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Star Trek: Bridge Commander puts the player in the role of the new captain of the starship USS Dauntless right after the previous captain perished in a sudden and mysterious explosion of the Vesuvi star which wiped out the nearer half of the planets in the system. Narrowly escaping the fallout, the ship is repaired, receives a new first officer and is tasked with investigating the background of the event throughout the region of space referred to as the Maelstrom, encountering other Federation, Klingon, Ferengi, Romulan, and Cardassian ships, as well as a new race known only as the Kessok.

The player can control the ship and its operations by speaking to the relevant personnel (e.g. hailing and moving the ship by talking to ensign LoMar, or managing the ship's power output and repairs by talking to chief engineer Brex), and can do so either from a first-person perspective from the captain's chair or by viewing the ship from the outside. The ship is almost entirely controllable through hotkeys, and its weapons can be fired manually via mouse controls. If the player's ship is joined by other friendly ships, they can be given simple commands.

The singleplayer campaign is split to 8 episodes, each with its own sub-missions, which form a larger storyline. Unlike many other licensed Star Trek games, combat is not the only focus of the game, as there are missions where exploration and assisting endangered colonies and ships is the main objective. A diplomatic decision late in the game affects the circumstances of the finale. Between missions, the player often moves to Starbase 12 for repairs, stocking on torpedoes, and occasionally to receive more delicate assignments.

Aside from the singleplayer campaign, the game has a so-called "Quick Battle" mode where the player can initiate battles using ships, stations and other objects which appeared in the main campaign, and the player can control any ship from the list. This game mode is also available in multiplayer.

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Creative Director
Project Lead
Network & Interface Programming
AI & Sound Programming, Physics & Simulation Programming
3D Graphics Programming
Interface Programming
Character & Bridge Programming, Save/Load Programming
Game System Programming
Lead Game Design
Game Design, Mission Scripting, Story
Art Lead, Environmental Art
Bridge Sets
Ship Art
Character Animations
Art Technician
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Average score: 79% (based on 23 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 28 ratings with 8 reviews)

Avoid this game like a warp drive overload.

The Good
First, the graphics were perfect except for the faces (Picard's face looked awful). Second, the sound was crisp.

The Bad
Everything else. Most of the game involves listening to dialouge that gets boring after the first two minutes. The actual gameplay involves "combat" where you target enemies and just aim a phaser at them. More like "turret simulation". When you fire torpedoes, they don't even hit the enemy because you are always facing your opponent and you see where he is relative to the front of your ship on a little monitor. Finally, you can barely control where your ship moves!!! Instead of controlling where you move, there are "movement beacons" that are at various points in space.You choose which one to go to and you choose how fast and you're done. In "stealth" missions, these ways of movement make those missions impossible.

The Bottom Line
Ick, Yuck, retch!!!

Windows · by James Kirk (150) · 2003

Great game, good to play even after all those years

The Good
Being able to control the ship by myself (which I actually prefer) or by computer, limiting the player's role to giving orders The Star Trek feel One can modify the game easily, there are plenty of mods and total conversions on-line Being able to choose exactly where to hit the enemy - you can choose which subsystems of enemy vessel to shoot, or let the computer do it for you Creating great space battles consisting of many ships on both sides

The Bad
Too linear plot in the campaign mode When trying to pass another ship very close usually both ships explode although you can see there's plenty of space between them Not being able to command a fleet or at least set up some tactics with allied ships

The Bottom Line
It's like Sea Dogs in the Star Trek Universe - nothing special, but still you can play it for months without being bored with it! If you ever wanted to feel like a starship captain - certainly it's a must have.

Windows · by Yesus (1) · 2009

One of the better Star Trek games released - but not for gamers that get easily bored

The Good
Almost everything - besides, it's not every day you get to sit in the captains chair of Star Trek ships.

I'll go into minor detail: Excellent atmosphere which really re-lives the famous Star Trek feeling from the series and some of the movies, great plot, great voice-acting, good controls, good strategic combat, and overall a well accomplished game.

The Bad
Being a gamer that values freedom, I really think they could have out even more into this Star Trek title - I mean, we got the bridge of a starship; and everything in the game is almost just right to make the new Elite, or 3D StarFlight - imagine if we could go to other systems to trade and explore freely in this Star Trek universe...

But this is not the case; the player is only led trough a certain chain of missions, without any real chance of freedom - sure, there is a skirmish-mode available, but it really don't give much more freedom either - you just get to blow up different ships from various species.

There's also the thing that this is not a game for most action gamers; there's long conversations, and often long periods of waiting in this game, and quite often you find yourself going ahead of the game itself. For me, this is not a problem, as I like such things, but for others, it might be quite annoying at places.

The Bottom Line
Overall though, Star Trek: BC is a good game with lots of sadly unexplored potential; it is not everyones cup of tea, but if you like Star Trek, or better yet, if you like sci-fi (like myself), this is a game I recommend - just don't expect too much; it IS a good game, but it could have been much better (but then again, its a commercial space-game).

So, I give it one thumb up - for a good game with good plot and fairly well accomplished.

Windows · by Stargazer (99) · 2003

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If you click on Brex several times in a row, he will say some amusing things.

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