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Batman: The Caped Crusader

aka: Batman - El Super Heroe

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Crash! (93 out of 100) (93%)

The caped crusader doesn't seem to have aged well on the Spectrum. First there was Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond's isometric Batman (93%, Issue 28) arcade adventure which, while a great game, featured a distinctly plump superhero. For the new game the hero's thankfully slimmed down, but now he's started misplacing his false teeth!

Jan 1989 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Your Sinclair (92 out of 100) (92%)

Before the Teenage Merchandising Totals there was Batman, the original Hero of Hype. This is the second of his 3 Ocean games (sandwiched between 3D and The Movie) with 2 separate scenarios and the action laid out in comic strip panels. Depending on which side you load, you're either trying to foil The Penguin's latest world domination plot, or else out to congratulate The Joker on disposing of that irritating git who's been tagging along with you for years... (what? Oh, sorry)... or else out to apprehend The Joker to free your kidnapped buddy Robin. (Ahem.)

Apr 1991 · ZX Spectrum · read review

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (903 out of 1000) (90%)

The screen display is great - there's even an option to play with the backgrounds in mono or full colour. The game plays well, though it is sometimes annoying to try a low kick on an opponent and end up in the utilities screen. Overall, it's fun to play, and will keep arcade (and Batman) fans happy for a long time.

Jan 1989 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Your Sinclair (9 out of 10) (90%)

So, yet another triumph for Ocean, and without doubt Special FX's finest achievement so far. I know what I want for Christmas...

Jan 1989 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (89 out of 100) (89%)

A tune plays throughout, but is nothing more than a parody of the Batman tune. In game effects are nice, not brilliant, but nice. Quite a fun game but, to my mind, not nearly as good as the first one. Nice packaging, though.

Feb 1989 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Games Machine, The (UK) (76 out of 100) (76%)

Highlights of colour cause clash, but a monochrome mode may be selected, along with a screen background colour. Characters are detailed and Batman looks taller than his C64 counterpart. Zombie-like henchman are slow and less damaging than on the Commodore, increasing playability.

Feb 1989 · ZX Spectrum · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (7.6 out of 12) (63%)

Mag diese Spielprinzip, eine Mischung aus Labyrinth- und Actionspiel mit einem Hauch Strategie, auch schon etwas abgegriffen und in zahlreichen älteren Games verwendet worden sein (ich denke da an die Wally-Serie von MICROGEN), so ist es OCEAN doch gelungen, durch ein abwechslungsreiches Geschehen viel Spannung und Spaß zu erzeugen. Es ist außerdem beileibe nicht einfach, die vielen Gegenstände richtig zu kombinieren und anzuwenden, da müßt Ihr schen ein bißchen grübeln! Da BATMAN letztendlich auch technisch auf beiden Rechnern passabel programmiert wurde und den Spielehungrigen gleich zwei Games in einer Verpackung offeriert, kann ich Euch nicht vom Kauf abhalten. Weihnachten ist zwar schon vorbei, aber vielleicht laßt Ihr Euch ja vom Osterhasen einen BATMAN ins Nest legen.

Jan 1989 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Retro Archives (8.5 out of 20) (42%)

Batman : The Caped Crusader ne cesse de nous rappeler qu’il est beaucoup plus à l’aise sur les systèmes 8 bits. Même si le jeu n’est pas miraculeusement devenu passionnant en débarquant sur la machine de Sinclair, il offre au moins une version sérieuse où les joueurs les plus dévoués pourront espérer progresser.

May 23rd, 2020 · ZX Spectrum · read review

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