👾 The lost Atari arcade game returns with Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh


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Windows credits (2013)

650 People (553 developers, 97 thanks)

Maxis Studio Development

Software Engineers
Senior Software Engineers
Gameplay Scripters
Gameplay Designers
3D Artists
Level Designers
UI Art Director
Sound Designers
Art Directors
Technical Art Director
Assistant Producer
Development Directors
UI Designers
Engineering Intern
Senior Lighting Artist
Audio Director
Senior Producer
Concept Artists
Lead Designer
Senior 3D Artists
Associate Technical Director
Lead Gameplay Engineer
Lead Graphics Engineer
Online Technical Director
Senior VFX Artist
Lead Gameplay Scripter
Associate Producers
Creative Director
Sr. Art Director
Studio CCO
Office Manager
Technical Artist
Associate Designers
Lead Online Engineer
Art Intern
Senior Development Director
UI Director
Technical Directors
Senior UI Designer
External Art Coordinator
Lead Architect
Content Development Director

External Partners

External Partners
  • Original Force Ltd.
  • Sperasoft Inc.
  • LemonSky Animation

Maxis Label

SVP Maxis Label Head
COO Maxis Label
CFO Maxis Label
VP Product Strategy and Quality
Sr. Director Human Resources
Senior Counsel
HR Manager
Finance Manager
Sr. Financial Analyst
Finance Analyst


VP Marketing
Worldwide Marketing Director
Worldwide Senior Marketing Manager
International Marketing Director
International Marketing Manager


Senior Online Product Manager
Visual Web Designer
Associate Product Manager

Video Capture Team

Video Director & Editor
Assistant Editors
Game Capture Artists
Video Production Manager

EA Labels Launch Readiness

Project Lead
Group Manager

Development QA

Sr. QA Manager
Sr. QA Project Lead
QA Project Lead
Dev QA Lead
Core QA Lead
QA Analysts
Software Quality Engineers
Software Engineers in Test

North American Test Center (NATC)

QA Manager
QA Project Manager
QA Project Lead
QA Lead
Staffing Coordinator
HR Specialist
QA Testers


Senior Director of Communications
Worldwide Communications Director
Worldwide PR Manager
PR Specialists
Worldwide Head of Community
North America Community Specialist

Romania QA

Sr. QA Project Lead
QA Testers

WW Compliance

Compliance Director

EARS Compliance

Compliance Manager
Compliance Portfolio Lead
Compliance Analyst II
Compliance Analyst I

NATC Compliance

Sr. Compliance Project Lead
Compliance Analyst II
Compliance Analst I
Compliance Testers

EA Certification

Technical Operations
Project Managers
Submission Team
Age Ratings
Late Shift
Platform Supervisors
Project Leads
Test Team

EA Games Evaluation

Head of Game Evaluation
Project Managers
Research Analysts

Customer Experience

Product Manager
Project Manager
Help Center
Answers HQ
Game Experts
Live Ops

Maxis DW/BI/Analytics Team

Sr. Director, Strategy & Operations
Development Director
Decision Support Analyst
Data Warehouse Analyst
Software Engineer
Data Warehouse Specialist
Business Intelligence Specialist
Business Intelligence Engineer
Data Quality Engineer

EADP Infrastructure/Operations

Progr5am Managers
Sr. Architect, Online Integration
Sr. Business Consultant
Sr. Manager Service Operations
Unix Engineer
Cloud Engineers
Network Engineer
Monitoring Engineers
Systems Support Manager
Managed Hosting

EADP Systems Test

Systems Test Director
Systems Test Head
Manager Test Engineering
Engineering Program Manager
Technical Director
Technical Lead
Software Engineers

Online Test Group

QA Project Manager
QA Project Lead
Sr. QA Lead
QA Analyst II
QA Lead
Sr. QA Tester
OTG Core Team

WW Localization

Internationalisation Project Manager

Europe Localization

Multilingual Localisation Specialists
French Translation
Italian Translation
German Translation
Spanish Translation
Brazilian Portuguese Translation
  • U-TRAX Portuguese
Polish Translation
  • Softword Sp. z.o.o.
Russian Translation
  • SPL
Dutch Translation
  • U-TRAX Multimedia Localisation
Czech Translation
  • Comm4u
Hungarian Translation
  • CompCreate
Danish Translation
  • Character Localization
Finnish Translation
Norwegian Translation
  • Universally Speaking Ltd
Swedish Translation
Localization Testing Project Manager
Head of Testing
Localization Testers

Asia Localization

Localization Project Manager
Linguistic Testing Project Manager
Product Localization Managers
Assistant Product Localization Manager
Project Coordinator

Localization Engineering

Engineering Project Lead
Software Engineers

EA Legal Department

IP Associate
Sr. Director IP
Sr. Privacy Policy Administrator
Senior Counsel IP
Sr. Licensing Associates
Legal Administrator
Patent Attorney
Licensing Associate

Special Thanks

A very special thanks
  • Will Wright (thank you vor the original inspiration for SimCity)
Thanks to everyone for their support
SimCity Babies

Legal Notices

Voice Talent
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  • Audiokinetic Inc.
Additional Music courtesy of
  • Associated Production Music
Tested at the
  • EA North American Test Center; a facility developed with the assistance of the Louisana Economic Development's Office of Entertainment Industry Development
Portions of this software are copyright © 2012
  • The FreeType Project [www.freetype.org]
SimCity uses parts of the 7-Zip program
  • www.7-zip.org
Google Closure Library Copyright 2009
  • The Closure Library Authors
LGLP portions of WebKit are Copyright (C) 1997-2009 by
OpenSSL Copyright (c) 1998-2001
  • The OpenSSL Project
Original SSLeay License Copyright (C) 1995-1998

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