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Hyrule Warriors

aka: Zelda Musƍ

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The Telegraph ( )

Every single aspect of Hyrule Warriors is great fun and utterly compelling. I've easily been losing hours at a time to it. Everything it tries to do, it pulls off with aplomb; there's not a single aspect I've disliked, or found to be a misstep. Charging onto Hyrule Field as Link, with the main theme kicking in, hundreds of enemies swarming you, is an unrivalled experience. It's hugely different to the first time you step out onto that very same field in, say, Ocarina of Time, but no less exhilirating. It may be a slightly unexpected direction for a Zelda release, but it is one that pays off.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Gaming Age (A)

Needless to say, I really, really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors. As a fan of musou-style games, and as a lifelong Zelda fan, there’s a lot to love here. And I think, even if you’re not that experienced with Dynasty Warriors, you’ll still gleam a lot of enjoyment out of this. It offers up very unique gameplay when compared to a standard Legend of Zelda experience, while acting like a love letter to the Zelda universe. I’d love to see a sequel, or at least DLC that incorporates even more Zelda titles than the three on offer here. But that doesn’t mean that Hyrule Warriors skimps on content, as you’ll have plenty to see and do in this unique take on The Legend of Zelda from the developers at Omega Force.

Sep 26th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Digitally Downloaded ( )

With a rocking soundtrack, loads of content, plenty of fan service and some clever gelling of two disparate video game universes, Hyrule Warriors is easily my favourite game of 2014 so far. Let’s just hope for a sequel that explores some of the other Zelda titles!

Oct 29th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Cubed3 ( )

Hyrule Warriors is an outstanding crossover of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors with addictive gameplay, a slick presentation, and a lot of content. In fact, the mix of the two series works so well that it has to be wondered why it took this long to materialise. Few franchises boast a legacy that matches The Legend of Zelda and it's a joy to play as characters other than Link after all this time, giving them a well-deserved spot in the limelight. Those familiar with Warriors games (like Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, also on Wii U) will know what to expect, while Zelda fans should definitely consider giving this game a try, as long as they don't go in expecting it to be like a regular Zelda instalment. What Hyrule Warriors is, though, is a highly enjoyable spin-off that's filled with all sorts of fan service, which might just be the best way to ease the wait for the next mainline The Legend of Zelda game coming to the Nintendo Wii U next year.

Sep 20th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Gamegravy (9 out of 10)

The Legend of Zelda has been a longtime favorite for most gamers since the original NES and Hyrule Warriors doesn’t disappoint. Although, this game is nothing like a typical Zelda adventure it still holds the attention of most die-hard fans like myself. I feel online co-op would’ve been an amazing addition to this game and quite possibly amped up the already high replay value. This is a purchase worth investing in if you own a Wii U and I feel that even the less die-hard fans can enjoy it. Honestly, if you bought a Wii U then it was most likely for Nintendo games in the first place and this one has that polish that Nintendo is well known for.

Jan 8th, 2015 · Wii U · read review

The Escapist ( )

Omega Force superbly balances the beat 'em all combat of Dynasty Warriors with the enchanting world of The Legend of Zelda. With a meaty combat system and tons of stuff to uncover, Hyrule Warriors is a mad idea that should logically get old after an hour, but never does. It's a novelty that can't quit being novel, and I love it to death.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

NintendoWorldReport (8.5 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors wasn’t a game I expected to fall in love with, but thanks to its oodles of Zelda fan service and shockingly engrossing gameplay, upgrades, and modes, it turned into something very special that lives up to the Zelda legacy. It’s easy to dive into and has enough variety that it doesn’t really get old over the dozen or more hours you can spend with it. If Nintendo crossovers are always this polished and fun, I welcome many more of them.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Power Unlimited (85 out of 100)

Hyrule Warriors is geen Ă©chte Zelda-game (te veel Warriors en te weinig Hyrule), maar is dit wel de eerste game waarin je de maan van Majora’s Mask kan laten neerstorten op een gigantische draak door een gigantische fee te aanbidden die gekleed gaat als een prostituee, dus, eh, ja: verplichte kost.

