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Flappy Bird is a simple game where the player has to guide a bird through a level filled with pipes with only a small gap to pass. It is similar to the earlier mobile title Piou Piou vs. Cactus which is in turn inspired by an earlier helicopter game and other titles as far back as the 90s where thrust needs to be maintained to navigate a level. The bird moves forward automatically and the player can only interact by tapping, making it flap its wings so it flies higher. As each passage has a different height, the player needs to tap or pause (causing the bird to dive down) to make sure it is able to pass. There is no end to the game, the goal is merely to get a high score and based on the total score different types of medals can be earned. The graphics and the environment are inspired by the original Super Mario Bros., especially the green pipes. The level structure (height of the pipes) is randomized with each session. There are also random variations for the colour of the bird and the environment (day or night).

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After PewDiePie reviewed Flappy Bird in early 2014, the game became an unexpected hit. Shortly after, both the Android Market and the iPhone App Store were flooded with clones by other developers hoping to cash in on the success. At one point, on average 60 Flappy Bird clones were uploaded each day.

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