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Sunset Riders

aka: Arcade Archives: Sunset Riders

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The Wild West...full of the criminal element. Sir Richard Rose, the most despicable face in the criminal lot, has enough power to control the mining facilities, cattle ranches, and trading communities and turn everything to his favor. With that much power, he could literally buy himself the Wild West and control everything!

The people need help, desperately. And just as things were looking grim, who should ride into town but 4 men who have made a pact: to put down Sir Richard Rose and make the Wild West a free and peaceful place to live.

Steve, Bob, Billy, and Cormano are the Sunset Riders, and they're about to live out the wildest shootout the Wild West has ever seen...


  • アーケードアーカイブス サンセットライダーズ - Japanese PS4 / Switch spelling
  • サンセットライダーズ - Japanese spelling

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Credits (Arcade version)

12 People

Art Director
Animation Directors
Sound Advisor
Sound Effects
Production Design
Electronics Engineer
Presented by
  • Konami



Censored content

In Stage 6 of the SNES version of Sunset Riders, a major censoring had taken place...

The original arcade version's Stage 6 resembled the "Cowboys and Indians" battles of old Wild West movies from the 50s and 60s. Basically, your character was up against Native American warriors armed with bows and arrows, and the boss of the stage was a Native American shaman warrior (with a stereotypical name, of course) named Chief Scalpem. In the SNES version, ALL of the Native American warriors were removed and the generic bandits from the rest of the game were put in their place, yet Chief Scalpem remained the boss of the stage.

And from what I have heard, the Japanese Super Famicom version of Sunset Riders has its Stage 6 intact, remaining the same as the original arcade version!

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