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Mac Ledge ( )

Battle-girl is a fun and addicting arcade game that can leave you playing just one more time in order to get to a higher level, or it can leave you frustrated after dying at the same level. Whether you like or hate battle-girl will depend on how much you like arcade games. The more you like testing your reflexes against the computer, the more you will like battle-girl. If you've never played arcade games before, battle-girl is a good game to test the waters.

Apr 12th, 1998 · Macintosh · read review

Mac Addict ( )

This game is pure action satisfaction. The 2D vector-based graphics are extremely well done, providing smooth, intense gameplay. It hearkens back to the arcade games of yesteryear but adds some new features to take advantage of modern hardware and software advances.

Nov 1997 · Macintosh · read review

Next Generation ( )

Mac users who were hooked on Peg Leg years ago would do well to give Battle-Girl a spin (A Win 95 version should be available shortly). In a world where games like Tomb Raider or Mario 64 may take hours to finish even a single level, it's good to see titles like Battle-Girl keeping the hoary excuse, "videogames improve hand-eye coordination," a believable one.

Dec 1997 · Macintosh · read review

macHOME ( )

There are 100 levels with several difficulty settings, which bodes well for replayability if you’re fond of this type of trigger-happy action, though the screens don’t vary as much as I would have liked. Battle-girl’s visual environment is kind of a throwback to bygone games. It’s 2D with a simple background and straightforward action, but gameplay is fast and keeps your adrenaline flowing. It’s easy to get distracted in the attempt to fire at everything that comes your way, but winning screens means making sure you stay focused on attacking the programmers.

Jul 1998 · Macintosh · read review

Macworld ( )

It's a kick to move your little craft around this 2-D, overhead environment and blast the heck out of your stick-figure enemies. Frantic action, 99 levels, and a throbbing soundtrack make for an arcade-y good time.

Feb 1999 · Macintosh · read review

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