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Dr. Mario

aka: Virus

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Ação Games (4 out of 4)

O segredo para se dar bem Ă© aprender a manipular direitinho as cĂĄpsulas: vocĂȘ pode encaixĂĄ-las de pĂ©, deitadas ou atĂ© mesmo viradas, invertendo o lado das cores. Estude bem a colocação das peças, pois uma decisĂŁo errada pode melor todo o seu jogo.

May 1991 · NES

Nintendojo (10 out of 10)

Dr. Mario may not be as popular or critically acclaimed as it’s older brother Tetris. But I honestly belive it is the better game. It’s intuitive design and simplistic gameplay make it very user friendly, but it’s customization of speed and virus infestation make it a tough one to master. On top of that it’s one of the most competitive games on the market to this date. If you haven’t tried this outstanding puzzler out yet, then you owe it to yourself to pick up either the original, Dr. Mario 64, or even its latest reincarnation in Wario Ware Inc.

2003 · NES · read review

NES Archives (A-)

Dr. Mario is not quite as good as Tetris but its two-player mode is my personal favorite of all of the Tetris clones on the NES. You can really adjust the levels for two players of different talent levels to make any match even. This is a must buy if you are a fan of Tetris but not necessary if you don’t enjoy those kinds of games.

Mar 22nd, 2008 · NES · read review

Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library ( )

Groovy music and pleasant graphics add to the charm. Two-player mode is loads of fun and can get quite vicious, as eliminating pills/viruses from one’s own bin sends trouble over to your opponent’s side. Chaining is particularly important here, as the more viruses are eliminated, the bigger the attack on the opponent. If ever a game could make a trip to the doctor’s office seem charming, it would certainly be this very appealing title.

2016 · NES

1UP! (90 out of 100)

La version NES reste la meilleure de toutes car elle est en osmose avec la console, chaque élément du jeu colle parfaitement avec les capacités de la petite NES. Et je ne le répÚterai jamais assez, les musiques sont super.

Dec 6th, 2001 · NES · read review

NES Times (9 out of 10)

All in all Dr. Mario proves to be another top-notch puzzler in the NES library. Nintendo did an excellent job building on the Tetris formula with its own added touches, and it has enough addicting action that will have you constantly coming back for more. This is one doctor that you should definetely make an appointment with.

Feb 15th, 2008 · NES · read review

Nintendo Magasinet (Sweden) (4.5 out of 5)

Gillade du Tetris sÄ gillar du Dr Mario. Det hÀr Tetris i nÀsta generation sÄ att sÀga. Dr Mario Àr minst lika vanebildande. StÄr du i valet och kvalet mellan att köpa Dr Mario till NES eller till Game Boy sÄ föreslÄr vi Game Boy. För att vara ett spel till NES sÄ kanske det hÀnder lite för lite för den normale Nintendospelaren.

Jun 1991 · NES

Mean Machines (88 out of 100)

I liked Columns a lot, but in places it was ridiculously easy. But Dr Mario's even better, what with dealing with all the germs as well as creating the columns. When you first start playing, clearing the screen of germs is quite a tall order but once you've got the hang of it, there's tons to keep you glued - like creating cunning multiples for example. Dr Mario is a mega-addictive game that certainly deserves a place in any NES owner's collection, although if you're after a single puzzle game to keep you occupied, Tetris still rules.

Feb 1991 · NES · read review

The Game Hoard (6 out of 7)

Dr. Mario’s design for a color matching puzzle game makes it an immediately accessible title that is easy to get involved in, easy to adjust to your skill level, and easy to come back to. The virus clearing goal makes it easy to gauge your progress as the play gradually grows more challenging, although the difficulty in the final stages relies on some initial unknown factors. With a multiplayer mode that you can adjust easily to make a more even match between players, Dr. Mario ensures that, while you might not be able to sink your teeth into its simple design for a long haul, it can still be enjoyed whenever you are hankering for a check-up with the doctor.

Sep 19th, 2018 · NES · read review

Video Games (83 out of 100)

Nintendo hat mit dem in Spielerkreisen angesehenen GĂŒtezeichen “Mario“ glĂŒcklicherweise kein Schindluder getrieben. Dr. Mario spielt sich recht eigenstĂ€ndig und macht einen Mordsspaß. Gerade im ĂŒbervölkerten Markt der Denk- und TĂŒftelspiele ist es schön, mal wieder einen so guten Vertreter zu sehen. Die PrĂ€sentation ist schlicht und passend, im Sound-Bereich werden Euch zwei verschiedene Melodien zur Hintergrundberieslung angeboten. Der berĂŒhmte Ich-spiel-nur-noch-eine-Runde-Effekt trat bei mir schon lange nicht mehr so stark auf wie bei Dr. Mario - sowohl bei der Game-Boy- als auch bei der NES-Version.