Sep 19th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Destructoid (8.5 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors can fall into the same trappings as any hack and slash, but the amount of effort that went into making it enjoyable for Zelda fans is staggering. This is one of the best couch co-op games I've ever played, warts and all.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

GamezGeneration (8.5 out of 10)

Neben Mario Kart 8, Garden Warfare und Valiant Hearts habe ich mich in diesem Jahr mit Abstand am meisten auf Hyrule Warriors gefreut. Ich habe bisher jeden Dynasty-Warriors-Teil gespielt und liebe sowohl deren Spielmechanik als auch ihre Inszenierung. Dazu kommt, dass ich seit meiner Kindheit ein riesiger Zelda-Fan bin. Somit brannte sich bereits der Titel „Spiel des Jahres 2014“ in meinen Kopf, als ich genaueres ĂŒber Hyrule Warriors gehört habe. Jetzt, da ich es gespielt habe, hat es dieser Titel – gemeinsam mit ein paar anderen Spielen – vollkommen verdient. Das Kampfsystem, die Musik und die Optik ĂŒberzeugten mich sofort, weswegen ich ohne Probleme in die Welt von Hyrule Warriors eintauchen konnte. Nintendo macht – zumindest fĂŒr mich – immer noch die besten und schönsten Spiele!

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Nintendojo (B+)

The hack and slash gameplay is deceptively simple, belying an intricate combat system that rewards players for not mindlessly button mashing. The roster of characters allows for new interpretations and looks at many beloved Zelda characters, and provides players an assortment of fighters that cater to a number of individual play styles. There’s someone for every player to have fun with, and I thought it was awesome seeing so many female characters to choose from, as opposed to offering nothing but guys as so many AAA titles tend to do. Despite the game’s unintuitive map system and roughly paced Adventure Mode, Hyrule Warriors is an excellent addition to Zelda’s long history. Longtime series fans will probably get the most out of the abundant homages and shout outs to series’ lore, but action games enthusiasts in general will get a thrill out of Hyrule Warriors‘ fabulous gameplay. Wii U owners shouldn’t hesitate to give the game a purchase.

Oct 3rd, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Mag'64 (83 out of 100)

Alles in allem ist Hyrule Warriors der Titel, den man erwartet hat. Wer das Spielprinzip der Dynasty Warriors Serie kennt und gerne gespielt hat, bekommt genau das mit dem großen Background des Zelda Themas. Das aber dann in wunderbarer und reichlicher Dosis. Selten das ein Spiel außerhalb der reinen Nintendo Schmiede so viel AtmosphĂ€re mitbringt. Vor allem die konsequente Einbindung der Locations und Charaktere aus vielen Zelda Spielen lassen jedem Fan die HĂ€nde feucht werden. Zudem ist abgesehen von der fehlenden Charakter Sprachausgabe, vor allem die AtmosphĂ€re sehr gelungen. Man fĂŒhlt sich hier sofort heimisch und taucht immer mehr in die Geschichte ein. Auch wenn sie natĂŒrlich mit keiner aus den Original Spielen mithalten kann. Muss sie aber auch nicht, sondern unterstĂŒtzt den Spieler im Fortschritt des Legenden Modus. Technisch kann der Titel bis auf kleinere Macken ĂŒberzeugen und sollte in keiner Nintendo Spiele-Sammlung fehlen.

Oct 13th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Financial Post (8 out of 10)

Yet despite all these problems, Hyrule Warriors is a ton of fun to play, and provides far more flexibility and variety than I had expected. Every character’s weapons and attacks are unique and you’ll spend quite some time exploring all of their special attacks’ dazzling animations. Combat feels chewy, as you rip gashes into a regiment of troops made of thousands of enemies because that’s the only reason they were there in the first place. And the erratic story mode throws one spectacle from the Zelda canon at you after another. It’s nowhere near as polished as Nintendo’s flagship offerings, but Hyrule Warriors stands beside them as a worthy spinoff.

Sep 26th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

The Guardian ( )

Hyrule Warriors ought not to work – it smacks of Nintendo’s desperation to get any sort of game out for its overlooked machine – but it will certainly delight the faithful fans, and manages to remain utterly true to the world of Zelda while offering really fresh-feeling gameplay. It’s far from perfect, and won’t win any awards, but has the attributes required to gain cult status in the years to come. If you have a Wii U, it’s a must-buy.

Sep 19th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Common Sense Media ( )

Hyrule Warriors is highly replayable, as you can travel to different areas on the sandbox-style map each time. Plus, there are a few bonus modes to unlock and a two two-player cooperative (co-op) options: one on the TV screen, and the other on the Wii U GamePad controller. While the game is highly entertaining, be aware that the action might grow repetitive after a short while: You'll approach enemies, engage in battle, and move on to repeat the process (similar to Dynasty Warriors). It's still fun, and the combat depth and various modes keep things fresh, but just be aware it might feel like a little "rinse and repeat." Small niggles aside, action fans who own a Nintendo Wii U should definitely pick up this exciting and engaging hybrid experiment.

