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aka: Attack of the Killer Rabbids from Outer Space, Killer Freaks from Outer Space, Zombi

[ PlayStation 4 ] [ Wii U ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox One ]

Wii U credits (2012)

706 People (672 developers, 34 thanks)


Presented by
  • Ubisoft
A Game by
  • Ubisoft Montpellier
In Collaboration with
  • Ubisoft Bucharest
Development Team
  • Ubisoft Montpellier

Development Team: Ubisoft Montpellier

Creative Directors
Associate Producer
Audio Producer
Written by
Artistic Director
Game Design Content Director
Game Design Team
Level Design Content Creator
Level Design Technical Director
Rational Level Design
Level Design Team
Additional Level Designers
Lead Engine Programmer
Engine Programmers
Lead Gameplay Programmer
Associate Lead Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Lead Data Management
Data Managers
Test Lead
Test Team
Compliance Specialist
Lead Animation
Animation Technical Director
Animation Team
Lead Characters
Character Integration Technical Director
Character Artists
Level Art Lead
Level Art Technical Director
Level Artists
Integration Technical Director
Light Team
SFX Lead
SFX Artists
Concept Artists
UI Artists
Audio Director
Sound Designers
Sound Editor
Foley Artist
Voice Editor
Test Audio
Additional Audio Artists
Cinematic Director
Cinematic Lead and Technical Director
Associate Animation Cinematic Lead
Cinematic Designers
Cinematic Animation Artists
Cinematic Graphic Artist
International Brand Manager
International Product Manager
Marketing Video Artist
Lead Marketing Artist
Marketing Artists
Marketing Intern

Development Team: Ubisoft Bucharest

Associate Producers Ubisoft Bucharest
Multiplayer Game Director Ubisoft Bucharest
Game Design Ubisoft Bucharest
Lead Level Design Ubisoft Bucharest
Level Designers Ubisoft Bucharest
Lead Gameplay Programmer Ubisoft Bucharest
Gameplay Programmers Ubisoft Bucharest
Data Managers Ubisoft Bucharest
Animation Team Leader Ubisoft Bucharest
Animation Team Ubisoft Bucharest
Technical Director Ubisoft Bucharest
Art Team Leader Ubisoft Bucharest
Art Team Ubisoft Bucharest
UI Artist Ubisoft Bucharest
Character Artists Ubisoft Bucharest
SFX Artists Ubisoft Bucharest
Cinematic Artists

Quality Control

Localization Project Manager
Internal Playtests Ubisoft Montpellier
Assistants Internal Playtests Ubisoft Montpellier
Internal Playtests Ubisoft Bucharest
Worldwide QC Director
Test Studio Manager
QC Unit Manager
QC Lead
Associate QC Lead
Functionality Testers
Compliance Manager
Lead Compliance Specialist
Compliance Specialists
USR QC Manager
UOR/Networking Lead
UOR/Networking Associate Lead
UOR/Networking Team
Special Tests Lead
Special Tests Team
QC Compatibility Lead
Sound Compatibility Specialist
Data Manager


Original Music Composed by
Music Supervision by
Music Performed by
Music Recorded by
Music Mixed by
Additional Violin
  • Macedonian Radio Choir - F.A.M.E.'S.
Choir Conductor
Choir Sound Engineer
Choir Pro Tools Engineer
Choir Stage Manager
Raven's Beat
  • Freak my zone
UK Voices
Additional Voices


Sound Production & Performance
  • SIDE London
Production Manager
Voice Director
Voice Recording Engineer
Post Production Supervisor
Zombi Voices
Motion Capture Actors

Localization: German Version

German Version
  • Ubisoft GmbH
Voice Recordings
  • Das Hörspiel-Studio - Berlin
Artistic Direction
Voice Talents

Localization: Italian Version

Italian Version
  • Synthesis
Project Manager
Voice Recording Studio
  • Synthesis
Audio Direction
Sound Engineer
Voice Talents

Localization: Spanish Version

Spanish Version
  • Synthesis Iberia
Project Managers
Voice Recording Studio
  • Synthesis Iberia
Audio Direction
Sound Engineers
Voice Talents

Localization: Brazilian Version

Brazilian Version
  • Synthesis Iberia
Project Manager

Localization: Dutch Version

Dutch Version
  • U-Trax M.M.L
Project Management

Localization: Russian Version

Russian Version
  • Asrec
Voice Talents

Localization: Japanese Version

Japanese Version
  • Ubisoft K.K.
Managing Director
Sales Manager
Localization Director
Localization Manager
Localization Assistant
Translation & Adaptation
  • Pole to Win Co. Ltd.
Voice Actors

