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Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

aka: Disney Paperino : [email protected] "[email protected]?*!", Disney Pato Donald "[email protected] [email protected]?*!", Disney's Donald Duck: "[email protected] [email protected]"?*!, Disneyn Aku Ankka: "Universum!n [email protected]!"?*!

PlayStation credits (2000)

206 People (176 developers, 30 thanks)

Donald Duck Goin' Quackers Credits: Part I - Ubi Soft Game Development Team

Project Manager
Project Manager Assistant
Editor in-Chief
Lead Game Design
Lead Programming
Lead Infodesign
Lead Animator
Art Conception
Lead Graphic
Lead Sound
Game Design - Original Game Design
Game Designers
Graphic Modeling
Special Effects
Programming Engine
Info Design Main Character and Camera
Other Characters
Data Manager
Sound - Sound Designers
Localisation Translation Manager
Tests - Chief Tester
Quality Assurance
Marketing - EMEA Marketing Team
US Marketing Team
Marketing Project Manager

Part II - Ubi Soft Management

Project Leader
China - Managing Director
China - Software Studio Manager
China - Design Studio Manager
China - Graphic Studio Manager
China - Animation Manager
China - Sound Design Studio Manager
China - Data Management Studio Manager
China - Test Studio Manager
China - Planning Studio Manager
World QA Manager
World Production Manager
Ubi Soft - President - General Director

Part III - Ubi Soft Cinematics

Production Supervisor
Production Managers
3D Layout Supervisor
Layout Men
Character Modeling Technical Director
Animation - Animation Supervisor
Backgrounds and Props Supervisor
Backgrounds and Props Artistic Director
Modeling and Mapping
2D Color Reference
Lighting and Rendering Supervisor
Lighting and Rendering Artistic Director
SFX Supervisors

Part IV - Ubi Soft Music and Sound

Delegated Producer
Production Coordinator
Production Assistant
Ubi Music Publishing
Artistic Director
Music Composed and Performed by
Sound Engineer
Engineer Assistant
SFX Production Manager
Foley Artist
Sound Post-Production Manager
Video and Voice Production Manager
Video Editor
Music and Cinematics mixed at
  • Ubi Music Studio - Montreal

Part V - Disney Interactive

Director Production Consoles
Associate Producer
Character Art Direction
Senior Manager Marketing
Additional Art
Assistant Manager Marketing Services
Localization Manager Europe
Production Supervisor Localization
Associate Producer Localization
With the Voice Talents of
Disney Character Voices
Special Thanks to
Dedicated to the memory of

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