Sep 2014 · Wii U · read review

Game Informer Magazine (8 out of 10)

The repetition of Dynasty Warriors pervades throughout Hyrule Warriors, but this unexpected crossover with the Zelda universe works. It might not be the Zelda game we expected for Link’s first original Wii U debut, but it will happily hold us over while we wait for the console’s first true Legend of Zelda experience.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Game industry News (GiN) ( )

Overall, Hyrule Warrios is a great game. It’s obviously going to appeal to fans of the series more than anyone else, but Wii U owners without prior Zelda experience should definitely add it to their collections. It’s a fast, fun game that’s perfect to sit down and spend a few hours on with a friend or by yourself. The game does have its faults, but they aren’t enough to warrant skipping it.

Oct 6th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Eurogamer.de (8 out of 10)

An jeder Ecke ĂŒberraschten mich verschiedenste Charaktere, GegenstĂ€nde oder Mechaniken aus dem Zelda-Universum. Hyrule Warriors dreht sich im Kern zwar weiterhin nur um das Vermöbeln Tausender Feinde, nutzt diese Ausgangssituation aber gekonnt als Sprungbrett zum Verbinden beider Serien. Musou-Veteranen fehlt nach Abschluss der Handlung die gewĂŒnschte Herausforderung, was dennoch nicht vom Kauf abschrecken sollte. Denn selbst wenn man im Gegensatz zu einem Dynasty Warriors nur 20 statt 80 Stunden investiert, liegen diese 20 auf einem wesentlich höheren Niveau.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

N-Europe (8 out of 10)

While it may seem simple at first, Hyrule Warriors has fun combat and requires you to think about the whole battlefield instead of mindlessly slashing through enemies. It may be a Dynasty Warriors game, but it still has a Zelda feel and the extra polish you would expect from a Nintendo game.

Sep 20th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

GamingTrend (80 out of 100)

So, no, Hyrule Warriors isn’t perfect. Its story is ridiculous nonsense, and while it does a lot to change up the long-stale Warriors formula, it’s still very much a mindless hack-and-slash. Even so, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself in what is likely the best game in the Warriors series in a long, long time. Hyrule Warriors is pure fanservice, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sep 2014 · Wii U · read review

Snackbar-Games.com (4 out of 5)

Fans of the Zelda universe should definitely check out Hyrule Warriors, although they need to be aware that there is approximately zero traditional Zelda gameplay here. It is first and foremost a Dynasty Warriors game, and no amount of reskinning will overcome that. Going into this expecting anything else is a recipe for disappointment.

Oct 9th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

WiiDSFrance (8 out of 10)

À vrai dire, je pensais faire de ce test une ode au jeu et aux heures de plaisir qu'il m'a procurĂ©, mais apporter un travail de rĂ©flexion sur un jeu dĂ©cĂ©rĂ©brĂ© lui nuit plus qu'il ne lui fait justice. Car Hyrule Warriors est un concentrĂ© de fun et une vĂ©ritable lettre d'amour au fan de The Legend of Zelda
 Toutefois, notre envie d'en vouloir toujours plus aura eu raison de lui. Peut-ĂȘtre aura-t-on une suite avec plus de personnages et enfin l'apparition des univers de la trilogie du futur (Wind Waker, tu me manques) ou bien tout simplement ce jeu vivra longtemps grĂące Ă  un flot de DLC et d'add-ons intĂ©ressants... Dans tous les cas, si vous ĂȘtes fan de Zelda et que le gameplay de Dynasty Warriors ne vous rebute pas, n'hĂ©sitez pas Ă  le prendre. Vous en aurez pour au moins une quinzaine d'heures et si vous prenez l'Ă©dition collector, vous aurez mĂȘme une belle Ă©charpe avec laquelle vous pourrez vous la pĂ©ter en convention ou dans la rue en hiver !

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Sydney Morning Herald (8 out of 10)

This is pure, stupid fun mixed with big explosions and a whole lot of celebration for one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises (the over-the-top treatment of traditional Zelda items is particularly smile-worthy). And while all this means Hyrule Warriors doesn't necessarily tick all the boxes a Zelda purist would like in a game featuring their favourite characters, it does a great job of shining those characters in a new light.

