a tenth of the charisma Duke had (probably because he doesn't say anything during the game itself, anything funny that is), the other characters have about as much depth as a cardboard cutout, and there are plot-holes so big you could drive a mammoth tank through them (yeah! I'm going to release you from prison because, like... yeah, I need a diversion! That's it!).

    Oh, and raise your hands all of you that would have rather played as Tanya in the RA universe.

    The Bottom Line
    The closest thing there is to a full fledged G.I.Joe game, complete with retarded plot, cartoony characters, and braindead challenges. C&C fans will delight in the fact that it IS C&C from a first person perspective. From the sounds to the look to the stupid units (flame tanks?) to the game mechanics Renegade faithfully simulates the look & feel of the C&C series. However, that' about everything the game has going for it, and as for the C&C game logic, only in one mission the game plays as advertised, letting you loose in a full-fledged Nod base that you must bring down.

    For the most part Renegade brings nothing new to the table and disappoints those that were looking for a fully dynamic environment that emulated the rts games. It's not that it's a bad game, it just comes short at pretty much everything when compared to the competition. If you are willing to put up with those shortcomings (be it because you are that forgiving or because you are a C&C freak that has wet dreams about Kane) you will rewarded with a couple of hours of G.I. Joe in your pc, but that's it. If you are so desperate for that kind of cheese you might get more value from just renting the G.I. Joe movie or Delta Force...Now you know, "and knowing is half the battle!"

    Jul 10th, 2004 · Windows

    A novel campaign set in the C&C universe is fine and dandy, but the real attraction here is the stunning multiplayer.
    by Kaddy B. (795)

    The Good

    • Art design is appealing and true to the RTS games
    • There's plenty of novelty to be had seeing the C&C universe in first person
    • Good graphics for the time
    • FANTASTIC multiplayer
    • Lengthy campaign
    • Good sound effects

    The Bad

    • Single player campaign can get dull at times
    • Pathetic artificial intelligence
    • No Single player Nod campaign
    • Have to use GameSpy arcade to find servers
    • Mediocre story

    The Bottom Line
    I love Command & Conquer. They are fast paced and a ton of fun to play, they may not be the deepest strategy games on the planet, but they're still fun as hell; especially the bloody awesome Red Alert 2. C&C Renegade takes a different approach though, instead of being tasked as a commander, you are tasked as being a commando; a fan favourite character from the first game. You also aren't playing a strategy game, but rather a first person shooter.

    You play as Havoc, a GDI commando who unravels a Nod scheme to create an army of Tiberium mutants, as well as the standard Nod scheme of trying to use Tiberium as a weapon. The plot isn't especially interesting, and is bogged down by a cast of uninteresting and forced characters that the game expects us to know simply by showing us their model and a text scrawl in the installation screen. Havoc isn't a particularly interesting character, he pretty much is just a generic C&C Commando even if he talks more.

    There is plenty of novelty to be had in both the single player component and the multiplayer component. Entering the Tiberium universe; circa the events of the first game, so its not quite as dark or dreary as Tiberian Sun; is a very cool thing and it is handled well. You'll storm Nod bases, drive both Nod and GDI vehicles, and use weaponry such as the GDI Ion Cannon. It certainly is a treat to enter a Hand of Nod and see Nod soldiers training and seeing the inner workings of a base.

    The campaign is fun, but it isn't without some flaws. Firstly, some maps are gigantic. This isn't a problem for some shooters, but Renegade simply doesn't know how to pace a huge map. There's one map maybe 3 or 4 levels in that is enormous, and en route to a Nod base you have to shut down you'll travel about 30 minutes in a vehicle and 45 minutes on foot before you'll find another enemy to shoot. This makes some maps confusing, dull, and frustrating. To add to these frustrations, bases can sometimes be confusing as well with winding corridors and inconsistent floor plans and key card events.

    The AI is also pathetic. At least the zombies in Doom would actually walk and try to avoid your bullets. The soldiers here, once they catch sight of you, just stand there shooting at you while you tear them apart. The only way to get a challenge from the basic soldiers is to crank up the difficulty. To be fair, more advanced characters and vehicles pose a greater threat but regardless, the AI is just bad.

    I also would've liked to see two campaigns, both to even out the pacing and to stay truer to the traditional C&C style. Playing as a Nod soldier would've been cool, but we don't get that treat save for in multiplayer but that's still not quite the same thing as having a story driven Nod campaign to play.

    The multiplayer is the star here though. I am not joking when I say its easily one of the best and most overlooked multiplayer components in a first person shooter. It plays exactly like a regular C&C game, there's a NOD base and a GDI base, Tiberium is being harvested, and they must build an army and destroy the other base. But, naturally, you are playing as a soldier on the frontline. You can buy weapons, vehicles, and special characters using Tiberium credits; but remember, your team shares the income. In fact, your team is very important. There's still some strategic depth here, to win you must be able to coordinate attacks and move in squads. Both bases have defenses that must be taken down, though several maps do provide secondary passages to the enemy base if you are sneaky enough to find them.

    There are plenty of maps to play on and playing with 32 or even 64 players is a joy, and the units you can control are all quite fun and unique and the action is always pulse pounding but it never sacrifices the squad based elements.

    The only real flaw I find in multiplayer is the server interface. Before they were forced to close their doors by EA, Westwood Online was the primary method of finding servers and the easiest. WOL is gone now, and even then it was buggy. To be able to play Renegade online now, you must use GameSpy arcade which is a bit of a nuisance with its ads, lag, and poor Windows 7/Vista support. But even then, it is still worth playing simply for the multiplayer. There are servers up and there is a wealth of maps to play, and there is a mod called Renegade X being made on the Unreal 3 engine which is going to replicate the multiplayer experience of Renegade for free and with modern graphics. Very cool, but if you haven't checked this game out, its fairly cheap now and I highly recommend it to C&C fans. It has a decent campaign, but the multiplayer is the real meat and potatoes of this particular package.

    May 4th, 2010 · Windows

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