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Wallaby!! Usagi no Kuni no Kangaroo Race

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TurboGrafx-16 credits (1990)

34 People (25 developers, 9 thanks)


Assistant Producer
Game Designer & Director
Assistant Director
Chief Programmer
Graphic Designer
Music Composer
Music Data
  • Etsuko-san to TENKY BAND (TENKY [えつこさんと TENKY BAND (TENKY)])
SE Composer
Test Player
  • Shinichi Kondō (credited as A・REY)
  • Hiroshi Itosu (credited as Basic Itōsu [べーしっくいと~す])
  • Inuinu [いぬいぬ]
  • Shifuto jisu kējētē [しふとじすけーじぇーてー]
  • Hidebō [ひでぼう]
  • Bonnobu [ぼんのぶ]
  • Minabō [みなぼう]
  • Yuki-chan (Yagi [ユキちゃん(やぎ)])
  • Yu~ri [ゆ~り]
Location Spot
  • Tōkyōto Ōi Keibajō [とうきょうと おおい けいばじょう]
  • JRA Nakayama Keibajō [JRA なかやま けいばじょう]
Package Illustration
Special Thanks to
Sales Promoter
Executive Director
  • Usagi no Kuni no Kangaroo Race 「WALLABY!!」 [ウサギのくにのカンガルーレース 「WALLABY!!」]
  • NCS CORP. 1990

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