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The Cave

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Windows credits (2013)

371 people (270 professional roles, 101 thanks) with 386 credits.

A Double Fine Production

Created by
Lead Programmer
Senior Producer
Art Director
Lead Designer
Lead Sound Designer
Lead Animator
Studio Creative Director

Double Fine: Art

Character Animation
Character Art
Environment Art
Concept Art
Tech Art
Material Art
Cave Paintings

Double Fine: Audio

Sound Design
Voice Casting, Direction & Cave Editorial
Voice and Localization Producer
Recorded at
  • Studiopolis; Burbank; CA

Double Fine: Design

Designed by
Written by

Double Fine: Programming

Graphics Programming
Systems Programming
Additional Programming

Double Fine Productions

Studio Technical Director
Director of Product Development
Studio Audio Director
VP, Business Development
Quality Assurance Manager
Community Manager
Quality Assurance Tester
Public Relations
Operations Manager
Office Assistant
Office Manager

Voice Actors

Voice Actors

Special Thanks

Special Thanks
Team Thanks
Production Babies



SEGA of America

Director of Product Development
Senior Producer
Design Director
A&R Manager

SEGA Executive Team

Vice President of Digital
Senior Director of Digital Business Planning

SEGA Marketing

Senior Marketing Director
Brand Manager
Business Operations Analyst
Director of Creative Services and First Party
Senior Media and Events Manager
Production Manager
Senior Graphics Designer
Video Production Manager
Video Editor
Web Manager
First Party Coordinators
Director of Licensing
Licensing Coordinator
Licensing Manager
Community Manager
Vice President of Sales
Senior Director, Sales Operations
Director, Channel Marketing
Regional Sales Directors
Legal Counsel

SEGA of America [2]

Senior Operations Specialist
Director of Legal
Contracts Administrator
Development Operations Director
Development Operations Supervisor
Project Leads
Mastering Lab Supervisor
Special Thanks
Mastering Lab Technician
Hardware Technician

SEGA Europe

Senior Vice President, Business Planning
Director, Development Services SEGA West
Head of Studio Localization and ESD
Assistant Producer
Director, Brand Marketing
Senior Brand Managers
Assistant Brand Managers
Director of Digital Distribution
Head of Business Development
Vice President, Digital Distribution
Marketing Manager
Digital Campaigns Manager
European Digital PR Executive
Head of Web Design
Senior Web Designer
Head of Operations
Commercial Director
Head of Licensing
Digital Download Account Manager
Online Financial Analyst
Senior Legal Counsel
Directors of Legal and Business Affairs
Legal Executive
Licensing Executive
Director of Creative Services
Traffic Manager
Creative Artworkers
Creative Team Manager
Traffic Co-Ordinator
Submissions Co-Ordinator
Multimedia Producer
Video Editor
Head of Program Office
Submissions Manager
Process and TCM Manager
Head of QA & Localisation QA
Production Manager
Resource Manager
Localisation Manager
Localisation Project Supervisor
Lead Translator
Mastering & Equipment Manager
Assistant Mastering Technicians
Senior Mastering Technician
QA Project Lead
QA Language Supervisor
QA Language Assistant Team Leads
QA Language Team Lead
QA Language Testers
Compliance Coordinators
Compliance Senior Technicians
Compliance Supervisor
Shift Monitors
Administration Coordinator
Finance Coordinator
QA Administrator

SEGA Corporation

Project Manager
PR & Promotion
QA Supervisors
QA Testers
First Party Relations
Official Website Production
Software Manual Production
Special Thanks
Executive Producers
Chief Producers
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