M.A.X. 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration

aka: M.A.X. 2: Mechanised Assault & Exploration
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Windows credits (1998)

82 people (81 professional roles, 1 thanks) with 100 credits.


Associate Producers
Line Producers
Lead Designer
Game Design
Lead Programmer
AI Design and Programming
Network Support
Additional Network Programming
  • Quiksilver Inc
Additional Programming
Art Director
Additional Artists
Additional Art
  • Flatline Studios LLC

Acorn Entertainment, Los Angeles

Executive Producer for Acorn Entertainment
Lead CGI Animation
Addt´l CGI Animation
Lead Artist
Asst. Illustrator
Addt´l Illustrator
Cover Design Concepts

Flatline Productions

Flatline Production
Flatline Supervisor
Visual Concepts and Storyboards
World Creation
Head Writer / Campaign Scenario Design
Writer / Mission Scenario Design
Manual Writer
Manual Editor
Manual Design
Manual Reflow Editor
Box Cover Design
Traffic Manager
Audio Director
Audio Administrator
Sound Design
Game Music
Voice Casting Direction / Supervision
VO Editing
Director of Quality Assurance
QA Manager
QA Project Supervisor
QA IS Manager
QA Technicians
Director of Compability
Compability Technicians
Director of Marketing
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager
PR Director
PR Manager
Internal Coordination Manager
Flatcat Division Director
VP of Development
Special Thanks to
  • Our Betatesters
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