Sep 30th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Joystiq ( )

Still, I can't knock what Omega Force has crafted here. The developer could've taken the easy route and attached Legend of Zelda characters to its existing gameplay concepts, but some additional gameplay wrinkles and an obvious reverence for Legend of Zelda history elevates Hyrule Warriors to something both more engaging and more accessible than any prior musou brawler. Not only is Hyrule Warriors the best entry point to Koei Tecmo's other musou games, it's also a solid Legend of Zelda entry in its own right. Like another delicious mashup, the Cadbury Creme Egg, Hyrule Warriors is superficially dead simple, but for those willing to unwrap its foil lining and bite through the chocolate shell, there lies a wealth of cleverly designed gameplay mechanics, charming references to fan-favorite characters and locations and a whole lot of tasty, sugary goo.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

GameSpot (8 out of 10)

The flow of time is bittersweet. You wake up one day and you realize that there are more Dynasty Warriors spin-offs and crossovers than there are mainline Dynasty Warriors games. Aside from introducing many Legend of Zelda fans to the Warriors franchise, Hyrule Warriors adds little innovation to Koei’s megaseries as a whole, but nevertheless brings an undeniable spark ignited by the crossover cast itself. As one of the more well-produced Warriors games in recent memory, it is easy to see Hyrule Warriors paving the way for more Warriors spin-offs--other properties that have a substantial amount of melee combat. Street Fighter? Dragon Ball? The idea of a Gundam Warriors game, let alone a series, was once an absurd concept, just as Hyrule Warriors was when it was first announced. If the Warriors franchise has proven anything, it’s that most every entertainment property is fair game. And that prospect is both exciting and a bit scary.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Games TM (8 out of 10)

While Hyrule Warriors might want for modes and options compared to recent entries, it more than compensates with the variety of its roster, subtle refinements to its systems, and that extra layer of Nintendo polish. Against all odds, it works beautifully.

Sep 11th, 2014 · Wii U

GamesReviews (8 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors is not perfect. Although this game screams multiplayer, there are times when the game slows down to an excruciating pace when multiple enemies join you and your multiplayer partner on the screen. The graphics – aside from the heroes and bosses – are also incredibly underwhelming, reminding me of games I played during the late days of the GameCube and early days of the Wii. However, there is a lot to love here – the Zelda music is amazing! – and anyone with an itch to play some Zelda will probably find something to love. For myself, this will be a game I return to time-after-time, using different characters and different strategies to complete the missions.

Sep 26th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Worth Playing (8 out of 10)

It's hard to imagine a bigger love letter to the The Legend of Zelda franchise than Hyrule Warriors, which is a really polished and well-made Dynasty Warriors game. It still contains many of the franchise's flaws or weak points, but it also boasts many of its strengths. It's certainly more Warriors than Zelda, but it makes excellent use of the source material, so it doesn't feel like Link's face was slapped on an unrelated title. Some may miss the Zelda dungeon-crawling and exploration, but Zelda and Warriors fans will find a lot to like here.

Oct 23rd, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (8 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors, like every Musou game, is an acquired taste. But here, dressed in Zelda's pea-green livery, with the series' attendant tinkling melodies, idiosyncratic characters and memorable locations, it's unusually friendly and engaging. The genre is often unfairly criticised for being a mindless power fantasy in a medium that specialises in mindless power fantasies. But Hyrule Warriors rewards thoughtful play and demands a strategic approach that transcends the brute force combo-strings of its moment-to-moment gameplay. The marriage of Zelda and Musou is an unexpected success, then - a game that recounts the Zelda myth not just in a new way, but in a whole new language.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Co-Optimus (4 out of 5)

On the whole, though, Hyrule Warriors is a great success. It is better than the other Dynasty Warriors games I have played, and by a good margin. The production quality is top notch, and the attention paid to the details of the extensive Legend of Zelda series is impressive. It’s still a very simple game, and certainly not as deep or compelling as a traditional Zelda title, but it’s still fun to play. The two-screen co-op works well, and I hope to see more Wii U games with similar features. Dynasty Warriors fans will find plenty to like here, and Zelda fans will enjoy seeing their favorite characters in a fantastic, if illogical, new story. Hyrule Warriors is a very good game, and worth checking out for fans of either series.

Oct 3rd, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Darkstation ( )

Hyrule Warriors masterfully blends the combat and gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors series with the lore and characters of the Zelda universe. Make no mistake, this is a Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors game, so if you go into it expecting a traditional experience, you may find yourself disappointed. However, if you can make it past that, you will find a lot of love in Hyrule Warriors. It’s immediately apparent that the developers did their best to imbue this game with Zelda charm and they succeeded. The characters are varied and an absolute blast to play as, adventure mode is a refreshing change of pace and provides ample challenges, and despite co-op knocking the framerate and resolution around, it may just be the definitive way to play the game. If you’re a fan of either franchise and own a Wii U, you owe it to yourself to at least give Hyrule Warriors a try.

