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Super Mario All-Stars

aka: Mario Extravaganza, Super Mario Collection

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Critic Reviews 94% add missing review

The Video Game Critic (A)

The graphics and sounds in all these games have been enhanced slightly, and four save slots are available for each game! This package is first-class all the way.

Nov 21st, 1999 · SNES · read review

IMPLANTgames (10 out of 10)

Overall, Super Mario All-Stars is an excellent update to the classic games. While Nintendo updated the graphics and sound, they left the controls and level layouts alone. It was absolute blast playing through the games that got me into this hobby in the first place. The graphics are excellent, the sound is superb, and the game play is as fresh today as it was in the 80’s. The fact that you get 4 games on one cartridge, complete with saving feature, makes this a no brainer. Easily the greatest compilation ever made. A must own.

Nov 13th, 2009 · SNES · read review

HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) ( )

And when it comes to Super Mario Bros., fun is the name of the game. Even though I own multiple more recent titles on the Wii, DS and 3DS, it's easy to come back to Super Mario All-Stars from time to time. The original game might be a relic, and The Lost Levels more a curiosity than legitimate entertainment, but I still get a lot of enjoyment from 2 and 3. The former featured a sort of dreamlike creativity that routinely popped up in future games, such as the SNES' Yoshi's Island. The latter simply established itself as the mark of excellence to which all future offerings would be compared. With those two games readily available on the NES and elsewhere, this compilation isn't essential, but it's still a very enjoyable one that I've had a lot of fun with over the past 20-some years.

Dec 22nd, 2016 · SNES · read review

Total! (Germany) (1 out of 6)

Beim ersten Begutachten von „Super Mario All-Stars“, dem „Nintendo“-Modul, das im Grund genommen nur als 'alten' Spielen besteht, hĂ€ngt den schon leicht ergrauten Herren der Videospielergarde meist der Unterkiefer vor nicht endend wollender VerzĂŒckung knapp ĂŒber dem Bauchnabel. Schließlich befinden sich auf dieser Cartridge ein paar der weithin anerkannt besten Jump&Runs, die jemals programmiert wurden. Erster Eindruck: Ein Traum ist in ErfĂŒllung gegangen! Wer dieses Modul besitzt, braucht seinen Lebtag kein anderes mehr zu kaufen!

Aug 1993 · SNES

GamePro (US) (5 out of 5)

Who could ask for more? This is the ultimate collector's cart - hundreds of hours of plumbing game play! It's a Mario lover's dream come true!

Nov 1993 · SNES

Nintendo Magasinet (Denmark) (10 out of 10)

Der kan nÊsten ikke siges noget dÄrligt om Super Mario All Stars.

1994 · SNES

Games Master (97 out of 100)

Fling all of your platform game prejudices from a large block of flats. Set fire to the legs of all those cutesy game apprehensions. Violently thrust needles into the shoulders of all those "Mario's a bit old hat, really" feelings. This is completely essential and, with this, Streetfighter 2 - Turbo and Starwing, the SNES has never been more rosy-cheeked or more desirable.

Sep 1993 · SNES

Player One (97 out of 100)

Nous ne pouvons ĂȘtre que comblĂ©s de cette compilation, cĂ©lĂ©brant, je vous le signale, la 100 millioniĂšme cartouche de Mario vendue dans la monde (record toutes catĂ©gories, et loin devant, pour un jeu video!). Nous retrouvons intacts (les bonus et astuces sont exactement au mĂȘme endroit) ces jeux mythiques qui avaient fait notre bonheur sur NES. Les 256 couleurs affichables de la Super Nintendo en plus!

Oct 1993 · SNES

MAN!AC (96 out of 100)

Mario-Fans, was wollt Ihr mehr? Absolut geniales JumpÂŽnÂŽRun, das kaum zu ĂŒbertreffen ist.

Jul 17th, 2016 · SNES · read review

Play Time (95 out of 100)

Es ist drei Uhr morgens; nach acht Stunden erfolgreicher Schildkrötenvernichtung, Pilzfresserei und nie enden wollender HĂŒpferei setzen bei mir schon die ersten Symptome ein: Eine fette Hornhaut hat sich an meinem Daumen breitgemacht, quadratische Augen und ein seliges LĂ€cheln in meinem Gesicht. Super Mario All Stars ist kein normales Spiel, es ist ein StĂŒck Softwaregeschichte, es ist einfach DAS Spiel.

Sep 1993 · SNES

Nintendo Land (95 out of 100)

This is truly one heck of a great package and one of the best SNES games ever! If you haven't tried any of these games before then this is a must buy. Even if you have played or own some of these titles it is still worth buying at least for the Lost Levels.

2003 · SNES · read review

Nintendo Magazine System UK (95 out of 100)

Combining and updating all the Mario games for the super NES is an excellent idea, and the revamped versions feature all aspects of the NES originals which earned them their classic status. Graphically and sonically, Mario All-Stars is excellent, with loads of detail added to the backdrops and equal care given to the updating of the music. Having said that, though, there is such a thing as overkill. Even so, I wholeheartedly recommend this Mario family album as there's still no character who can touch him.

