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The Jaguar version of Alien Vs Predator is completely different from the arcade and SNES games of the same name.

This version takes place entirely on a Colonial Marine Training base. A ship infested with aliens is found floating near the outer-space training facility. Of course, once the aliens get inside the base, they kill off nearly everyone. Meanwhile, the predators dock their ship on the training base as well. They see this as an opportunity to catch an alien queen, and bring honor to their clan.

So there are three scenarios in which to play: First, you can play as a marine. Your job is to find a way to self-destruct the base, and make your way to an escape pod before it blows. The second scenario allows you to play as an alien. Here, your job is to find and protect the queen from the marines and the predators. Finally, you can play as the predator. He must simply find and kill the alien queen.

The game is a first person shooter. The play field consists of the five levels of the training base, plus areas for the predator and alien ships. All the areas of the ship are inter-connected, giving the game a huge virtual environment. Depending on the scenario you choose, you will have to choose different strategies based on the capabilities of your character. For example, the marine will have to make use of his weapons and his ability to use the ship's computer terminals. The aliens, on the other hand, will have to make use of their great numbers and ability to cocoon their enemies. And finally the predator must fight with honor, and not over-use his invisibility capability.


  • エイリアンVSプレデター - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 83% (based on 30 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 35 ratings with 4 reviews)

In depth and probably one of the best alien game still to this date

The Good
The gameplay was smooth and totally original. AVP for the jaguar was not just a game, but three of them. And I also think it was the first FPS involving the alien as well. Graphics were spectacular and still are for a game this old. Large environments to explore and plenty of carnage.

The Bad
There are few problems this superb title but they do exist. One, some of the enemies didn't have images of them moving left or right or back. And there wern't enough various enemies making gameplay a tad boring after a while.

The Bottom Line
This is probably one of the greatest alien games to actually capture the atmosphere of the films and one of the few that make you get up and change your underwear after having the crap scared out of you repeatedly. A must for any aliens or FPS fans. Also recently, the rom image of this game has surfaced on the web. Go to, register there, download and play it using project tempest 0.95

Jaguar · by KELLY FIRNEKAS (4) · 2005


The Good
With all the fast, unsuspenseful, first person, shoot em up games, a lot of people didn't understand why I like this slower paced, suspenseful game. This makes for a feeling of foreboding and the re-creation of how an AvP movie MIGHT be.

Note: Comparing this game to a fast-paced Doom of Wolfenstein clone is like comparing Mario and Sonic.

The Bad
The only thing missing is network support via the network cable or CatBox.

The Bottom Line
Picture an Alien vs. Predator movie coming out in 1994, this is the perfect video game of that time to represent the movie in gameplay.

Jaguar · by bob maluga (1) · 2008

Heck freezes over, and a game for the Jaguar is worthy playing

The Good
Aliens vs. Predator (1994) is probably one of the few Atari Jaguar games actually worth playing. The graphics and sound demonstrate the hardware potential of the 64-bit (wink, wink) kitty and the game is actually fun to play. Fans of the films, will love the idea of being a Alien, Predator or a human marine.

The Bad
Some of the limits imposed on the characters seemed a bit silly. For example, the Alien is unable to use elevators and the human is unable to store medical kits for later use.

The Bottom Line
In the 1990's the Atari Jaguar, like the 3D0, both attempted to break into the video game industry that was in a tight tug-a-war between Nintendo and Sega. Both home console systems failed for many reasons, but mostly because the games were not terribly good games. Alien Vs Predator was a rare exception for the Atari Jaguar. It is fun to play, demonstrates the hardware potential of the system and even offers up some action packed survival horror.

Jaguar · by ETJB (431) · 2010

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Cancelled port

A Lynx port of AvP was actually planned, and came a far bit in development before ending up in Atari prototype heaven. The prototype has been dumped and released on the internet.


Atari contemplated doing a straight port of the SNES game Alien vs. Predator for the Jaguar, but changed direction after designers realized they did not have the legal rights to the Dark Horse comic series on which the SNES game was based.

Prototype version

An earlier prototype version of Alien Vs Predator was dumped and is available for download to play through freeware Jaguar emulators. This version has a different UI layout, different alien sprites and incomplete texture maps at some of the walls.


  • FLUX
    • Issue #4 - #60 in the Top 100 Video Games of All-Time list
  • GameFan
    • Vol.3, Iss. 1 - Best Jaguar Action/Adventure Game of the Year 1994
  • Game Players
    • January 1995 - Best Jaguar Game in 1994
  • VideoGames
    • March 1995 - Best Jaguar Game in 1994

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