Oct 1st, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (8 out of 10)

The meeting point between the two is hazy enough to be invisible, and what's left is a game all of its own; never quite Zelda, never quite Warriors. It's not just immersion therapy for players who might not be naturally interested in one side or the other - it immerses each style in the other, resurfacing with something all of its own.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

VicioJuegos.com / uVeJuegos.com (79 out of 100)

No se puede obviar que es un juego muy repetitivo, que gana con el multijugador (uno en la televisiĂłn y otro jugador con la pantalla del Gamepad) y que promete expandirse con nuevos añadidos con un pase de temporada que rebajarĂĄ el desembolso de los contenidos descargables (alguno hay gratuito). Posiblemente el mejor Musou de todos, pero mĂĄs porque al escuchar esa mĂșsica y ver a Link tan presto a la batalla que nos dejemos llevar por ese espĂ­ritu guerrero que por sus valores jugables, los que por cierto son mĂĄs que dignos, pero son pocos y se repiten una y otra vez. Se puede decir que han respetado la serie para hacer el mejor Hyrule Warriors que Omega Force podĂ­a hacer (salvo problemas menos que se van solucionando con parches). Que no es poco.

Sep 22nd, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Retro Gamer (78 out of 100)

It's clearly aimed at Zelda fans and is an evolution of the scrolling fighters of old, but its fun gameplay should be enough to convince you to give it a punt.

Oct 9th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

GamePro (Germany) (IDG/Webedia) (78 out of 100)

Ich werde als Fan von Dynasty Warriors und Co. ja oft belĂ€chelt. Und ich kann das gut verstehen. Schließlich ist allein das Szenario der Musou-Spiele - chinesisches, japanisches oder fiktives Historiendrama - echt schwere Kost. Ganz zu schweigen von den zahllosen, uns völlig fremd erscheinenden Charakteren. Und jetzt kommt Hyrule Warriors daher! Im Kern auch »nur« ein Musou-Spiel, doch mit bekannten Helden, vertrauten Melodien und zahllosen Anspielungen auf eine der bekanntesten Spielereihen der Welt. Ein richtiges Zelda-Spiel ist es zwar nicht, jedoch eine gelungene Kreuzung zweier Serien und der perfekte Einstieg in die Welt der Musou-Spiele. Denn die haben, trotz ihrer offensichtlichen SchwĂ€chen, meiner Meinung nach mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient.

Sep 23rd, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Cheat Code Central (3.8 out of 5)

If you're a fan of the Dynasty Warriors gameplay and the lore of The Legend of Zelda series, you will absolutely fall in love with Hyrule Warriors and enjoy the extensive list of replayable modes. For those of you who feel this is a taint on the Zelda brand, I can assure you that nothing but care and dedication has been given to the mythos of the franchise. That said, the gameplay itself can become quickly repetitive without a difficulty challenge besides beating the enemy to the punch. And though it looks like a Zelda game, it certainly doesn't feel like a traditional one. The story races through in quick segments, mostly to introduce a new playable character. It's not the epic tale masterfully weaved from past Zelda titles. It's a game with perks and a game with flaws, and it will be up to each player's personal preferences to decide whether it's a worthy addition to their Nintendo library.

Sep 18th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Digital Chumps (7.6 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors delivers a wonderful Legend of Zelda action game with a large cast of familiar characters, identifiable worlds, a great upgrade/leveling system and endless amounts of action. It’s far from a perfect game, especially in regards to controls and repetitiveness, but it’s much better than expected. It has certainly raised the bar for the Dynasty Warriors series in regards to design.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (15 out of 20)

Gundam, Hokuto no Ken, One Piece, Zelda et prochainement Dragon Quest ! Autant de licences revisitĂ©es par le studio Omega Force Ă  la sauce Dynasty Warriors, pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Dans le cas d'Hyrule Warriors, on constate que Nintendo a tenu Ă  ce que l'univers de la sĂ©rie transparaisse au maximum dans le jeu, et le rĂ©sultat se rĂ©vĂšle plutĂŽt convaincant. MĂȘme si le gameplay est loin d'ĂȘtre transcendant, la richesse du contenu et les parties en coopĂ©ration rendent le soft rapidement accrocheur !

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Lazygamer (7.5 out of 10)

At the end of the day, Hyrule Warriors is at its core a Dynasty Warriors game, but it injects enough of that Legend of Zelda pizzazz to feel fresh and fun in its own right. This game won’t convert you into Dynasty Warriors fan and it has its fair share of problems, but after all is said and done I can say this; Hyrule Warriors is fun, and I guess sometimes that’s all that matters.