Sep 1991 · NES · read review

VideoGame ( )

Mårio mudou de profissão: como um médico, deve organizar as cåpsulas de remédio por cor, de modo a alinhar quatro de uma mesma cor na horizontal ou vertical.

May 1991 · NES · read review

Game Freaks 365 (7.6 out of 10)

Overall, this game is fun, and it can last a while between the single player and two-player elements, but I find Tetris 2 to have more depth with its one player against the computer mode, more variety with its different shaped falling things, and more satisfying music. Although this game is good and well worth picking up, if you are only going to pick up this or Tetris 2, I’d say go for Tetris 2.

2005 · NES · read review

neXGam (6.8 out of 10)

Hmmm...ob der x-te Klon dieser Art von Spielen euch noch begeistern kann, hĂ€ngt wohl maßgeblich von eurem Erfahrungsschatz ab. Geboten wir hier halt nicht mehr als dĂŒrftige Standardkost, sieht man mal vom zeitweise spaßigen Zweispielermodus ab. Wessen geschicktes SpielerhĂ€ndchen noch nicht genug vom angeblich zeitlosen Spielprinzip hat, kann den geforderten Preis ja mal investieren - sollte sich dann im Nachhinein aber nicht beschweren.

2002 · NES · read review

The Video Game Critic (B-)

Dr. Mario must have been a hit on the NES, because it was later re-released for the SNES and N64. Despite being one of the few video games my wife enjoys playing, she was rather critical of this NES version. Compared to the N64 edition, the visuals look indistinct and even I have to admit the difference is pretty dramatic. There are better versions out there, but Dr. Mario is inherently fun on any platform.

Aug 21st, 2010 · NES · read review

Play Time (65 out of 100)

Auf diese Weise haben die Programmierer sowohl Elemente des Dauerbrenners 4-Gewinnt als auch des Computerhits Tetris unter einen Hut gebracht. Die Mischung ist hochexplosiv, denn sie kann sehr leicht zur unkontrollierbaren Mario-Sucht fĂŒhren! Wem das Spiel alleine doch irgendwann zu langweilig wird, kann zusammen mit einem Freund eine Partie wagen, denn es besteht die Möglichkeit zu zweit auf einem Bildschirm zu spielen. Sowohl Grafik als auch Sound bleiben hinter der guten Spielidee leider weit zurĂŒck. Meiner Meinung nach sind diese beiden Kriterien fĂŒr ein reines Denkspiel aber auch nicht unbedingt maßgebend.

Jun 1991 · NES

Questicle.net (C)

I wish Dr. Mario were more interesting, but I can’t seem to love the little guy. The game entranced me when I was a kid, but recent play sessions have left me cold. Head-to-head is still fun, especially on later versions. The good doctor will always live on in my nostalgic dreams, but in 2011, he’s just an average Joe.

Nov 2011 · NES · read review

Player Reviews

A classic puzzle game which still remains enjoyable today
by Jon Collins

The Good
Dr. Mario is a game which is extremely easy to pick up and play. The gameplay and controls are simple enough that anyone can learn to play with minimal effort. As far as sound is concerned, the effects are nothing spectacular, but not obstructive to gameplay either. However, the music, in my opinion, is brilliant. There are two songs included, Fever and Chill, which are very catchy and fit the frantic puzzle action of the game well. Finally, the inclusion of a two-player vs. mode is very welcomed as well.

The Bad
Mario storylines are supposed to be...different, but the story line behind Dr. Mario seemed stranger than usual and rushed, as there is only half of a page addressing the story line in the manual. Granted it's a puzzle game and the story is not a huge part of the gameplay, but I still would have liked a little more depth to the story. Also, the graphics are nothing amazing, but, on the other hand, they really don't need to be. Finally, while part of the charm of this game stems from its simplistic gameplay, this leads to its drawback of quickly becoming somewhat repetitive.

The Bottom Line
Dr. Mario is a puzzle game in which your objective is to kill all of the viruses in a jar. The viruses come in three colors (red, blue, and yellow) as do the pills which are used to kill the viruses. The pills contain two "sections" which allows for either a pill with two of the same colors or two different colors. A horizontal or vertical line of 4 or more "sections" of the same color will cause the line to disappear. So, one must strategically place the falling pills in line with the like-colored virus in order to kill it. If the jar is filled with pills and there are still viruses present, then it is game over.

