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Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

aka: Disney Donald: "Cou@k Att@k"?*!, Disney Paperino : Oper@zione "P@pero?*!", Disney Pato Donald "Cu@c Att@ck?*!", Disney's Donald Duck: "Qu@ck Att@ck"?*!, Disneyn Aku Ankka: "Universum!n Sank@r!"?*!
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Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers for PlayStation is based heavily on the version on Dreamcast/Nintendo 64, but features new graphics, redesigned levels and slightly different gameplay mechanics.

To save Daisy Duck from the evil sorcerer Merlock, Donald Duck must utilize Gyro Gearloose's teleporter. Due to a lack of power, the device can't teleport Donald to Merlock's temple (where Daisy is held) right away. Instead, Donald must successively install reflector dishes at high points at Duckie Mountain, Duckburg and the flying mansion of Magica De Spell before he can reach the temple.

The game is a platformer utilizing polygonal graphics, consisting of four worlds, each made up of four regular levels, one optional bonus level and one boss fight. In the regular levels the camera is either placed behind Donald as he runs forward, or at his side, thus emulating classical side-scrolling platform gameplay. In the bonus levels, Donald must flee from something (like a bear, a car, or a rolling boulder), with the camera placed in front of him and him running towards the screen.

In the regular levels, the main goal is simply to reach the exit. Doing so gives Donald a power orb: collecting all four of them per world is necessary before the boss fight level opens up. On his way to the exit, Donald must evade pits, traps and enemies. He can jump on top of or kick enemies to dispatch them. Scattered throughout the levels are stars in different colors: yellow stars are worth one, blue stars five, and red stars ten. Collecting 100 of them gains an extra life.

There are also several optional challenges: First, Merlock has stolen and enchanted the toys of Donald's nephews. In each regular level, Donald can find three toys. To pick them up, he first has to find one of Merlock's spell books. Picking one up starts a timer counting down the seconds Donald has to pick up the toy. Once all toys in a world are found, the nephews open up the bonus level. The second challenge involves Donald trying to beat his cousin Gladstone's time record. Once a level has been finished, Donald can try the level again, attempting to beat Gladstone's time. Beating the time challenges unlocks bonus costumes that Donald can wear.

At the end of each world lies a boss battle against the likes of the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell and of course Merlock himself. Following the classic formula, each boss attacks in a specific pattern that must be evaded and opens up to counter-attack only for a short time.

Some of the game's levels are based closely, others only loosely on those from the Dreamcast/N64 version, with most of Duckburg, two of the boss fights and all of the bonus levels being mostly or entirely new.

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Average score: 66% (based on 9 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings with 1 reviews)

That Duck is Cracked

The Good
There's honestly not that much see that will catch your eye, let alone wow you. If you're new to 3D platforming, this title is extremely generous in its difficulty, you should have no problem completing it in under an hour. The only satisfaction that you might get through beating the game 100% is getting back at the ever-annoying jerk Gladstone Gander.

The Bad
Gameplay is uninteresting and unimaginative. It's all about fetching stars and toys and fighting weak little critters. It's more ploughing through four funhouse of horror areas. Even the chase levels where you're waddling towards the camera don't beef up the game. The constant hints and dialogue you get from Gyro Gearloose as you dive into a new level really ruin the flow. The bosses are just big baddies that you stomp or bop three times in a row.

Where there's presentation in this game, it's terrible everywhere. The cutscenes look like some bad claymation short film and the voice acting is obnoxious, not to mention the poor choice of words and dialogue. Music is mediocre and forgettable and doesn't drive you on. The voxel movement throughout the game is choppy and mocks the cartoon physics of a good-fashioned Disney cartoon.

The Bottom Line
The abbreviation of Quackers being Qu@ckers?* is a dead giveaway that this game spells bad in every aspect. It's hard to believe that Ubisoft made this title, seeing as the bulk of their games are great to play. It is not a faithful adaptation of Disney's Ducktales or any Disney Duck-related media for that matter. This poor excuse for a Crash Bandicoot clone will never live on. The biggest insult is that this game is proclaimed "a dedication to Carl Barks", but this is just a pitiful cash grab to profit on the Disney duck franchise. Playing this game is just playing a big prank on yourself. You'll want to duck away from this title and play a Capcom Disney game instead.

PlayStation · by Kayburt (26183) · 2021

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