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The Computer Edition of Scrabble Brand Crossword Game

aka: Computer Scrabble, Computer Scrabble De Luxe, Deluxe Computer Scrable, Micro Scrabble

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Critic Reviews 72% add missing review

Atari ST User (8 out of 10) (80%)

Scrabble is the perfect game for those evenings when your starfighter has blown a turbo, or the dragon has eaten the princess. Just sit back, relax, and wrap your brain around a more intellectual challenge.

Jun 1988 · Atari ST · read review

ST Action (69 out of 100) (69%)

Scrabble falls neatly into the software catalogue somewhere between Chess and Othello. It is a rather slow, but nevertheless interesting, game. Not being a member of Mensa I didn't know the difference between a double letter score and a triple word score, but if I was in any doubt the computer players certainly weren't! The way the machine manages to make words scoring over fifty is quite beyond me. Still, the hint option came in handy (even if I still didn't get the word.). Scrabble is a fascinating piece of software, very well programmed and very user friendly.

Jun 1988 · Atari ST · read review

Games Machine, The (UK) (68 out of 100) (68%)

Unlike most boardgames, this loses little in its computer translation - and the 16-bit opponent can prove very tough indeed. If you like word games both conversions should prove very attractive.

Aug 1988 · Atari ST · read review

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