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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

aka: UMvC3

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411mania.com (8.8 out of 10) (88%)

Great new characters and improved online options easily justify the purchase of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Some people are complaining that the new characters and stages should’ve been released as DLC characters, but at $5 a pop (the price for Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath), purchasing all the characters separately ALONE would’ve cost gamers $60. Compare that to Ultimate Marvel’s modest $40 price tag, and you’ve got a worthy upgraded version of everyone’s favorite fighting game. Too soon? Not soon enough, I say.

Dec 1st, 2011 · PlayStation 3 · read review

IGN (8.5 out of 10) (85%)

If you skipped out on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 earlier this year or simply heard about the Ultimate version and opted to wait it out, you’ll find a lot to love in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The added characters round out the roster very nicely, bolstering the full lineup to potentially fifty. However, if you’re looking for something more than added characters and stages, UMvC3 doesn’t add much in the way of new features and modes, making the forty dollar price tag and retail-only package a little hard to swallow.

Nov 14th, 2011 · PlayStation 3 · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (17 out of 20) (85%)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 s'offre une version Ultimate qui reprend bien entendu les bases du gameplay de son aßné en venant enrichir son contenu. Ceux qui possÚdent déjà l'épisode original pourront se passer de ces quelques nouveautés sans problÚme mais les autres trouveront là un jeu de combat à la fois accessible, fun et nerveux qui mérite amplement le détour.

Nov 17th, 2011 · PlayStation 3 · read review

Meristation (8 out of 10) (80%)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 es una buena revisiĂłn del crossover de Capcom, de eso no hay duda. Tenemos doce nuevos personajes, ocho nuevos escenarios, cambios sustanciales y de todo tipo (nuevos movimientos, cambios de vida, propiedades de ataques modificados, eliminaciĂłn de ataques abusivos…) en la gran mayorĂ­a de luchadores para intentar equilibrar el juego y un modo online que promete mejorar el rendimiento de las partidas y permite visualizar en modo espectador los combates de nuestros rivales. AdemĂĄs, se han matizado algunas mecĂĄnicas como reducir la efectividad del X-Factor o eliminar algunos glitches presentes en segĂșn que circunstancias. Todo ello, perfecto. El problema: Parte la comunidad de Marvel vs Capcom 3 solo nueve meses despuĂ©s de la salida del juego original, muchos de estos cambios deberĂ­an ser exigibles vĂ­a parche para aquellos compradores del mes de febrero y sigue faltando -a falta de DLCs anunciados- mĂĄs variedad en lo que el modo para un jugador se refiere.

Nov 14th, 2011 · PlayStation 3 · read review

GameSpot (8 out of 10) (80%)

Ultimately, Ultimate is still a monster hiding under an attractive coat of flashy combos and familiar characters. It may feel inviting at first, but sink a little deeper, and you discover a game in which victory and defeat hinge on a fine line. It's a high-risk, high-reward system that buries you in a brightly colored light show on the slightest misstep. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is unquestionably the superior version, and while its feature set still feels lacking compared to other available fighters, the series' unique blend of structured insanity remains strong.

Nov 14th, 2011 · PlayStation 3 · read review

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