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Far Cry 3

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Far Cry 3 is an open world first-person shooter set on the fictional Rook archipelago in the Pacific. Even though the tropical setting resembles the original Far Cry, the gameplay itself is closer to Far Cry 2 as the open world exploration is supplemented by role-playing elements with experience points, crafting, trading, hunting and three skills trees.

The protagonist is Jason Brody, a daredevil who is on a holiday in the Pacific with his two brothers and some friends. When they take a skydiving trip, they land on an island that is controlled by pirates. They are all taken prisoner by the pirate warlord Vaas and his older brother Grant is killed when they attempt to escape. Vaas sarcastically gives Jason an opportunity of 30 seconds to escape before he hunts him down. Against all odds, Jason succeeds by jumping into the water. He is rescued by Dennis Rogers who introduces him to the Rakyat, the native tribe that hopes to rid the island off the pirates. During the search for the remaining survivors Jason will be initiated into the mysticism of the tribe, discover the environment and hunt down Vaas. After the introduction the player is however largely free to leave the main quest along and discover the islands at his own pace and leisure, as all of the playable area is available right away.

The rook archipelago is a dangerous environment filled with pirate settlements and local animals such as tigers, bears, sharks, komodo dragons, boars, goat, snakes, rabid dogs etc. It is split up into different sections that are revealed gradually as soon as a radio tower in the sector has been taken over. These reveal the entire environment and open up quests, but areas can also be traversed without a detailed map. There are various safe houses to travel around and exchange loot at all-purpose vending machines. Players can kill pirates, complete quests, but also collect plants and hunt down animals for their skin. Money is exchanged for weapons, modifications and items such as syringes, but crafting also plays an important role. By discovering recipes, plants can be turned into fluids that are injected to enhance abilities. In addition animals skins are used to craft items that extend Jason's weapon belt up to four slots, provide a larger wallet to store money, increase his ammo belt and a lot more. Completing quests and killing pirates is rewarded with skill points that are used on one of the three available skill trees. These determine the playing style, as Heron deals with mobility and long-range attacks, Spider with stealth and survival, and Shark with assault and healing. For each new skill acquired, Jason receives a tattoo on his arm.

Even though it is a shooter with machine guns, assault rifles, hand guns, bows, flamethrowers, mines, RPGs and grenades, almost all of the game can be played with a stealth approach. Jason can crouch and hide in the foliage to remain hidden. A meter shows how visible he is to opponents. By sneaking up on them stealth takedowns with a knife can be performed and bodies can be dragged away. He can also throw rocks or use sounds to isolate pirates. His camera is used to zoom in and mark opponents. Once they are marked they remain visible through an outline even when there are walls or objects in the way, helping to track movement. The same can be done with animals. Moving around is done by foot, but there are also different vehicles such as cars, jeeps, quads, boats, jet skis and paragliders along with zip lines and swimming to move more quickly.

If Jason chooses to help the natives, he can infiltrate and take over more than 30 outposts. Once these settlements are cleared, they become property of the natives and a safe house for fast travel and shopping is offered. Every animal and character has dynamic behavior, acting regardless of Jason's actions. That way he can observe animals attacking each other or use it to his advantage to clear a group of enemies, and villagers will move out and conquer more territory independently once Jason clears an outpost. Enemies patrol around the island on foot or in cars with non-scripted behavior. Once Jason is discovered, they will often call in reinforcements from another location and chase him down. Additional ammo and weapons can be picked up from fallen enemies, and money and items are also collected that way, along with many hidden loot chests and additional collectibles such as letters from fallen soldiers during World War II and relics. Weapons that are bought can be re-acquired at any time without an additional cost from the vending machine even when they were lost or exchanged during a quests. Weapons can further be customized through various modifications such as scopes, laser pointers, silencers and more room for ammo.

Multiplayer consists of a separate cooperative campaign for up to four players that takes place six months before the events of the main game. It is set on a separate island of the Rook archipelago and features four characters: a thug called Callum, the crooked cop Leonard, the Russian hitman Mikhail and ex-soldier Tisha. They were redeeming their past actions by working on a cruise ship when they are scammed out of their money by the pirates. By pursuing them, they end up on the island. The campaign is split up into six missions that take about an hour each, interspersed with cut-scenes. The missions typically have the characters working together to travel to a location, killing all enemies and then completing objectives such as protecting equipment, finding a specific type of ammo or guarding another player. Experience is also gained here and there are multiplayer unlockables and custom loadouts. Competitive elements between players are also encouraged, such as getting the most sniping kills for instance, with an additional experience bonus. Two additional elements are battle cry and booster systems. Battle cries are temporary buffs that affect team mates in the vicinity and boosters are stronger buffs provided through syringes.