1993 · SNES

Power Play (94 out of 100)

Ihr bekommt einiges geboten: Zwei der wirklich besten Spiele aller Zeiten (Super Mario Bros. 1 und 3, ein gutes Geschicklichkeitsspiel (Teil 2 US/Europa) und der verschollene Perle fĂŒr alle Mario-Maniacs: Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan. Wer ansonsten alle NES-AusflĂŒge von Super Mario besitzt, fĂŒr den sollte dieser schwer verdauliche Delikatesse allein den Kauf rechtfertigen. Ansonsten gilt nach wie vor: Mario 3 ist der beste Mario aller Zeiten (Zeitlos genial: die vierte, vergrĂ¶ĂŸerte Welt) – Dank Batteriespeicher wurde den Kritikern auch das letzte Haar aus der Pilzsuppe genommen.

Sep 1993 · SNES · read review

Video Games (94 out of 100)

Super Mario Allstars nutzt die FĂ€higkeiten des Super Nintendos nicht voll aus. Der 3-D-Chip hat Sendepause, Farborgien und Bombasto-Sound fallen ebenfalls aus. Dennoch bleibt das Klempner-Sammelsurium das empfehlenswerteste Modul aller Zeiten - hinter Tetris auf dem Game Boy. Die extrem gute Spielbarkeit der Klassiker blieb in der 16-Bit-Umsetzung voll erhalten, die PrĂ€senz aller Geheimlevel und Warpzones motiviert last endlos. Mario-Fans brauchen das Modul wie die Luft zum Atmen. Die Super-Mario-Collection ist das Pflicht-Standardwerk fĂŒr jede Super-Nintendo-Bibliothek.

Oct 1993 · SNES

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (94 out of 100)

Talk about video games heaven! This is probably the best thing to happen to the SNES ever. I suppose being an ancient fart who rants on about what it was like in the good old days has something to do with it, but seeing these blasts from the past has brought home just now many good games there have been in the last ten years. All the gameplay has been perfectly retained and the new graphics are stunning. Mario-heads, platform freaks and just about anyone who owns a SNES must get a copy of this - it's quite simply the best.

Oct 1993 · SNES

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (37 out of 40)

Mario maniacs of all ages can get into this jam-packed cart of Super NES at its best.

Sep 1993 · SNES

Play Time (92 out of 100)

(Top Games 1993 issue)
Optisch und akustisch machen die All Stars nicht viel her - mariotypisches Understatement. Doch vom Gameplay her ist das Modul mit seinen vier Spielen einfach unschlagbar. Abenteuerliches Leveldesign, immer neue Ideen und Gags und die gute Steuerung machen klar, warum Mario der unangefochtene Star unter den Videospielehelden ist.

1993 · SNES

Mega Fun (91 out of 100)

Die Idee, alle Mario-Jump‘n Runs auf ein Modul zu packen, ist schlichtweg genial und verkaufstechnisch Ă€ußerst raffiniert. Wenn man sich vor Augen hĂ€lt, daß vier Spiele zum Preis von einem geboten werden, so wird selbst der ĂŒberzeugte Mario-Gegner nicht lange fackeln und zugreifen. An den Spielen selbst hat sich zwar nichts verĂ€ndert (Außer, daß alle auf 16 Bit-Niveau gebracht wurden), aber das wĂ€re sowieso nicht nötig gewesen (wie etwas verbessern, das perfekt ist). Dennoch ließ sich Nintendo nicht lumpen und spendierte eine Batterie. Man kann sich also getrost Zeit lassen beim durchspielen (So soll es sein!). Bleibt die Frage, ob Mario All Stars besser ist als unsere Referenz Super Mario World. Ich denke, diese Frage lĂ€ĂŸt sich mit einem klaren “Ja“ beantworten, denn bis man vier Spiele durchgezockt hat, vergeht nun mal mehr Zeit als bei einem, und in Sachen KomplexitĂ€t hĂ€lt allein Super Mario 3 mit Super Mario World locker mit.

Sep 1993 · SNES

Megablast (88 out of 100)

Bei allen vier Spielen wurden Grafik. Begleitmusik und Soundeffekte stark aufgebohrt, wodurch ihre PrĂ€sentation nun fast das Niveau von „Super Mario World“ erreicht. Das originale Gameplay ließen die Nintendo-Nostalgiker dagegen bis zum letzten Geheimlevel unangetastet - mit allen damit verbundenen Vor- und Nachteilen. Daher wirken der erste Teil und die „Lost Levels“ mittlerweile doch ein wenig angestaubt; andererseits rechtfertigt das geniale „Super Mario Bros. 3“ allein schon den Kauf. Insgesamt bietet das Spielepaket jedenfalls genug Mario-Power, um alle Jumper & Runner mit Super Nintendo laaange Zeit zu begeistern.

1993 · SNES

Edge (8 out of 10)

In all, though, a great cartridge, worth buying just for the two classic Mario games. There is one bad thing about it: if the best cart around is a compilation of old eight-bit games, it does not say much for the standard of new games, does it?