Linguistic Testing: Triple A Testing


Linguistic Testing: Enzyme QA Team

Head of Production
Project Managers
Lead Tester

Technology Group

Technology Group Director
Technology Group Deputy Director
TG Management Team - Technology Group Product Director
TG Management Team - Technology Group Product Managers
TG Management Team - Technology Group Engineering Leads
Technology Group Operational analysts
Technology Group Coordinators
Technology Group Graphic Designer
Online Technology Group Director
Online Management Team - Online Product Directors
Online Management Team - Online Development Directors
Online Coordinators
Productivity Team - Team Lead
Productivity Team - Tool Programmers
Productivity Team - Release and Build Specialist
Productivity Team - Technical Writer
Flying Architects Team

Fire Team

Fire Team Lead
Fire Architect
Fire Programmers
Fire Product Specialist

Gear Team

Gear Team Lead
Gear Programmers
Gear Tool Programmer
Gear Craiova Team

Pilot Team

Pilot Team Lead
Pilot Programmers

Motion Team

Motion Project Lead
Motion Associate Producer
Motion Architect
Motion Programmers (Montpellier)
Motion Programmer (Montreal)
Motion Programmers (Kiev)

Oasis Team

Oasis Team Lead
Oasis Programmers
Oasis Product Specialist
Oasis Tools Support Specialist
Oasis Concept Designers

Uplay Montreal

Uplay Technical Director
Uplay Production Managers
Uplay Product Managers
Uplay Game Designers
Uplay Technical Architect
Uplay Team Lead SDK
Uplay Team Lead Services
Uplay Technical Lead Services
Uplay Technical Lead User Experience
Uplay Team Lead Mobile
Uplay Engine Programmers
Uplay SDK Programmers
Uplay Mobile Programmer
Uplay Services Programmers
Uplay User Experience Programmers
Uplay Menu & UI Artists
Uplay Tools & Automation Team Lead
Uplay Tools & Automation Release & Build Specialists
Uplay Tools & Automation Programmers
Uplay Q&A Team Lead
Uplay Q&A Tools Support Specialists
Uplay Operations Support Specialist

Rendez-Vous Platform Team

Rendez-Vous Team Leads
Rendez-Vous Programmers
Rendez-Vous Tool Programmer
Rendez-Vous Tool Support Specialist
Rendez-Vous Build Specialist

Online Operation Team

Online Operation Team Leads
Online Operation Coordinator
Online Operations Manager
Online Operations DBAs
Online Operation Tool Programmers
Online Operation Support Specialists
Online Operation Analysts

Player Analytics France

Data Analyst

Ubisoft Montpellier

Managing Director - French Studios
Vice-Managing Director - French Studios
Managing Director - Montpellier Studio
IP Development Director
Studio Coordination Montpellier
HR Manager Montpellier
HR Team Montpellier
HR Assistants Montpellier
Benchmark Analyst
Financial Control Montpellier
Managing Director Bucharest
Studio Production Manager Bucharest
Country HR Manager Bucharest
HR Managers Bucharest

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment

Executive Director, Worldwide Studios
Chief Creative Officer
Worldwide Content Director
Production & LD Director
Pre-production Director
Conception & GD Director
Online Content Director
Game Content Managers
CCO - Executive Assistant
Editorial Direction Assistant
Technical and Data Manager Assistant
Ubi IP Director
IP Development (Ubi IP)
Gameplay Engineering & Entertainment Analysis Director
Process & Methods Director
User Research Engineer
FSO & GD Expert
Animation Expert
Narration & Real Expert
Movie Edition
Story Expert
Brand Expert
Worldwide Studios Casual Games - Online Director
Online Services Manager
Uplay Brand Development Manager
Online Services Project Manager
Online Services Analyst
Online Business Coordination Manager
Online Technical Coordination Manager
Web Services Manager
Web Services Technical Manager
Web Services Technical Assistant
Web Production Manager
Web Producers
Web Producer Assistant
Web Applications Manager
Web Applications Project Managers
Worldwide Production Coordination Director
Project Coordination Director
Production Coordination Manager
Cross-Functional Projects Manager
DMIS Manager
DMIS Technical Coordinator
DMIS Mastering Specialist
Certifications Manager
Certification Coordinator - Age Rating
Age Rating Assistant
EMEA Certification Specialists
Certification Assistant
Certifications Data Manager
US Director, Production Planning & Customer Support
US Production Planning Manager
US Production Coordinators
North American Age Rating Manager
North American Age Rating Coordinator
North American Age Rating Specialist
Games Lab Manager
Global Brand Strategy Director
Head of Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK)
CMK Directors
CMK Managers
CMK Senior Analysts
CMK Analysts

Special Thanks

Special Thanks
  • Un grand merci Ă  nos familles et nos amis qui nous ont soutenus et supportĂ©s tout au long de cette aventure.
  • Multumiri familiilor si prietenilor nostri care ne-au ajutat si sustinut pe parcursul acestei aventuri
ZombiU Babies (Les bébés de ZombiU . ZombiU Bebelusi)
Special Thanks [continued]

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