Sep 30th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

GamerGen (15 out of 20)

En définitive, Hyrule Warriors n'est certainement pas le jeu de l'année, mais il n'est pas un mauvais jeu pour autant. Loin de là. Omega Force, aidé par Eiji Aonuma, a réussi à marier avec succÚs deux licences qui n'avaient à premiÚre vue aucun point commun. Le plaisir est immédiat et durable, surtout pour ceux qui feront le jeu en coopération et qui prendront la peine de s'attarder sur le mode "aventure", véritable joyau de ce titre.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

JeuxActu (14 out of 20)

Alors que l'on s'attendait à un résultat catastrophique, Hyrule Warriors parvient finalement à tirer son épingle du jeu grùce au savoir-faire d'Omega Force et de Nintendo, qui ont su collaborer en parfaite intelligence afin que les deux licences s'imbriquent sans accroc. La foultitude de trésors que contient le jeu incite à l'exploration qui, ADN Zelda oblige, s'appuie sur les fameux objets dont on peut se servir également pour combattre les boss.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Nintendo Life ( )

For those that come in expecting a classic Legend of Zelda adventure this could potentially be an underwhelming experience; yet as a fun action game with plenty of content is delivers well. Once the problem of perception — courtesy of the iconic characters at play — is resolved, this is an entertaining addition for action fans.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

GameTrailers (7 out of 10)

When played in short sessions, Hyrule Warriors is mindless fun that celebrates the rich history of the Zelda series. However, your long term enjoyment of this game boils down to how much you like Dynasty Warriors, or hack-and-slash games in general, and whether or not you care about exuberant amounts of Zelda fan service. It more than delivers on both these points, but if either one of these is a turn off, this likely isn’t the experience for you.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

IGN (7 out of 10)

Surprisingly, Hyrule Warriors does a good job of tying together the combat of Dynasty Warriors and the revered characters and lore of the Legend of Zelda series in a way that makes me feel powerful in a world I love. Character customization adds unique flavor to the simple combat, and the satisfying weapons, rewards, and story make it a fun alternative to the typically serious Zelda games. It’s just a shame you can’t share the action with a friend without significant slowdown.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

GamesCollection (7 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors non Ăš altro che un discreto spin off della saga Zelda, un musou a tutti gli effetti che perĂČ poteva offrire molto, ma molto di piĂč. Il potenziale c'era tutto, peccato che non sia stato sfruttato appieno. Alcune idee risultano comunque molto interessanti e le componenti Zeldose regalano in ogni caso maggiore linfa ad un genere piuttosto ripetitivo e non adatto ai non amanti del suddetto, ma nonostante ciĂČ, non si Ăš riusciti nell'intento di realizzare un prodotto di spessore. Non sempre quando si abbina la parola Zelda a qualcosa i risultati sono eccellenti. Nel caso di Hyrule Warriors ci troviamo un prodotto simpatico, con belle trovate e con una trama di buon livello (il vero punto forte del gioco), ma che ci lascia anche con tantissimo amaro in bocca.

Sep 17th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

DarkZero (7 out of 10)

Overall, Hyrule Warriors, despite its flaws, is a very addictive game and is most certainly worth playing extensively. Irrespective of Nintendo’s successful past collaborations, I postulated that this game might be a bad idea, but I was proven wrong.

Oct 3rd, 2014 · Wii U · read review

4Players.de (70 out of 100)

Allen Vorbehalten zum Trotz geht die scheinbar unheilige Verbindung aus Hyrule-Mythologie und Warriors-Kampftechnik auf. Zwar nutzt Koei nicht die Chance, die seit Jahren still stehenden Massenschlachten um mehr Anspruch, RĂ€tsel oder Herausforderungen aufzuwerten. Doch mit den altbekannten Elementen der Orochi- oder Gundam-PrĂŒgeleien wird man in kleinen Dosen solide unterhalten. Der Story-Modus verbindet nicht nur Artdesign und viele akustische VersatzstĂŒcke der Zelda-Serie mit den typischen Klonarmeen der Warriors-Reihe. Er verbindet auch drei bekannte Zeitlinien aus Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time und Skyward Sword in einer durchaus interessanten Rachegeschichte.

