inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood

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inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood is an entry the series released after inFAMOUS 2, but separate from the series' canon. Set in the second game's environment of New Marais, but limited to a small section, it starts with Zeke sitting alone at a bar. To impress a woman, he invents a story how his friend Cole MacGrath, the series' protagonist, once rid the city from vampires. The player gets to play the story Zeke narrates and it starts with how Cole is captured and bitten on Pyre Night, a festival similar to Halloween, by a female vampire called Bloody Mary, turning him as well. He has eight hours to kill her and to restore the city. Because of his vampire state one of the series' distinct elements, the karmic choices that determine whether he follows a good or an evil path based on his decisions, are not present in this game.

The gameplay is similar to the original games. Cole can freely explore the environment and has access to powers such as electric bolts, grenades and rockets. He can also hover in the air and grind rails. New is Shadow Swarm that allows him to turn into a group of vampire bats and fly freely around the city. As he loses his amp early on in the game it does not require ionic charge and is replaced by a corruption meter filled by staking vampires and biting civilians. It is drained over time as his body absorbs it, so it requires to be filled regularly. He has also access to vampire sense which acts as a radar to detect if someone is dressed up for the festival or a real vampire.

There are no side quests next to the main story. Optionally 100 canopic jars can be located in the city, raising his blood meter, along with a number of collectible runes hidden by Bloody Mary. Just like the second it is possible to design custom missions and share them with other players, with some additional tools for this version. You can now for instance have characters pose and capture the frame, adding text balloons and caption to tell a story, similar to how it is done in the game.

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