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Lucha Fury

Xbox 360 credits (2011)

42 People (41 developers, 1 thanks)

Developed by Punchers Impact

Studio Director
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Lead Designer & Narrative Designer
Lead Level Designer & Game Designer
Level Designers
Preproduction Art Director
Character Designer
Environment Concept Artists
Lead 3D Artist
3D Environment Artists
Additional 3D Environment Artist
3D Character Artist
FX Artists
GUI Artist
Lead 3D Animator
3D Animators
Additional Animator
Lead Programmer & Lead Tech
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmers
Engine Programmer
Music Creator
Sound Designer
Additional Sound Designers
Animated Clips Creation
  • Tokkun Studio

Published by Mindscape

Chief Creative Officer
Senior Production Director
Game Design Manager
Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Localization Manager
Public Relations
Lead QA
Super Mega Thanks
  • Katsuni

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