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Manic Miner

aka: Manic Miner starring Miner Willy, Manic Miner: ZX Spectrum HD

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You play the role of Miner Willy, a bold explorer and adventurer. He discovers a network of underground caverns used by an advanced but now extinct civilization, and realizes that the mines contain lucrative metal ores. Through 20 caverns, Willy must collect all treasures before the time (air) runs out, watching out for the nasty guardians, the obstacles, long falls, quicksands and all elements to be found in a classic platform game.

The game is linear, and each room's exit only becomes available once all the items have been collected. Close contact with an enemy or stationary hazard, or falling a great distance, causes the player to lose a life and restart the level.

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1001 Video Games

Manic Miner appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


The author of the game, Matthew Smith, wrote Manic Miner and the follow-up game Jet Set Willy before the age of 18. He wrote Manic Miner while working for Bug-Byte Software. When he left to join Software Projects he took the licence with him together with the follow-up game.

Cheat code

The cheat code 6031769 is based on Smith's driver license number (slightly changed).

Oric version

The Oric port of the game suffered from horrible squashed-up graphics but to compensate the visuals there were 12 extra screen giving in total 32.


There was an unreleased sequel to Manic Miner called Mattie Goes Mining. The idea for this title was to improve upon the Commodore 64 version of Manic Miner. This may have included the use of multi-color graphics and other graphical or sonic improvements. There was once a news article about the title (the source is unknown) which says that the game was at an "advanced state" at the time of the article. They stated that there would be "many improvements" to the original game to take advantage of the Commodore 64. That was all that was ever heard of the game, and it never surfaced anywhere. Just who was developing the title is unknown as well.


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Information also contributed by Caltrus.

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