Sep 18th, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Jeuxvideo.fr (7 out of 10)

En assimilant intelligemment l'hĂ©ritage de la saga Zelda pour en produire d'intĂ©ressantes extensions au gameplay canonique des Dynasty Warriors, Omega Force a vu juste et sort un peu de son ghetto, ouvrant ainsi les bras Ă  des joueurs qui, jusqu'ici, pouvaient demeurer insensibles Ă  ses productions. Quant aux plus rĂ©fractaires, que les grosses bastons gĂ©nĂ©rales si chĂšres aux yeux du studio japonais n'intĂ©ressent absolument pas, ils peuvent une fois de plus passer leur chemin : Hyrule Warriors, en dĂ©pit de ses bonnes idĂ©es, reste un MusĂŽ en respectant scrupuleusement la table des lois. Les autres dĂ©couvriront un titre spectaculaire et respectueux des univers qu'il explore, Ă  dĂ©faut d'ĂȘtre trĂšs original.

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Nintendo-Online.de (7 out of 10)

Trotz all der Kritik muss man bei „Hyrule Warriors“ folgendes eingestehen: Das ĂŒberschaubare Gameplay der „Dynasty Warriors“-Reihe kann auch in diesem Ableger mehrere Schlachten lang in Laune halten. Außerdem versorgen die Entwickler die Fans der „The Legend of Zelda“-Serie durch interessante Charaktere und geliebte MusikstĂŒcke mit einem tollen Angebot. Allerdings beweist der Titel trotzdem in der Technik und vor allem durch die fehlende Abwechslung erhebliche MĂ€ngel. Zudem ist man nach der anfangs interessanten Story im letzten Drittel enttĂ€uscht, dass die Entwickler bei aller Freiheit, die Nintendo und das Team um Eiji Aonuma ihnen geboten haben, nicht mehr gewagt haben. Insgesamt ist „Hyrule Warriors“ daher in erster Linie nur Fans beider Serien zu empfehlen, wobei selbst diese nicht gĂ€nzlich zufrieden sein werden, wenn die genannte Kritik sie stört.

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3D Juegos (7 out of 10)

En los "cross-over" la uniĂłn suele hacer la fuerza, pero no ha sido el caso de Hyrule Warriors, que plasma la magia del universo Zelda sobre los errores de siempre de la saga "musou". El resultado es un videojuego muy completo, con incluso cooperativo, pero que adolece de un importante problema de repeticiĂłn en su desarrollo. GustarĂĄ a los fans de Dynasty Warriors, a los seguidores de la Trifuerza y, en particular, encantarĂĄ a los afortunados que amen ambas licencias. Para los demĂĄs, la colaboraciĂłn entre Nintendo y Koei Tecmo no pasarĂĄ de la mera curiosidad.

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Giant Bomb ( )

Hyrule Warriors is an odd move for Nintendo, but it’s one that will make a specific audience of the gaming world very happy. As someone who loves Zelda and is lukewarm at best on Dynasty Warriors, I appreciated the references to the former while becoming frustrated at the bare-bones gameplay of the latter. This quirky offshoot is better than any Dynasty Warriors game I’ve played, while simultaneously being the worst Zelda game I’ve ever played.

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Gamekult (6 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors aurait pu ĂȘtre fou ou bien complĂštement ratĂ©. Finalement, il se contente d'appliquer la recette de la sĂ©rie habilement, sans pour autant confiner au gĂ©nie ni dĂ©poussiĂ©rer totalement le concept. LimitĂ© Ă  une poignĂ©e de situations rĂ©pĂ©tĂ©es Ă  l'envi, le recours aux objets typiques de la sĂ©rie - bombes, grappin - permet nĂ©anmoins d'offrir des combats de boss un peu plus variĂ©s que d'habitude, autorisant mĂȘme parfois un semblant d'exploration. Dans le mĂȘme esprit, le mode Aventure intelligemment pensĂ© sort un peu la sĂ©rie de sa torpeur. HĂ©las, le manque de variĂ©tĂ© dans les personnages et les environnements rappelle sans cesse la nature ĂŽ combien rĂ©pĂ©titive du concept, hypnotique pour certains, soporifique pour les autres. Reste le plaisir simple d'associer Link et Zelda cĂŽte Ă  cĂŽte, l'un sur le GamePad, l'autre sur le moniteur, pour avoiner Ganondorf, Xant ou Ghirahim, sur un remix soupe-guitare du thĂšme principal de la sĂ©rie.