Oct 1993 · SNES

Svenska Hemdatornytt (80 out of 100)

Om du tycker om den hÀr typen av spel och dessutom Àr en riktig snÄlvarg sÄ Àr det hÀr naturligtvis ett givet köp.

Feb 1994 · SNES

Player Reviews

The ultimate Mario collection...so far!
by STU2 (69)

The Good
This will probably go down in history as the ultimate Mario collection, unless Nintendo has something special planned for Mario's 25th anniversary. What you get in this amazing package is Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, and The Lost Worlds, the original Mario 2 that was not released in the US. There is even a special copy of this cartridge available that has Super Mario World in it.

Looking at these games individually, you can clearly see the evolution of both Mario games and the platformer genre. Mario 1 is easily the most simplistic and old school of the games. Mario 2 is a clear example of what happens when a company meddles with a game to draw in a different crowd (Starfox Adventures comes to mind...). The series really hit it big with Mario, which is probably the most recognizable Mario game apart from Mario 64. And The Lost Levels is a slap in the face to the U.S. gaming community because Nintendo believed it was "too hard" for most American gamers.

The Bad
As platform games, these are perfect and the granddaddy of the genre. Everything in this release has been improved from the original: graphics, sound, colors...level design was thankfully left alone. These games still offer probably the most diverse gaming experience out there, and will immediately be recognizable to anyone who ever owned a NES.

It would have been nice to have a perfectly emulated copy of The Lost Worlds, just for comparison, but I imagine that wouldn't fit on the cartridge.

The Bottom Line
This is the perfect example of a compilation game. It not only includes all the classics, but improves them in subtle ways that do not ruin them in the least. If Nintendo wasn't so focused on the business side of things, they would have released this on GBA and gamers everywhere would have been very happy.

Aug 28th, 2005 · SNES

Super Mario All-Stars Review
by Blake Smith (5)

The Good
The Graphics were PERFECT!!!! For all you people from 83', you should still try it, it's the same thing as the original with the original music that is updated(and sounds A LOT better),and The Graphics are tweaked up a bit...but they RULE!!!!!!...It's pretty much buying something so rare and amazing at a cheap price!!! It's all your Mario games for the NES...It includes Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Never-before released in America....Super Mario: The Lost Levels!!!!! If you are just starting to use the SNES and don't know how to play, you can Switch the controls... The other All-Stars includes Super Mario World! Play over Hundreds of even thousands of Levels on Each game...so If you got a Super Nintendo Entertainment System laying around...go buy this...It is TOTALLY worth it!!!!

The Bad
Well...They should have put the older versions in there, but I understand that 1 cartridge does'nt have a lot of memory, AND 4 Games in 1 is good enough for Me!!!

The Bottom Line
The Bottom Line...It's the Best Mario Game (or Games) Ever!!!!! Buy it at a cheap price (It's about $5.00-$10.00)...It's totally worth it.

Jun 16th, 2006 · SNES

Four awesome Mario games, what more could you want?
by Joesonic5678 (4)

The Good
Rarely would O call a game prefect, but in my opinion Super Mario All Stars for the Super Nintendo is pretty darn close. Four amazing games on one cartridge, with sound and graphic upgrades from the original NES versions. You can also now save your progress which you could not in the NES originals. The game themselves are heaps of fun and easy to pick up, but impossible to put down. Mario 1, 3 and Lost Levels all have a 2 player mode were you take turns to complete levels, but you can help one another to complete the game or just race each other to the end. This can be great fun and I have many found memories of playing it with my big brother. Mario 3 also has a 2-player mode which is a remake of the original Mario Bros. arcade game, also great.

The Bad
Not that much, I suppose that its not so much a bad thing, but seriously, Super Mario Bros.-The Lost Levels is a HARD game (if your not aware of the history of Lost Levels and Mario 2, look it up on Wikipedia,its an interesting story). It does not mess around. Now I consider myself to be a pretty good Mario player, but after years of trying I can hardly get past the first world. So that ones for the HARDCORE only.

The Bottom Line
Well like I've said about 23 times now, its 4 awesome games on one cartridge. If you've never played a Mario game before (crazy fool!) this is a great place to start. This was actually the first Mario game I played. PLAY IT NOW!!!

Nov 6th, 2008 · SNES

4 Games in one! Aieeee!!!
by darthsith19 (69)

The Good
This game? Or these games? That's right, now you get Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3, which were the top sellers for the NES, Super Mario Bros. 2 and the never before released Super Mario The Lost Levels all in ONE game! How sweet is that? And the original's have been updated with better sound and graphics! Aieeee!!!

The Bad
Eh? no.

The Bottom Line
Unless you already own all 3 Super Mario Bros. games you MUST get this!

Jul 13th, 2006 · SNES

Distilled Perfection
by John Binky (1)

The Good
A compilation of classics, often imitated, never replicated.

The Bad
Lost Levels is too hard. Caveat: It's fine if you stick with the primary game, 1-1 through 8-4. No game this difficult should require multiple clears just to see all the content. That feature should have been removed.

The Bottom Line
The standard by which all 2D platformers are judged.

Mar 8th, 2021 · SNES

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