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Mega Man & Bass

aka: Rockman & Forte
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The mighty robot King has taken over Dr. Wily's base, invaded the Robot Museum, and stolen 100 CDs containing secret robot plans, hoping to create the ultimate unstoppable army of robots! And to make matters worse, he's sent 8 robot masters to prove his new-found power!

Mega Man is the only one who can stop him...or so he thought! Bass, Dr. Wily's greatest creation and Mega Man's sworn rival, is actually fighting ALONGSIDE Mega Man for once! Of course, it's only to prove that he's the strongest robot ever made, and he'll do it by smashing King's army of mechanical maniacs!

Now, Mega Man and Bass are heading out to get back all of the CD's that King stole. Run, jump, slide, dash, and blast your way through to destroy this new menace!


  • ロックマン&フォルテ ~未来からの挑戦者~ - Japanese spelling
  • 洛克人与弗斯特 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Boss Character Original Design
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Average score: 75% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings with 3 reviews)

A great megaman game that nobody knew about, or cared about.

The Good
In Rockman & Forte, you get to choose one of the two characters. Megaman can slide under objects, call rush and power up his mega buster. Forte can use his rapid fire buster, dash, double jump, and hover with help or Gospel (Forte's dog). This game has nice animation, great music, and a nice gameplay. You start off with an intro level, meet King, and fight the green devil. Then you choose 3 bosses to fight, then 5 more, a bolts stage, then onward to fight king. Auto can make parts if you have enough bolts, and if Dr. Light's database about the first 10 robots. A nice save system!

The Bad
Megaman stays the same look, no fancy upgrades like Megaman X, Forte is usually better, some of the music I didnt like. Try to collect all the 100 CDs, the snes version doesn't translate all the words (Dr. Light's Database). Wasn't tengu man from MM8?

The Bottom Line
If youre a Megaman fan, try this game out. You fight cool cartoonish characters, it has animation from Megaman 8, Protoman is suicidal just like Zero was. You can get cool parts, (a shield, more energy, less weapon enegy usage, etc.) Download the rom if your too lazy to buy it from GBA, or if you think you got the guts to beat it in 24 hours (i failed, but got close). 10 out of 10 in my category.

SNES · by james gonzalez (4) · 2003

And I thought the first Mega Man was hard!

The Good
Anyone who's seen this site should know one thing: if it says Mega Man, I'm THERE. Be it Classic, X, Legends, or Battle Network, I'm a long time supporter of Mega Man and all those related to him. But there was one game I wish made the cut to the U.S. back in 1998: Rockman & Forte for the Super Famicom, billed by those who played it as the nastiest Classic game to ever come out.

Yeah, it's nasty. No, the game doesn't suck. I mean nasty as in not pulling punches. Read on.

A new robot named King has stolen information from Dr. Light on his previous works and all the data he could find on Dr. Wily's robots, and now Mega Man must get it all back. Imagine his surprise, however, when he finds out that Bass, his long-time rival, wants to get rid of King, too! But Bass is doing it for the sole purpose of proving to Wily just who's the strongest (as if we expected different from Bass).

So, in a move from Mega Man X4, you can play as either Mega Man or Bass, and when you start a game with one or the other, you're stuck with them throughout the whole game, until you start another save. And you'll need to, because you need both Mega Man's powers and Bass's to find all 100 CDs that King stole from Dr. Light.

Anyway, moving on. Mega Man is his same old self as usual. He can call upon Rush, charge his Mega Buster, slide, and can also use items that Bass can't. Bass, on the other hand, has dropped his imitation Mega Buster in favor of the new Bass Buster, which has extreme rapid fire capability. And like X and Zero, Bass dashes instead of slides, which is mostly useful for increasing your jumps. And like Zero, Bass also can double jump, which can save his neck many times, and can call Treble, his robotic dog, to form the Gospel Booster (which incidentally is his fighting armor from Mega Man 8) to jet across huge chasms.

The Wily Robots, with the exception of two returning robots, are quite interesting, if not REALLY nasty and mean. But enough points can be had for the return of...TENGU MAN!!! ^_^ (So I'm a Tengu Man fan, so kill me. :p)

Now, I must mention the graphics, sound, and music. The graphics are absolutely amazing!! This is a 16-bit system, mind you...yet the sprites are from the 32-bit Mega Man 8, or in the same vein. And the animation is completely intact! It's shocking to see what a system can do when you push it to its extremes! Although Mega Man looks a bit silly in this game, Bass looks pretty damn good, and of course his new animations are smooth and solid. The music is in itself quite good, with lots of decent variety in the tunes, but as for sounds...

The Bad
You knew I was gonna say something bad about the sounds, right?

Yes. They're from Mega Man 7, so you get the pea shooter Mega Buster shot sound. But thank God that Mega Man has no Super Adaptor here, because I don't need more of the "farting straw" sound again!

But there's one other thing about Mega Man & Bass that people either will love or hate: it's hard. Brutally, unforgiving, ball-busting HARD. You get NO E-Tanks, and unfortunately Mega Man gets the shaft in most of the stages, since a lot of them seemed more designed for Bass than Mega Man. Plus fighting some of the bosses (especially Burner Man and Dynamo Man) will have you eventually huddled in the corner crying for your mommy. Capcom didn't pull any punches in the difficulty here, and it shows. You HAVE been warned!!

The Bottom Line
Mega Man & Bass (a.k.a. Rockman & Forte) is quite...strange, putting it mildly. An odd hybrid of several Mega Man and even X games, the game stands as, simply stating, one of the best of the Classic games, even though it'll make you cry like a baby.

SNES · by Satoshi Kunsai (2020) · 2002

Great Megaman game that recently hit stores in my area

The Good
It has the original Megaman characters and designs.

The Bad
you were required to beat a certain boss before you could move on to another type of boss, thus keeping you from being able to get a certain level's boss' weakness.

The Bottom Line
Its a great side-scrolling game which has stuck to the original design way back when Megaman first came out for Nintendo in the US. I would recommend that you go out and get it.

Game Boy Advance · by Shane Hudson (1) · 2003



Despite what Capcom's press releases state, Bass is not (and never will be) Mega Man's partner. The main reason why Bass is a playable character is because he wants to prove to Dr. Wily that he's the strongest robot ever, and he'll destroy anything, even Wily's own Robot Masters, to prove it.


¶ This was the last game in cartridge format released for the Super Famicom in Japan.¶

Platform differences

The GBA version has Bass' dash accessible by double tapping left or right, while on the SNES it was activated with the A button.

Information also contributed by Satoshi Kunsai.

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