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Pokémon Rumble Blast

aka: Super Pokémon Rumble, Super Pokémon Scramble

Critic Reviews 57% add missing review

Nintendo Life ( ) (70%)

Pokémon Rumble Blast is a good game, but — let's face it — we've played it before. The 3DS gave Nintendo a wider palette to work with, but it seems like it was content to leave well enough alone. Because of that we feel comfortable recommending it, but we also feel compelled to remind you that a very similar game is already available through WiiWare, and it's less expensive as well. The choice is yours.

Oct 26th, 2011 · Nintendo 3DS · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (13 out of 20) (65%)

Facile à prendre en main et agréable à jouer, Super Pokémon Rumble souffre néanmoins d'une répétitivité assez rebutante. On réservera donc principalement ce petit beat'em all coloré aux vrais fans de Pokémon prêts à recommencer 10 fois les mêmes niveaux pour capturer la créature qui leur manque.

Dec 2nd, 2011 · Nintendo 3DS · read review

GamezGeneration (6 out of 10) (60%)

Super Pokémon Rumble verdient das Super im Namen nicht wirklich. Einerseits macht das Spiel kurzzeitig durchaus Spaß und die Vielzahl der Pokémon können durchaus für Motivation sorgen, andererseits wird dies durch das monotone Spielprinzip schon nach kürzester Zeit zunichte gemacht wird. Technisch fällt der Titel leider auch nur mittelmäßig aus und da der Mehrspielermodus auch keine Glanzleistungen abliefert, bleibt unterm Strich ein netter Action-Titel der für eine kurze Rund Spaß bringt, aber kein Must-Have ist. Pokémon Fans können Probe spielen, alle anderen warten auf das erste Rollenspiel der Taschenmonster für den Nintendo 3DS!

Dec 8th, 2011 · Nintendo 3DS · read review

Games TM (5 out of 10) (50%)

Since assembling a team is more luck than judgment, Rumble couldn't be further away from the core values of the traditional Pokémon games. Simplistic dungeon-grinding fare for dedicated fans and younglings only, then.

Jan 19th, 2012 · Nintendo 3DS

HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (4 out of 10) (40%)

There is a story, but you won’t pay attention to it. It’s about as interesting and eventful as a child’s bedtime story. This game was definitely designed for children without much thought for anyone older. It’s a shame. Regular Pokémon games can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old. Pokémon Rumble Blast could only be appreciated by a small child for its simplicity and cuteness. Keeping in mind the intended audience, it’s difficult to outright hate Pokémon Rumble Blast rather than just being disappointed by it. It has its charms, even if there’s very little substance there. There’s likely an audience of 4-year-olds who might absolutely adore Pokémon Rumble Blast. Anyone else should probably just avoid it.

Nov 28th, 2011 · Nintendo 3DS · read review

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