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Wolfenstein: The New Order

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Windows credits (2014)

806 People (766 developers, 40 thanks)

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Published by
  • Bethesda Softworks
Developed by
  • MachineGames

MachineGames are

Managing Director
Executive Producer
Creative Director
CTO and Technical Director
Gameplay Director
Head of Production
Art Directors
Animation Director
Audio Director
Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artists
Senior Artist
Senior 3D Artists
Senior Technical Level Designers
Senior Character Artists
Senior Technical Character Artist
Senior Effect Artist
Effect Artists
Senior Concept Artist
Junior Concept Artists
Senior Lighting Artist
Technical Artist
Senior Engine Programmer
Engine Programmer
Senior Gameplay Programmers
Gameplay Programmer
Senior AI Programmer
Senior Programmer
Senior Animators
Junior Animator
Additional Animations
Technical Animator
Senior Gameplay Designers
Gameplay Designers
Cinematics Scripter
Senior Sound Designers
Voice Over Designer
Additional Sound Design
Additional VO Design
Additional Music Scripting
Original Music composed and produced by
Special Music Contributions by
IT Manager
IT Technician
HR Manager
Office Manager
Narrative Designer


Game Design
Additional Game Design
Additional Art Direction

MachineGames QA

Quality Assurance Testers


William "B.J" Blazkowicz
Anya Oliwa
Fergus Reid
Probst Wyatt III
Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse
Irene Engel
Caroline Becker
Klaus Kreutz
Max Hass
Set Roth
Bobby Bram
Roman Targonski
Olenka Targonski
Private Prendergast
Krzysztof Oliwa
Róża Oliwa
Captain Krieger
The Knife
London Monitor
Camp Prisoners
Prison Inmates
Allied Pilot
Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse (German)
Demonic Voice
Enemy Soldiers and Public Announcers
Super Soldiers


Story and Dialogue written by
Additional Story Scenes and Dialogue written by
In-Game Fiction written by
Script Consultant
Additional Writings by
Actors directed by
Actors additionally directed by
Cinematics directed by
Cinematics Animation
Additional Cinematics Animation
Cinematics Script, Light and Post
Cinematics Supervising Sound Editor
Casting Director
Casting Associate
Talent Coordinators
Signatory Services
Production Manager
Animation Department Line Producer
Senior Performance Capture Specialist
Production Assistants

External Partners

Performance Capture Services provided by
Cinematics Sound Design provided by
Facial Animation and Body Motion Editing provided by
  • Motion Grinder
Motion Capture Tracking and Solving Services provided by
  • Brantom Enterprises
Additional Game Design Services provided by
Freelance Programming provided by
Facial Animation Tracking and Solving Services provided by
Additional Sound Design provided by
Music provided by
Additional Music provided by
Graphic Design and Interface Services provided by
Storyboards by
Voice Recording Services provided by
Additional Voice Recording Services provided by
Additional Character Art provided by
Additional Graphic Design Services provided by
  • 1910 Design & Communication
Additional Concept Art Design provided by
Additional Pre-Vis provided by
Head Mounted Camera Services provided by
Additional Performance Capture Services provided by
  • Imagination Studios
Stunt Services provided by
  • Svenska Stuntgruppen
Music Licensing Services provided by
  • Blindlight
Music Supervision and Clearance provided by


I Believe
Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja
Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag
God Save the King
  • Written by Unknown
  • Gideon Emery (Performance)
  • Recorded at Just Cause Entertainment
Buffalo Gals
Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf
  • Traditional
  • Ken Lally (Performance)
  • Recorded at POP Sound
The Star-Spangled Banner
The House of the Rising Sun
  • Traditional
  • Ravi Krishnaswami (Arrangement / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sound)
  • Performed by COPILOT
  • Josh Abbey (Production / Mix at COLOR NY)
  • Recorded at COPILOT [NYC]; COLOR [NYC]; Hugh Walker Recording [London]
Siegfried Idyll Theme 1
  • Richard Wagner (Writer)
  • Published by Bruton APM [ASCAP]
  • Courtesy of APM Music
Lohengrin Overture to the 3rd Act
  • Richard Wagner (Writer)
  • Published by Sonoton APM [ASCAP]
  • Sonoton Music GmbH Co KG [GEMA]
  • Courtesy of APM Music
Rienzi Overture
  • Richard Wagner (Writer)
  • Published by Sonoton APM [ASCAP
  • Sonoton Music GmbH Co KG [GEMA]
  • Courtesy of APM Music
Parsifal Overture
  • Richard Wagner (Writer)
  • Published by KPM APM [ASCAP]
  • Courtesy of APM Music
Tapferer kleiner Liebling
Toe The Line
  • Peter Rundquist (Writer / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sound)
  • Performed by COPILOT featuring Howling Wolf
  • Ravi Krishnaswami (Production / Mix at COPILOT)
  • Recorded at COPILOT [NYC] and Howling Wolf [London]
Weltraum Surfen
  • Naren Rauch (Writer / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sound)
  • Performed by COPILOT
  • Ravi Krishnaswami (Production / Mix at COPILOT)
  • Recorded at COPILOT [NYC]; Naren's Studio [LA] and ITAM Studio [Berlin]
Train to Hamburg
  • Ravi Krishnaswami (Writer / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sound)
  • Performed by COPILOT
  • Recorded at COPILOT [NYC]; Itam Studio [Berlin] and M2 Productions [Cologne]
Mein kleiner VW
  • David Gennaro (Music / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sounds)
  • Ravi Krishnaswami (Lyrics / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sounds)
  • Performed by COPILOT
  • Recorded at COPILOT [NYC] and ACG [Hamburg]
Ich bin überall
  • Naren Rauch (Writer / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sound)
  • Performed by COPILOT
  • Recorded at Naren's Studio [LA] and Karostar Studios [Hamburg]
Berlin Boys & Stuttgart Girls
  • Ravi Krishnaswami (Music / Production / Mix at COPILOT Music and Sounds)
  • Bill Lane (Lyrics at COPILOT Music and Sounds)
  • Jason Menkes (Vocal Arrangement)
  • Performed by COPILOT
  • Recorded at COPILOT [NYC]; Banks & Rawdriguez Lab [Mannheim] and Crosby Street Collective [NYC]
My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean
  • Traditional
  • Gideon Emery (Perfromance)
  • Recorded at POP Sound
Für Elise

