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Q10 Tankbuster

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Zzap! (46 out of 100) (46%)

Mind you Q10 Tankbuster as a whole is a mini migraine. Control of the Q10 is a joke, it's about as responsive as a dog in a vat of quick-drying cement. This is a pain in the bum, mainly 'coz the enemy tanks and planes zip around like greased lightning.

Apr 1992 · Commodore 64 · read review

Commodore Format (42 out of 100) (42%)

It's dead old-fashioned and not very stunning, either to look at or listen to. But it's enjoyable, and you could have a few hours' pleasure before beating it (except that with the hiding place you could finish it in about three goes).

May 1992 · Commodore 64 · read review

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