Don't Starve

aka: Don't Starve: Console Edition

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Windows credits (2013)

37 people (25 professional roles, 12 thanks)

Klei Eintertainment

Klei Eintertainment
Thank You
Linux and OSX Ports by Alternative Games
FMOD Sound System
  • Copyright Firelight Technologies
Thank You!
  • And a very special thanks to all our supporters who braved the challenge of the 'Early Access Beta'.
  • You are too numerous to name - our amazing moderators; the wonderful artists; musicians; live streamers
  • To all who made a Let's Play video
  • Everyone who chimed in to let us know exactly what you think.
  • You're encouragement; passion and support has been amazing.
  • Don't Starve is a truly better game because of all of you.
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