Thousand Island Solitaire


Thousand Island Solitaire is a solitaire game using a deck of 50 unconventional cards. The deck is divided into distance and fixer types of cards. There are 34 distance cards that can display four different values: 25, 50, 75 or 100 knots. The 16 fixer cards are also divided into four categories: Repair Sail, Cork, Fruit, and Sunshine End Limit. The main goal in the game is to navigate three ships across a distance of at least 1000 knots each. The player does that by playing the numbered cards on a ship's pile. As a result the ship moves a distance equal to the value displayed on the card. Above the ships' piles there are more stacks of cards. Every time a ship reaches or passes a distance that can be divided by 100 (meaning 100, 200, 300, 400 and so on), a card falls from the upper stack onto the ship's pile. The upper stacks can contain hazard cards that impede the player's progress, in addition to normal cards.

There are three types of hazard cards, namely Torn Sail, Leak and Scurvy. When they fall on a pile, the respective ship can't move until the correct fixer card is played. A Torn Sail is fixed using Repair Sail, a Leak is stopped with a Cork, and Scurvy is healed by eating Fruit. Additionally, there's a Storm Cloud Limit card that makes the ship unable to move for more than 50 knots at a time. The limit is removed by playing the Sunshine card.

One treasure chest per ship floats at a random distance from the starting point. In order to pick them up, the ships need to stop at the exact same location. If the right conditions are met, besides a token bonus the treasure chests may also yield Lifesaver cards, which can fix any hazards and remove limits. Besides Lifesavers, the player can also find Cannon power-ups during the game session. When fired, it removes the top card from the player's hand. To the right of the hand, there's a free cell as well, where one card can be stored for later use.

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