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Spider-Man, the classic comic book co-created by Stan Lee, is now a major motion picture. This conversion of the movie to the video game world takes the major storyline, characters and artwork of the Spider-Man movie and adds a lengthy backstory and new characters.

The Green Goblin is the main villain here, and as Peter Parker you must defy gravity using your spider crawl, web-slinging and spider-sense abilities to track down Spidey's nemesis through the skyscapers of New York City.

The major inclusion for this title over the previous Spider-Man series (on PlayStation, also by Activision) is aerial combat. Attack the enemy mid-air while web-slinging, rise and descend while swinging and banking around buildings create a greater emphasis on Spidey's greatest asset, the spider web.


  • ספיידרמן - Hebrew spelling

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Average score: 78% (based on 43 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 62 ratings with 5 reviews)

A decent but awkward film conversion with some irritations.

The Good
Most of the time film to game conversions have come out about as well as games translate to film. IE not too well but Spiderman manages to follow the films premise and still hold its own as a fairly decent action game. The graphics look fantastic and the levels vary greatly in appearance but seem to switch between either indoor or outdoor/rooftop type levels. Animation is also great and the cutscenes look wicked. Soundwise the music is awesome orchestral type stuff which fits perfectly with the action and the effects are meaty enough but the real show stealer is the voice acting. Tobey Maguire who played Peter Parker in the film has done all of spideys voice work for the game to great effect and William Dafoe also voices the Green Goblin (his big-screen counterpart) very well. The icing on the cake however, comes in the form of Bruce Campbell providing all the voice over speech. As usual Bruce is in top form and does a sensational job. There are loads of moves to learn and discover which will please fighting fans and if you're prepared to put in the time then the web moves combined with the fighting aspect can really pay off.

The Bad
Unfortunately Spiderman forces you to spend quite a bit too much time getting used to the controls and if you're not prepared to put all this time into learning how to play a game then it's far too hard from very early on. There are too many keys and so many functions that you easily end up pushing the wrong one in the middle of about ten baddies with guns, hence you die and have to try again. This is also a direct port of the X-Box version and not a lot of effort has been put in to accommidate different system setups. On my system the cutscenes stuttered unbarably and my system isn't exactly mediocre which was purely unacceptable. The camera is really bad too. Most games with awkward camera angles I can stomach but in Spiderman they are so awful that it becomes an exercise in pure frustration. This coupled with the steep learning curve and the fact that you can only save at the end of a level (more proof of a cheap port) means that you can easily end up giving up on this game before you get very far.

The Bottom Line
A slick and well made game but the controls and gameplay mechanics can be so hard to get used to that it makes the game unplayably hard at times. Try before you buy.

Windows · by Sycada (177) · 2002

A worthy adaptation of the movie that builds upon Spidey's proven formula for success

The Good
Spider-Man: The Movie could be considered an upgraded version of the previous psx Spider-Man titles and rightly so, after all while it's supposed to be based on the Spider-Man motion picture and the first next generation title for the webslinger, it's really based on the template of the previous 3D Spidey games with some minor additions and a gigantic graphic upgrade.

Basically, the graphics lost all the cartoony, primary-colored look of the previous games and now feature realistically proportioned models as well as more detailed and realistic textures and lightning effects, all courtesy of the improved hardware specs ("The movie" is a T&L-only game). The outdoor areas are also much more appealing, as the cityscape is now fully (or nearly-fully) rendered and you can actually look down and see the traffic in manhattan's streets as you swing around town instead of a conveniently placed fog as before. This change of look makes the game much more digestible and in-tone with the more realistic vibe the movie went for, as Spidey has to fight with diverse firearm-toting gangmembers and urban punks instead of the usual block-headed laser-shooting thugs (coz, ya know, it's cool to be shot as long as it's by colorful laser blasts that doesn't cause any gory wounds).

Under that shiny new coat of paint however, "The Movie" plays pretty much the same as the previous Spidey games except for the addition of more combo options and a slightly bigger control scheme (otherwise identical to the older one), another addition is the inclusion of better swing controls that allow you to effectively maneuver mid-air and introduces air combat into the classic gameplay you know from the prequels. The Green Goblin as well as several other guest villains are able to duke it out with you in mid-air thus several levels are composed of semi-boss fights in which your old swing-kick just doesn't cut it anymore, hence you are now able to grab onto your enemies, punch them (assisted by the game) or just turn and speed up while you are swinging to kick them where it hurts.