The competitive multiplayer modes include team deathmatch, domination, transmission and firestorm. Transmission and firestorm are similar to domination. Transmission is about radio transmitters as control points but they sometimes change locations. Firestorm has each team set fire simultaneously to two fuel dumps held by the other team, while defending their own. Once a successful fire has been achieved, almost the entire environment becomes ablaze and the teams then need to fight over a radio control point. Additional multiplayer bonuses and perks are gathered by unlocking encrypted data with a time limit. In these modes players can also level up through a permanent system and use battles cries, booster systems, revive team mates or call in support. After matches there are interactive cut-scenes where players can choose to show mercy or punish (kill) opponents.


  • ファークライ3 - Japanese spelling
  • 孤岛惊魂 3 - Chinese (simplified) spelling
  • 極地戰嚎 3 - Chinese (traditional) spelling

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Average score: 86% (based on 40 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 79 ratings with 2 reviews)

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.

The Good
I remember playing the original Far Cry back in my high school days on my first rig. I remember being impressed by the open-ish level design and the lavish (at the time) graphical effects. Far Cry 2 was a bit of a disappointment, which didn’t surprise me considering it was done by a different developer. Far Cry 3 is a return to the jungle setting of the first game, though it’s easy to predict that it likely won’t include super-mutants with rocket launchers for arms.

Far Cry 3 tells the story of Jason Brody, a guy who I doubt I’d get along with in reality. He and his friends are vacationing on a pirate infested island when they’re captured by pirates. Who’d have thought? Jason escapes and then must save his friends, but not before going feral and answering the call of the wild. You’re basically let off the leash early on and are free to build yourself up or follow the storyline, which is packed with a decently well-rounded cast of characters.

The various upgrades you can acquire do a lot to add a little of the spice of character building. Hunting animals allows you to craft consumables and equipment to allow you to carry more guns and ammunition. Experience from various activities unlocks new perks such as additional health bars. It’s very standard stuff in this era of gaming, but it does help ease the monotony and give you something to shoot for.

While the graphics are decent, the character design is where it really shines. Most are given distinct personalities that fit well in the world the game is trying to convey, and their appearances do a lot to compliment this. From your motley crew of friends to the psychopaths you fight, each one has a design that tells you a lot about them at a glance. It’s therefore very unfortunate that very few play much of a role in the story outside of a cutscene, and none of them do much outside the confines of scripted events.

A lack of decent characters was major shortcoming Far Cry 2, and it’s not the only issue that has been addressed for its follow-up. Gone are those annoying guard outposts that constantly spawn enemies if you so much as step outside the perimeter. In its place is a territory system that actually allows you to clean up the island and make it relatively safer. Unfortunately, some of the things that Far Cry 2 did well have been taken away, such as the in game map, replaced by a typical full screen map. On the whole, it’s still an improvement.

The Bad
For all the variety that Far Cry 3 has, its problem is that it’s just kind of dull. Not tremendously dull, it’s perfectly entertaining at times, but not very stimulating. I think the biggest reason for this is that there’s no real challenge to it. From the start, if you take the time to climb some radio towers to extend your map, take over a few outposts, and hunt some animals, you’ll be set for life. You can craft most of the gear from the get go and once you unlock an LMG, a sniper rifle, and maybe something that explodes, nothing can stand in your way.

This is playing on hard, even. For most of the game I sat in bushes sniping off guards one by one. Even the armored heavies were no match for a rocket or a well-placed tiger. Considering that in the original Far Cry the guards could spot you in the bushes from 2 kilometers away, it’s surprising to see that these ones will give up the hunt after a minute or so. I guess the alternative might have been to have the regenerating guards of Far Cry 2, which would have been far worse, but more capable adversaries would have been nice.

Maybe the point was to make you feel like a badass, but I don’t buy that. You’re put in the role of some spoiled man-boy who must answer the call of the wild, but as a gamer who’s probably played a jillion shooters in their life, you’re more likely to be king of the jungle in seconds. You’re rarely made to feel vulnerable and the game never asks you to take your time. Even when you do die, the consequences aren’t that harsh since you’re merely taken back to one of the game’s frequent checkpoints.

It begins to feel like housework. Drive here, climb this tower. Drive there, clear out this base. Run here, hunt this animal. Hang glide there, advance the story. It’s hard to feel absorbed in the world, especially when it feels as preposterous as this one. The island is both densely packed and completely empty at the same time. The landscapes are pretty, but they’re repetitive and there’s something unconvincing about them. The random inhabitants who are on the island are all bland, copy-pasted set dressings. There’s nothing to draw you in. It all feels like being on safari in a zoo.