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Gameblog.fr ( )

C'Ă©tait la volontĂ© de Shigeru Miyamoto, Hyrule Warriors serait un Dynasty Warriors, un genre Ă  part entiĂšre, et rien d'autre. Et c'est exactement ce qu'est ce jeu Koei Tecmo exploitant l'univers et les personnages de Zelda. Ainsi, si c'est votre truc de bastonner Ă  la chaĂźne, dans une rĂ©pĂ©titivitĂ© certaine et des environnements vides, entre deux objectifs qui vous permettent en mĂȘme temps de rĂ©aliser une autre activitĂ© en parallĂšle, et si bien sĂ»r la LĂ©gende de Zelda, ça vous fait quelque chose, eh bien Hyrule Warriors pourra combler la fringale habituelle de votre Wii U. Au son des remix rock / soupe des thĂšmes de Zelda. Un dĂ©fouloir un peu bĂȘbĂȘte mais satisfaisant pour certains, une aberration pour d'autres, choisissez votre camp, dans Hyrule Warriors, c'est soit rouge soit bleu.

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New York Daily News ( )

It's all those Zelda callbacks that hold your attention, though, and give you plenty of reason to play and play on in Hyrule Warriors, which is just the latest example of Nintendo's ability to think outside the box.

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New Game Network (60 out of 100)

A fan service skin of a Zelda game, however good, is still just an impersonation. It’s a mix that only occasionally works, and more often than not simply feels repetitive and out of place.

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The Video Game Critic (C+)

The graphics are unimpressive but Zelda fans will appreciate the familiar sights, sounds, and classic references. Hyrule Warriors would probably rate higher on another system, but on the Wii U this is second-tier material.

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Nintendo Master (5.5 out of 10)

Que dire d'un jeu qui, de par sa mĂ©diatisation racoleuse, a su titiller la curiositĂ© de non-habituĂ©s mais qui, en rĂ©alitĂ©, n'est qu'une expĂ©rience plus ou moins forte de dĂ©ception ? Bien que le titre soit plein de dynamisme, il n'accorde pas suffisamment de soins aux dĂ©tails et autres Ă -cĂŽtĂ©s, ne proposant qu'une expĂ©rience de gameplay extrĂȘmement redondante.

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Polygon (5.5 out of 10)

Hyrule Warriors demonstrates that the Zelda universe works within the Dynasty Warriors framework, but with limitations. It makes sense for Link to cut down fiendish hordes in the name of Hyrule. It's exciting to play as beloved characters that up until now were just supporting cast members. But Hyrule Warriors' novelty wears off as the game trips over its setup, story and shallow systems. Team Ninja and Omega Force have forced Zelda's universe into the confines of a beat-em-up, but much of the charm and appeal was strained out in the process.

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Game Rant ( )

Hyrule Warriors manages to offer plenty of fan service to longtime aficionados of The Legend of Zelda, with ample references to some of the most treasured installments in the series. That said, the action falls flat after a few missions and players will be left grinding through tedious and repetitive scenarios over and over again. There is some fun to be had in this crossover, but it will only cater to fans who have built up an acquired taste for the hack-and-slash formula of Dynasty Warriors.

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Metro.co.uk (4 out of 10)

It always sounded like a bad idea, but although Zelda has inspired one of the best Dynasty Warriors games to date the end result is still well below average by any other standard.

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GamesRadar ( )

The best part of Hyrule Warriors is seeing the stylized versions of the classic characters, taking the characters' movesets out for a spin, and absorbing the love Koei Tecmo has for the Zelda series. But nostalgia and fanservice can only take the game so far. Hyrule Warriors is held back by monotonous gameplay, brain dead AI enemies, and overlong missions that quickly exhaust you with repeat actions, enemies, and environments. If you're an enthusiastic Zelda fan that is somehow immune to the boredom of endless button mashing, Hyrule Warriors might be an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, you're better off skipping this one.

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de Volkskrant N/A

Zelda-fans komen volop aan hun trekken met voldoende puzzels waarvoor ze extra wapens en magische krachten moeten verzamelen, die ook nodig zijn om de eindbazen aan het slot van elk level op hun knieën te dwingen. Tegen alle verwachtingen in is Hyrule Warriors een game geworden waar een Wii U-bezitter met goed fatsoen niet omheen kan.

Oct 1st, 2014 · Wii U · read review

Gameluster N/A

For as much as I have had with each moment of the game and though I am still not bored I do think that many of you will get bored with Hyrule Warriors quite quickly. But the point is Hyrule Warriors is good fun and a game that really must be played by anyone and if any game should get you to buy a Wii U I think this is it.

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Diehard GameFan N/A

There is a ton of content to keep you busy, even if a good portion of it is incredibly challenging and sometimes grind heavy. Still, if you even have a passing interest in the DW games, this is one of the best spinoff games they’ve ever done.

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