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Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a first-person stealth survival game set in a sandbox environment inspired by the British countryside. The world is procedurally generated and consists of five islands. The theme of each island can be defined. The themes are rural, fens, mountain and industrial. The character can use a boat to travel between them. To complete the game a set amount of mysterious fragments needs to be returned to a central location with standing stones. That is also the only place the game can be saved, next to when entering a boat. Before starting the game a profession needs to be chosen, each with its own perks. The available professions are aristocrat, gamekeeper, inventor, officer, cook, artist and old soak. These influence the approach for the game, to take on the robots directly, use stealth and traps, or rely on survival skills.

Various robots roam the surroundings, patrolling villages and guarding the fragments. There are regular robots, larger ones, and some use hot air balloons to patrol from the air. The character needs to stay out of sight, crouch in foliage to sneak around and reduce sound by not sprinting. Villages often need to be visited to collect loot in houses. The game uses a health and vitality system. Vitality goes down at a constant rate and needs to be kept up by eating food. Food can also be prepared by lighting a fire and mixing ingredients. Some of the food is spoiled however and can have adverse effects. When vitality gets too low, it starts affecting health. Health is directly affected when the character is shot and when bleeding it will go down at a constant rate until a bandage is applied. The character's inventory has limited space so different types of items need to be juggled. Ammo is scarce and weapons are few. Often weapons left behind by dead robots are broken.

Robots can be lured away or tricked in various ways. There are traps to set, bottles can be thrown to attract their attention, the character can use an alarm clock and set the timer, or use toy trains or a trombone. The game uses a day and night cycle and flying creatures point to the general direction of fragments.

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15 People

Additional Programming
3D Art
2D Art & Design
Additional 3D Art
Additional Animation
Voice of Walters
© Big Robot Ltd 2013-2014
  • Made in the UK with Unity



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