The Bottom Line
Far Cry 3 is a fairly competent game, but it’s rather lifeless and lacks any real personality. You can tell that it was made by a team of a jillion people, because there’s a distinct lack of love to most of its components. The only real spark it has is in its story, and even that is just kind of stuck in there for progression’s sake. Most of the time, I felt as though I was just going through the motions, pushing my way to the game’s conclusion, but at no part did I actively hate the game. It’s just so painfully AVERAGE, that’s it’s difficult to get excited about. However, you could certainly do worse.

Windows · by Adzuken (836) · 2013

My summer game!

The Good
Last year from June to September I beat Far Cry 3 on the normal difficulty. It has a strong casual, tropical feel that fit the mood.

First-person driving: While typical shooters -- Halo, Battlefield have third-person perspective driving, Far Cry 3 only lets you drive vehicles in first person perspective. It's a fresh experience, seeing the big wheel on your screen.

Killing sharks with bows. A well-timed shark kill is satisfying.

Mild horror elements. This is a very mild survival horror type game that anyone can play. Animals can jump at you and eat you but it's not terrifying.

Rocket launcher can reliably blow up vehicles and a group of enemies, creating an impressive visual feast.

There is a special little gameplay mechanic that I really enjoyed -- you can carry bodies of enemy soldiers, to move them to a discreet location, -- this mechanic is common in stealth games, Metal Gear Solid, Hitman, Dishonored, you name it. The problem is the player often feels forced or compelled to carry every enemy body to a safe location, and it gets tedious. Not in Far Cry 3. In this game, you can ONLY move enemy bodies during a melee takedown sequence. The act of moving a body always comes right after a suspenseful stealth takedown, which spices things up immensely. Also, moving bodies always comes with additional risk, -- another good design choice -- if the body is discovered, but you aren't, you're still good. So it's often better to just leave the body there, and minimize YOUR chance of being seen.

There is a poker mini game where I managed to bluff the AI players several times to win over $1500. The AI feels natural and will try to bluff from time to time too.

The Bad
No experience gained killing animals.

The game features a stupid day-night cycle. Since I'm usually playing this on a sunny summer weekend, the nighttime gameplay severely hurts the mood.

Clunky menu. It's some of the worst menu design in gaming -- you have to press Start, and then press several more buttons, to do a very common thing in the game -- make potions. This design needs to go.

The entire game world looks identical. Trees, ocean, mountains, rivers. I can never tell where I am just by looking at the scenery. Never.

The two islands are essentially deserted, abandoned places, with absolutely no modern buildings, very little human activity. The cars you drive are probably from the WWII era. The setting is just very barren and monotonous.

A save system that doesn't follow the modern gaming standard. In Far Cry 3 you cannot save during a mission, but you still have checkpoints. The confusing part is, unlike most modern games, the checkpoints are gone if you quit to the Xbox 360 home screen or turn off the console. Or maybe this is just the way Ubisoft does it. I might play some Assassin's Creed to find out.

Finally there is one single worst game design element in Far Cry 3 that, more than anything else, should be the reason why you shouldn't play it. The Y button (healing). Unlike any other shooter, where you either heal automatically (without any button presses), or heal when picking up medkits/food, in Far Cry 3 you heal by performing surgery on yourself (long press Y button). This healing ability is unlimited, but it comes with a 5-second unbelievably lame cutscene. So when you get injured (which is a lot of the times), you face the unthinkable dilemma: either die, or watch this 5-second cutscene. Dying seems more fun to me.

The Bottom Line
You have two stages in Far Cry 3.

Stage one: oh I'm so weak anything can kill me this is Dark Souls I gotta play strategically and carefully.

Stage two: oh I unlocked all of these amazing guns and abilities. I'm untouchable. I'm a one-man army. Now when does the game end?

The most satisfying part is late Stage one and a couple hours into Stage two. After that it's all routine. Unlocking the best guns in the game means a guaranteed win.

Xbox 360 · by Pagen HD (145) · 2017



  • 4Players
    • 2012 – Best Graphics of the Year
  • GameSpy
    • 2012 – One of the Top 10 Games of the Year
  • GameStar (Germany) / GamePro (Germany)
    • 2012 - Best PC Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • 2012 - Best Shooter of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • 2012 - #2 Best Console Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
  • PC Games (Germany)
    • Issue 01/2013 – #2 Game of the Year 2012 (together with Dishonored and The Walking Dead)
    • Issue 01/2013 – #3 Game of the Year 2012 (Readers' Vote)
    • Issue 01/2013 – Single-Player Shooter of the Year 2012 (Readers' Vote)
    • Issue 01/2013 – #3 Multi-Player Shooter of the Year 2012 (Readers' Vote)
  • Steam Awards
    • 2016 — The 'Villain Most In Need Of A Hug' Award — Nominated

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