Jul 14th, 2004 · NES

Best mindless entertainment game since Tetris.
by Multimedia Mike

The Good
Was Nintendo looking to cash in on the mindless, repetitive entertainment market opened up by the international smash hit Tetris? Only the top executives at Nintendo know for sure. But in any case, this game rocks.

Based on a similar premise as Tetris, this game has the player manipulating the orientation of objects falling at an ever-quickening velocity. Dr. Mario just happens to make those objects colored pills rather than ambiguous quad-part blocks. Match up colors with the malignant viruses in a bottle in order to wipe them out. Build up skill and go for the double, triple, quadruple kill/cures... and beyond!

The game features a handicapping player versus player mode. Two players can get their own bottles of viruses to wipe out and they can select different difficulty levels to play at. Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins the match. Especially fiendish is when one player scores a double kill/cure or better-- the game sends down some random pills into the other player's jar that may or may not mess them up.

Is it arrogant to state that I especially enjoy this game simply because I am so good at it? I challenged many friends (well, they used to be friends; perhaps I should not have gloated so hard) at this game, at all handicapping levels, and no one ever managed to beat me without a handicap.

I summed up Dr. Mario in this review as "mindless entertainment". Curiously, the longer you play, the more lethal you potentially become. As you build up skill it just becomes natural to construct precariously balanced towers of pills that will kill off 5, 6, 7 viruses as soon as you trigger a chain reaction with a certain pill. Do not attempt to try this before you are adequately skilled or else you will just cause a mess in your own jar, as anyone who has ever played against me has learned the hard way.

The Bad
Do not attempt to play the game on a black and white television set. That's something that stuck in my mind from the time I rented this game. Seems obvious. But in the early 1990's, who was still stuck using a black and white television? Apparently, someone who rented this game from this store before me.

As is common with these puzzle games, not a whole lot of effort was invested into the background music. The result is mind-numbing music which may cause you to question your sanity after several straight hours of gameplay.

The Bottom Line
Fear the Dr. Mario game master (that's me).

Sep 10th, 2005 · NES

Tetris leveled up!
by Asinine

The Good
I am a big fan of Tetris, it is one my most favorite time-sinks and back in the day you looked bad-ass playing it when in the bus. The game was very simple, you had to form lines using oddly shaped blocks, whenever a line was full it would disappear. I spent many hours playing this game on my old Gameboy and NES and beating the previous owner's highscore on my Nintendo Entertainment System is among one my most cherished moments in all my time as a video game enthusiast. Dr. Mario is on equal terms with the legendary game it is based on.

Instead of just mindlessly copying Tetris the goal has changed slightly, there is a number of colored viruses on the field that are removed when you stack similarly colored pills on them. The trick is that the pills have to sides with different colors and that the pills break in two if one side disappears. This can lead to difficult moments where completing one stack (4 colors) can lead to the wrong color falling on another block. It's a pretty nice variation on the original concept and it works very well.

The game gradually increases in difficulty as you finish levels, in this case by increasing the amount of viruses on the screen and locating them in challenging positions (such a pit created by a wall of other viruses. I must say that this is an improvement over the original's approach of just increasing the speed of the falling blocks because that made it nearly impossible to think about your moves in the later levels, but then again it didn't have the advantage of having blocks already placed in the game.

The Bad
The Mario license is not really apparent anywhere, to begin with there is no Princess Peach or Bowser anywhere in the game. They only character is Mario himself who apparently graduated with a PhD in Health sciences. It feels like a bit of a waste to stitch the name "Mario" to a game and then exclude everything that people recognize. Why couldn't the viruses be Goomba's or why couldn't there be patients in cut-scenes that resembled characters from the series (Peach, Toad, Luigi and etc.).

There is not a lot of settings you can change here, essentially you can tweak exactly the same as in Tetris, which makes it a bit of a waste of money. The problem is that if Tetris would have another game mode with blocks already placed in the levels, this game would be obsolete.

The Bottom Line
Tetris is fun and the only thing you need to do in order to make a good variation on the game is a good bit of creativity. Nintendo clearly had this and they managed to make an entertaining Tetris variant, that while needlessly possessing the Mario license, is a very entertaining and unique game. While the settings you can tweak are still the same, it's still clear that these are two different games that are both entertaining to play in their own way.

The game is a rather enjoyable puzzle game that both the kids and the older people will love, give it a try if you see a cheap copy somewhere. This is a purchase you won't regret.

Nov 2nd, 2011 · NES

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