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Windows credits (1999)

36 People

Additional programming

from 2005 team leader
small patches
Many additional UI routines, Simutrans' proportional font
Help with BeOS port
Bugfixes for vehicle movement code
Forest creation code, new darkening, Patches, Coordination of 128x128 pixel tile set creation
Additional UI coding
MIDI playing routines for Windows version
Finance window
Command line arguments for reading custom daten.pak files
Many small patches
Better bridges and tunnels
Rewrites of many data structures
Binary save game format
Many big patches
Line management
C-backends, Makefile, hosting SVN

Help with game design


Additional artwork

Lots and lots of highest quality images
trucks, trains cars, industries and many other images
many animations
Many high quality images
ships, trucks
train waggons
locomotives, waggons, ships and buildings
buildings, some trees
town buildings and factories
busses and trucks


Hungarian translation
Spanish translation
Dutch translation

User manual, documentation and in-game texts

User manual extensions
Maintaining the bug list 2000-2002
Help with german manual, Webmaster of the german Simutrans forum
Many english in-game help texts, Maintaining the bug list 2002-2003
german in-game help texts
german tree descriptions
hosting the Simutrans Wiki

Help with assembly coding


Additional thanks go to

Very first beta tester
Railway informations
Vehicle editor for Windows version
Testing and suggestions and many other things

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