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Dead Trigger is a first-person shooter set in a contemporary environment where economic depression has driven people to rise against their leaders. At the same time a plague causes million of people to die while others turn into zombies that hunger for flesh and blood. The light story elements serve for a series of short encounters fighting against zombies, linked together from a city map. Next to the main story missions there are also various optional missions. Encounters are often randomly generated based on the ten available environments. There is an unlimited survival mode with four arenas fighting against increasingly larger waves of zombies.

A circle on the left side of the screen is used for movement and another one on the right to aim. Next to the aim circle there are two small buttons for ironsight and to reload, but reloading is also done automatically. In the top left corner is a small radar. Missions have different kinds of goals, such as surviving for a set amount of time, locating and bringing back an item, reaching a certain area or killing a number of zombies. As a free-to-play title there is a heavy emphasis on in-app purchases to upgrade the character. Cash earned in the game can be spent at a shop for new weapons, items and character upgrades. Weapons include a pistol, machine gun, chainsaw, rifle, shotgun, minigun, and more. Available items contain independent turrets that can be set up, mini mortars, a head-flater, a laser amputator, baits, revive kit, slow time, mines, grenades, and boosters for money, speed and damage. For the character there are upgrades that extend ammo or open up additional weapon and item slots. Before missions the loadout can be defined. Zombies spawn in all directions and when they grapple the player a quick series of circles needs to be tapped to break free.

There is an overall experience system to unlock permanent character upgrades. The most powerful upgrades are hidden behind the second, gold currency. Gold is much harder to come by and can be purchased with money. It can also be earned by downloading and playing other apps. The player is encouraged to come back daily for certain items and a daily mission. Between missions casino chips (earned or bought) can be used at a gambling machine. There is an in-game account system to save the profile and progress online instead of only on the device.

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