It may be a simple thing, but dropping on the Goblin's glider and slamming him while you both struggle for control atop the skies is a truly spectacular gameplay experience. The rest of the game is pretty much the same as before (which is rather good... don't mess with a good thing) but with minor additions here and there, the new web-combos, the introduction of sneaking as a gameplay gimmick, etc. etc.

As for the movie-adaptation issue the game does get a more "serious" treatment and incorporates production values befitting a class-A Hollywood product. So you have a streamlined movie-themed menu and interface, incredible pre-rendered cutscenes (You'll swear some of them are deleted sequences from the movie...) a stellar music score ripped right from the movie, original voiceovers from the movie's cast (William Dafoe in a videogame!!) and a host of other nice refinements such as alternate game modes and behind-the-scenes extras (both from the movie and the game). The coolest addition however, is the incorporation of Bruce Campbell as a narrator that introduces you to the game's mechanics, essentially doing the same work as Stan Lee in the previous games, but without making you feel like a retarded 5-year old by tapping into Bruce's charisma and wit that always makes you feel as if you were with an old goofball friend instead of listening to a game's tutorial, a dvd commentary track or any other thing that has Bruce's name attached to it.

The Bad
Few things to bitch about, except the lack of longevity when compared to other 3D action games, and the often times complicated control scheme (that still remains a carbon copy of the console original and neglects to take note of that thing we PC users have called a MOUSE).

Other than that the story and progress of the game is kind of a jumbled mess, the game starts with Spidey going of to avenge uncle Ben as in the movie (sort of) and then jumps to the Green Goblin's menace. In the middle the developers saw it fit to throw everything from the Vulture, to the Scorpion, the Spider-slayers and the Shocker to keep things interesting, and while nothing makes any sense it's all inmensely entertaining. By the time you get back to the Goblin's plot however, the game turns into a collection of barely related boss fights that try to mimick the Movie's final moments.... Oh, and you'd better have seen the movie if you want to understand what's going on, as the game doesn't explain nothing aside from the basics of the plot...

The Bottom Line
An upgraded and better-looking version of the 3D Spider-Man games is a winner by nature, it may not do it's best to adjust itself to the movie's story or ideas, and things might feel a bit uneven every now and then but the look and feel is there, along with the kickass gameplay and Bruce Campbell. And you know that anything with Bruce is worth checking out!

Windows · by Zovni (10504) · 2004

Doesn't matter which system you put it on, it is grat in every way.

The Good
The web slinging is so realistic, it's like controlling the real Spider-Man and the side storyline with Shocker helps you improve your Spidey skills for the Green Goblin. Also, the different combinations of attacks are sweet!

The Bad
The only thing that didn't follow the storyline was that Spidey had to refill his web, unlike the real movie where he didn't have to reload.

The Bottom Line
If you enjoyed the movie or the comic book series, you should give this game a try.

PlayStation 2 · by Exodia85 (2147) · 2003

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Cheat codes

This game has several cheat codes that allow you to play the game as a variety of characters, such as thugs, security guards, the Shocker, and a motorcycle cop named Captain Stacey with a striking resemblance to Marvel kingpin Stan Lee. One code allowed you to play the game as Mary Jane (the only female playable character), but this code was apparently disabled in later production copies of the game. A possible reason for this is that in the game's ending you see Mary Jane and your character kissing, so if you play as Mary Jane you end up with her frenching herself. Perhaps the developers felt that having two women making out in their game would alienate potential buyers (or, more likely, the parents of potential buyers), considering the family demographic this game is targeted at. Also, In the PC version of the game, two cheat codes, one that made you have big head and feet and another that made your character tiny-sized, are disabled by the 1.1 patch to the game. The reason for this is unknown, possibly to improve game stability or something like that.

Xbox version

In the Xbox version of this game, there are two extra levels where you fight Kraven the Hunter that isn't in the PS2, Gamecube, or PC versions.

Information also contributed by Alan Chan

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