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19-2: Opération Antigang


19-2: Opération Antigang is a tower defense variant featuring 32 levels, and a multiplayer mode. This Facebook game was inspired by the French-Canadian TV series 19-2 that aired on Radio-Canada (the French-language network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) beginning in 2011. The show tells the story of the two officers of police station #19's unit 2 (unit 19-2).

In each level, the player commands a police force who must defend the area against successive waves of criminals (gang members) trying to enter a destination building, to ultimately stop criminal rampage in the four sectors of station 19's neighborhood. Three lives are allowed to be lost without failing the mission. Each time an enemy breaches the police force and reach his goal, one life is lost. A recruitment budget (stars) is available to hire new police units to use different strategies and stop the criminal's progress. Every 5 seconds, 5 stars are added to the budget.

At the beginning, only basic officers (who simply stand in place and shoot within their area of effect) are available. As the game progresses, more units, like commanders who allow officers to be placed in normally unavailable spots, become available. When criminals pass through the units, these units lose hit points. When an unit is defeated, the player must use stars to dispatch replacement units.

Meeting certain requirements, like not losing any lives, will be rewarded by 19-2 dollars that can be used to purchase new unit types.

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Executive Producer (Producteur exécutif)
Producer (Productrice)
Project Leader (Chefs de projets)
Lead Concept (Chef d’équipe conception)
Concept (Concepteurs de jeu)
Web Episode Editor and Concept (Rédactrice et conceptrice du webépisode)
Creative Director (Directeur de création)
Art Director and Web Episode Realization (Directeur artistique et réalisateur du webépisode)
Web Episode Illustration (Illustrateur du webépisode)
Technical Director (Directeur des technologies)
Web Manager (Chef d’équipe web)
Programmers (Programmeurs)
Integration (Intégrateur)
QA Director (Directrice, contrôle de la qualité)
QA Team (Équipe assurance qualité)
System Integration Team (Équipe integration de système)
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