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Don't Starve

aka: Don't Starve: Console Edition, Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition

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Indie Game Reviewer ( ) (90%)

In fact Don’t Starve is easily one of the most engaging and entertaining games of 2013 or any year, in any category – the artwork, with its Georges MĂ©liĂšs styled undulating ocean waves, the beautifully sinister Klezmer soundtrack and woodwind-voiced avatars, the time management game design are all creatively first-rate and compose a deliciously villainous universe to romp around and tinker with. The animations all feature lovely subtle variation, and every object in the world feels alive, even expressive – from the way the trees pop up or shrivel, to the vast array of critters fluttering, skittering, crawling and stalking about, all with unique proximity responses to your player character.

Sep 18th, 2013 · Macintosh · read review

3D Juegos (8.9 out of 10) (89%)

Simplemente genial. Solo asĂ­ podemos valorar a esta excelente aventura de supervivencia extrema, que ha sabido jugar muy bien sus cartas ofreciendo una experiencia de juego tan desafiante como original. Con innumerables opciones de juego, pocos tĂ­tulos atrapan del modo en el que lo hace Don't Starve. Un imprescindible.

Apr 24th, 2013 · Macintosh · read review

Gameblog.fr ( ) (80%)

Alors que je profite d'un entre-deux parties pour commander ma cinquiÚme livraison de bouffe jap à trois minutes de la fermeture depuis le début de la semaine, je réalise la délicieuse ironie dont je suis victime : la survie de mon avatar dans les contrées sauvages de Don't Starve m'importe désormais plus que la mienne. La satiété de Wilson a sournoisement supplanté la plénitude de mon propre estomac dans ma petite pyramide de Maslow personnelle alors que me voilà repris par la fiÚvre des explorateurs et des grands inventeurs. J'engloutirai ces quelques tranches de poisson crû le plus vite possible : il reste bien trop de défis à relever, de recettes à expérimenter et de mystÚres à élucider pour que j'accorde à ce morne repas la moindre minute de trop. Par son simple titre, Don't Starve m'interdisait de me laisser mourir de faim. Bien joué Klei Entertainment, trÚs bien joué.

Apr 29th, 2013 · Macintosh · read review

GamesRadar ( ) (80%)

Don’t Starve starts off slow and punishing and continues to get even harder as you play. Its merciless difficulty coupled with its monotonous gameplay can leave some players feeling frustrated and bored. Those who enjoy a good challenge, however, will relish in the satisfaction they’ll get when they manage to outlive their previous record or clear the game’s evil Adventure mode. It may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a roguelike game filled with charm and challenge, be sure not to miss Don’t Starve.

Apr 30th, 2013 · Macintosh · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (8 out of 10) (80%)

And that's fine, because Don't Starve really isn't a game for everybody. It's never stronger than in its opening hours, and if it never quite recaptures that first heady whiff of discovery, it at least keeps you on the edge of your seat thanks to its punishing design, the stakes rising in tandem with your achievements. So while the game starts to falter in the long term, fans of hardcore roguelike adventures and uncompromising survival gameplay alike won't go hungry.

Jan 15th, 2014 · Macintosh · read review

Inside Mac Games (IMG) (7.25 out of 10) (72%)

Overall, Don't Starve is a lot of fun. As you learn from your mistakes and play a new character, you find you delve deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the world and the characters, monsters, and items therein. Since there are so many variations possible it is almost endless. Each experience is defined by how you have your character interact with the environment that was given. This makes Don’t Starve a game you can play over and over again. It’s an excellent choice as a game and a way to while away your free time! Great game, but don’t forget to eat

Jun 18th, 2013 · Macintosh · read review

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