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Vanishing Point

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Vanishing Point is an arcade style racer featuring real cars and road course style tracks. The main difference between Vanishing Point and countless other racers is that you are never racing directly against other cars, but rather are racing against the clock. Your position at the end of the race depends solely on your time, not on your finishing position relative to other cars. What's more, there are loads of computer controlled cars that are there simply to slow you down.

The standard racing game modes are here: Tournament, Time Trial, and Single Race. One unique feature, however, is the stunt competition. You can compete in a series of events that test various driving skills in timed events. Some example events are the long jump and the slalom.

The selection of cars is quite diverse. You can race vehicles that range from low performance, like a VW Microbus, to high performance, like a Dodge Viper.

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Vice President - World Wide PD
Vice President - New York PD
Senior VP - Marketing
Creative Director
Director of Marketing Services
Public Relations
Public Relations
European Brand Manager
European PR Manager
European Operations Manager
Professor of Automotive Engineering
Lecturer in Dynamics and Control
Researcher in Vehicle Dynamics
Acclaim London
Acclaim Audio
Additional Sampling
Matinee Sound & Vision Limited
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Average score: 71% (based on 29 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 15 ratings with 1 reviews)

A great game for racing fans.

The Good
The graphics are amazing. This was a game that really tried to show the power of the Dreamcast. It looks like a PS2 or Original Xbox game. The game looks pretty realistic for 2001 (well, almost 2001).

 The gameplay is quite fun. On the back of the Dreamcast version's case, it has THREE accolades. The game is fast paced and a good buy. If you get WAY off track you can just press a button and you're back on the road.

 When people think of Dreamcast racers, they usually think of Sega GT, Sega Rally 2, and CRAZY TAXI, I also think of Vanishing Point because it is MY FIRST SEGA DREAMCAST GAME............... And I'm glad it is.

The Bad
The controls take some time to get used to. The thumbstick, while responsive, is slippery. Otherwise the controls are fine.

 While you do have a wide selection of cars, at the start of the game (a new game) you only get two. You have to unlock the rest. That is SUCH a pain.

 These are only minor complaints.

The Bottom Line
Vanishing Point is a good game. Don't get the Playstation version. Just don't. The Dreamcast version is all-around better. It is a great racing game.

Dreamcast · by Weston Sharpensteen (13) · 2011

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