Assassin's Creed II: Discovery

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Nintendo DS credits (2009)

277 people (243 professional roles, 34 thanks) with 298 credits.

Developed by Griptonite Games

Senior Producer
Lead Artist
Lead Programmer
Lead Designer
Lead Level Designer
Gameplay Programmer
Level Designers
Environment Artists
UI Artist
Additional Programming
Additional Art
Audio Manager
Senior Designer
QA Lead
Certification Group Manager
Certification Testers
Studio Head
Studio Technical Director
Studio Art Director
Studio Design Director
Finance Manager
Associate Production Manager
Studio Tools Coordinator
Studio Coordinator
VP of Studios
Special Thanks

Somatone Studios

Managing Partner
Voice Director

Voice Talent

Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Luis Sanragel
Guard Captain
Raphael Sanchez
Halberd Guard
Christoffa Corombo
Pedro Llorente
Male Civilian
Gaspar Martinez
Juan de Marillo
Queen Isabella
Animus Voice
Female Civilian

Ubisoft » Publishing Team

Executive Producer
Localization Project Managers
Localization Technical Lead
French Version by
German Version by
  • Mouse-Power
Spanish Version by
  • Uisce Massmedia
Italian Version by
  • Synthesis International
Scandinavian Versions by
  • Utrax Multimedia
Dutch Version by
  • Utrax Multimedia
Linguistic Testing by
  • Babel Media Ltd
Senior Project Manager
Worldwide Quality Control Director
Montreal Quality Control Studio Manager
Quality Control Studio Coordinator
Lead Compliance Specialist
Compliance Specialists
President, Laboratoires Bug-Tracker Inc.
Vice-President of Operations
Director of Operations
Studio Manager
Organizational Efficiency Coordinator
Organizational Efficiency Assistant
Quality Assurance Analysts
Quality Assurance Testing Department Manager
Functionality Lead Tester

Ubisoft » Audio/Video Studio

Audio Director
Video Director
Voice Manager
Sound Engineer
Sound Editor
Foley Artist
Voice Editor
Music Composed by
English Voices Recorded in Montreal at
  • Studio Point d'Orgue
Voices Recorded in LA by
  • Soundelux DMG
Voice Directions
Special Thanks to

Ubisoft Montreal

Chief Executive Officer
Executive Vice-President, Management
Executive Vice-President, Operations
Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs
Vice-President, Human Resources
Director, Security Group
Director, Finance
Director, Communications
Worldwide Localization Manager
Director, Montreal Localization
Director, Audio/Video Studio
Director, Mocap Studio
Technology Group Director
Director, Playtest Lab
Director, Ubisoft Digital Arts
Technology Group
HR Team
Legal Service
Financial Service

Ubisoft Entertainment (Wordwide)

Executive Director, Worldwide Studios
Chief Creative Officer
Worldwide Content Director
Production Content Director
Pre-production Manager
Game Content Manager
Scenario Director
Gameplay Engineering & Entertainment Analysis Director
Worldwide LIVE Development Director
Process & Methods Director
Worldwide Production Coordination Director
Production Coordination Managers
Transversal Projects Coordinator
Certification Manager
Certification Coordinator, Age Rating
EMEA Certification Specialists
US Director, Production Planning
US Director, Customer Support
Studios Operations Director
Games Lab Manager
Games Lab Coordinator
Playtest Coordinator
Game Analysts
EMEA Executive Director
EMEA Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
International Brand Strategy Director
EMEA Marketing Director
EMEA Marketing Group Manager
EMEA Senior Brand Manager
EMEA Assistant Brand Manager
United Kingdom Brand Manager
Germany Brand Manager
France Brand Manager
Spain Brand Manager
Italy Brand Manager
Netherlands Brand Manager
Belgium Brand Manager
Denmark Brand Manager
Switzerland Brand Manager
Austria Brand Manager
Poland Brand Manager
Australia Brand Manager
China Brand Manager
South Korea Territory Manager
Japan Marketing Manager
EMEA Emerging Market Manager
EMEA PR Director
EMEA Senior PR Specialist
EMEA Digital Marketing Group Manager
EMEA Digital Marketing Manager
EMEA Trade Marketing Manager
EMEA Trade Marketing Coordinator
EMEA Paperparts Traffic Manager
EMEA Manufacturing Planning Coordinator
International Brand Group Manager
International Brand Manager
International Product Managers
Community Developer
Marketing Art
  • C4 Studio
Art Director
Production Manager
Communication Artists
President, US Marketing
Senior Vice President, Sales
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Director, Marketing
Associate Director, Marketing
Brand Manager
Associate Brand Manager
Director, Public Relations
Senior Public Relations Manager
Director, Media & Promotions
Associate Director, Advertising
Advertising Manager
Online Advertising Managers
Online Advertising Coordinator
Associate Director, Promotions
Promotions Manager
Promotions Specialist
Director, Digital Marketing
Associate Director, Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Manager
Senior CRM Manager
Online Marketing Manager
Associate Online Marketing Manager
Senior Web Producer
Associate Web Producer
Senior Director, Retail Marketing
Senior Retail Marketing Managers
Retail Marketing Manager
Retail Marketing Coordinator
Senior Retail Planning Manager
Vice President, Sales
Vice President, Creative Services
Creative Director
Project Manager
Copy Editors
Senior Editors
Senior Producers
Production Assistant
ESRB Manager
ESRB Coordinator
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