Additional Contributions

Level Design
Environment Art
Legacy Music
Technical Animation
Office Assistance
AI Programming
Concept Art
Gameplay Programming
MachineGames would like to thank

Behaviour Interactive: 3D Artists

Lead Technical Artist
3D Animator
3D Artists

Behaviour Interactive: Level Design

Level Designers

Behaviour Interactive: Programming

Technical Director
Lead Programmer
Game Programmers

Behaviour Interactive: Quality Assurance

QA Testers

Behaviour Interactive: Production


Behaviour Interactive: Management

Executive Producer
Senior VP Product
Executive Technical Director
Senior Producer
Executive Creative Director
Senior VP Business Development
Senior Director - Development Services

id Software Support Team: Core Tech

Lead Graphics Programmer
Lead Engine Programmer

id Software Support Team: Programming

Lead Programmer
UI Programmer

id Software Support Team: Tools


id Software Support Team: Production

Senior Producer
Technical Producers

id Software Support Team: Design


id Software Support Team: Art

UI Art
Character Artists
Media Artists

id Software Support Team: Dev Services


id Software Support Team: Audio

Sound Designers

Bethesda Softworks

VP, Product Development
Sr. Producers
Sr. Producer, 1st Party
External Technical Director
VP, Public Relations
VP, Marketing
Director of Global Marketing
Director of Global Public Relations
Assistant Director of PR
Marketing Specialist
PR Specialist
Event Trade Director
Associate Brand Manager
Public Relations Manager
Global Community Lead
Community Manager
Marketing Coordinator
PR Coordinator
Video Production
Graphic Design
VP, Sales
Operations Director, North America
Sales/Operations Manager
Sales Analyst
Regional Sales Managers
Channel Marketing Manager
Sr. Sales Assistant
Sales Assistant
Online Content Coordinator
Play Test Managers
Director of Quality Assurance
QA Manager
QA Leads
Quality Assurance Testers
Additional QA
Special Thanks

ZeniMax Media

Chairman & CEO
EVP Legal & Secretary
SVP Finance & Controller
Legal Lead
VP, Information Technology
Information Technology
Vice President of Global HR
Human Resources
Administrative Assistants
Executive Chef

ZeniMax Europe

European Managing Director
Sales Directors
Finance Director
European PR Director
European Marketing Director
International Marketing Manager
UK Sales Manager
Creative Services Artist
European PR Manager
Assistant PR Manager
Operations Manager
Operations Coordinator
Financial Controller
Localization Director
Localization Project Manager
Legal Counsel
Information Technology Manager
Office Manager
Sales & Office Administrator
Senior Brand Manager
Senior Marketing Manager
Contract Admin/Paralegal
Accounts Assistant

ZeniMax France

Sales Manager
Key Account Manager
Trade Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
PR Manager
Finance Manager
Finance Assistant

ZeniMax Germany

General Manager
Sales Director
Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager
PR Manager
Jr. Product Marketing Manager
Jr. PR Manager
Jr. Key Account Manager
Sales & Office Administrator
Finance/Admin Assistant

ZeniMax Benelux

General Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Admin & Marketing Support

ZeniMax Asia K.K.

General Manager
Localization Programmer
Associate Producer
Marketing Manager
PR Manager
Sales Manager
Office Manager
Web Director
Web Programmer

Localized Versions produced by Synthesis Global Solutions

Localization Producer
French Language Coordinator
Italian Language Coordinators
German Language Coordinators
Spanish Language Coordinator
Testing Coordinators
French Translators
Italian Translators
German Translators
Spanish Translators
French Testers
Italian Testers
German Testers
Spanish Testers

French Audio recoded by La Marque Rose

Studio Crew

Italian Audio recorded by Synthesis

Studio Crew

German Audio recorded by Synthesis Germany

Studio Crew

Spanish Audio recorded by Synthesis Iberia

Studio Crew

Legal Acknowledgements

id Tech 5 Copyright © 2011-2014
  • id Software LLC
Bink Video Copyright © 1997-2011
  • RAD Game Tools Inc.
Futura is a registered trademark of
  • Bauer Types

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