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F1 Race Stars

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PlayStation 3 credits (2012)

463 people (415 professional roles, 48 thanks) with 469 credits.

Codemasters Studio

Head of Studio - Birmingham

F1 Race Stars Management

Senior Producer
Chief Games Designer
Lead Programmer
Art Director
Lead Artist
Producer (Southam Campus)

Birmingham Studio Management

Technical Director - Birmingham
Art Manager

F1 Race Stars Production

Associate Producer

F1 Race Stars Design

Game Design
Lead Level Designer
Principal Level Designer
Level Design

F1 Race Stars Programming

Principal Programmer
AI Principal Programmer
AI Programming
Audio Programming
Game Programming
HUD Programming
Network - Project Lead
Network Programming
Rendering - Proeject Lead
Rendering Programming
Tools & System Programming
UI - Project Lead
UI Programming

Additional Programming

Engine Room Games
Principal Programmer
Vice President, Technology

Central Technology

CT Management
Lead Programmer
Principal Programmer
Central Technology Programming
CT Production Support
Director, Development Services

F1 Race Stars Art

Senior Art Manager
Outsource Manager
Technical Art Lead
Technical Art
3D Environment Lead
3D Environment
3D Vehicle Lead
3D Vehicle
UI Art Lead
UI Art
Animation Supervisor
Supervising 3D Character Lead
3D Character Lead
3D Character
Lead VFX
Concept Art Lead
Concept Art

Additional Art

Technical Art Director
Technical Art Lead
Senior Technical Artist
Concept Art Director
Storyboard Artist

Audio Team

Audio Manager
Group Lead Audio Designer
Audio Design - Project Lead
Audio Design - Project Technical Lead

Additional Audio

Audio Design

KL Studio

Production Manager
Technical Art Director
Senior Environment Group Lead
Production Assistant
3D Environment Art Group Leads
3D Environment Artists
Business Development Manager
HR Manager
Finance Manager
Technical Art Trainer
Technical Support Engineer
Technical Support Executive


Vice President, Codemasters Development
Technical Director
Chief Games Designer
RaceNet Programming
Game Design
RaceNet Art
Web Art Director
Lead Web Designer
Test Engineer


Localisation Manager
Localisation Assistant
French Translation
Italian Translation
German In Game Translation
German Manual Translation
Spanish Translation
Brazialian Portuguese Translation and Testing
  • Quoted Tradu√ßao e Localiza√ß√£o
Polish Translation
Russian Translation

Japanese Production Team

President of Codemasters Japan
Executive Producer of Japanese Version
Senior Producer
Assistant to President


Vice President, Brand & Marketing
Brand Director
Brand Manager
Marketing Assistant
Creative Services
Web Editor


Communications Director
Communications Team

Digital Marketing

Director of Digital Marketing
Web Producer

Community Management

Director, Community Relations
Community Manager
Community Management Thanks

Licensing and Research

Licensing Director
Research Manager
In-Game Researcher

Video Editing

Senior Video Editor
Video Editor
Assistant Video Editor
Video Assistant
Experienced Audio Designer


Senior Commercial Finance Manager


Vice President, MIS & IT
Director, IT Technical
Director, IT Services
IT Operations Manager
Infrastructure Adminstrator Team Lead
Infrastructure Adminstrator
Project Engineer
Senior Database Administrator
Database Administrator
Network & Security Specialist
Network & Security Engineer
IT Support Services Manager
Senior IT Support
IT Support
IT Support Desk Analyst
IT Support First Line
Desktop Architect
IT Procurement and Service Quality Manager
IT Administrator
NOC Shift Leader
Senior Server Administrator
Server Administrator
Server Technician

Quality Assurance and Compliance

QA - Director
QA - Functional Manager
QA - Team Leads
QA - Senior Technicians
On-Site QA - Technicians
QA - Experienced Technicians
QA - Technicians
QA - Online Manager
QA - Online Team Lead
QA - Online Senior Technicians
QA - Online Technicians
Compliance Manager
Compliance Platform Leads
Compliance Senior Technicians
Compliance Technicians
QA - Localisation Lead
QA - Localisation Testers
RaceNet QA Lead
RaceNet QA Technician

Game Music

Music Composed & Produced by
Mastering Engineer

Character Vocalisation

Recorded at
  • Pitstop Productions
Studio Liaison
Special Thanks to
  • Formula One Management Limited
  • Caterham F1 Team
  • HRT Formula 1 Team
  • Lotus F1 Team
  • Marussia F1 Team
  • Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team
  • Red Bull Racing
  • Sahara Force India Formula One Team
  • Sauber F1 Team
  • Scuderia Ferrari
  • Scuderia Toro Rosso
  • Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
  • Williams F1 Team
Thanks to
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