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CSR Racing is a side-scrolling drag racing game featuring officially licensed cars from numerous manufacturers. The player does not have full control over the car and is limited to revving the engine at start-up and then shifting during the race. To get a good start the player has to tap the gas pedal so that the needle is in the middle of the dial and then change the gear at the right moments to get the optimal speed. There is also a nitro option that gives the player a boost once per race. The races are against one AI opponent and when winning the player earns cash that can be used to buy car upgrades or all new cars. The parts that can be upgraded include engine, turbo, intake, nitro, body, tires and gear box. Upgrades affect four attributes: power, weight, grip and gearbox.

The game's missions are divided into five tiers each with a different crew that the player has to take on. To complete a tier the player has to battle and win against four crew members and their leader. In addition to these there are plenty of side missions. These include ladder races where the player races against progressively tougher opponents, regulation races where the player can set the difficulty, daily battles where the player gets to race with loan cars and race your friends where the player can compete against friends on a leaderboard. Each race costs some gas and when out of gas the player either has to wait for it to recharge or to buy some more.

The game is free-to-play and features two currencies: cash which is earned in races and gold which can be bought for money or earned by levelling up. Some cars and upgrades can be bought with both while others can be bought with only one currency. Gold can also be used to hire a mechanic who can give a performance boost for a few races. In addition to upgrades the player can also customize his car with paint decals and license plates. When having a decal the player gets a cash bonus for every race.


  • CSR 레이‪싱 - Korean spelling (Hangul)

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