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Space Hulk is a strategy game based on the 1989 board game of the same name (which is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe). In contrast to the Space Hulk games of the nineties, this product aims for a exact conversion of the original Sins of Damnation campaign. There is no plot and the campaign consists of twelve not interconnected missions (plus three tutorials) in which a Space Marine squad fights against aliens, the only enemy type.

Combat is turn-based: in each round, every marine has four action points which can be used for actions like moving, attacking or turning (the viewing direction is important for combat, partly because the majority of time is spent in tight corridors); more costly are overwatch (the marine automatically fires if an alien enters the line of sight) and guard (improves defense in melee combat). At least in the easier difficulty level, the player also has a few general action points which can be used for any soldier. While there are multiple types of soldiers with different weaponry (e.g. melee or flame throwers) which have their advantages and disadvantages, the aliens aliens (which come in two flavors: Genestealers and Broodlords) are completely melee based. The result of fights rely on dice rolls and are deadly for one combatant - there are no hit points or character statistics. Another element taken from the original are "blips": waves which show the location of aliens, but not their quantity or type.

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