đŸ‘Ÿ The lost Atari arcade game returns with Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh

The Sims 4

aka: Die Sims 4, Les Sims 4, Los Sims 4

[ Macintosh ] [ PlayStation 4 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox Cloud Gaming ] [ Xbox One ]

Windows credits (2014)

1,350 People (1,078 developers, 272 thanks)

The Sims 4

VP Executive Producer
Franchise Development Director
Senior Producers
Lead Development Directors
Franchise Art Director
Senior QA Manager
Technical Directors
Lead Producers
Production Team
Lead Centralized Outsourcing Development Director
Development Directors

Development Team: Art Team

Art Directors
Lead Object Modeler
Object Modelers
Lead Environment Artist
Environment Artists
Lead Visual Effects Artist
Visual Effects Artist
Lead Character Modelers
Character Modelers
Concept Artists
Animation Directors
Technical Art Directors
Technical Artists
Outsourcing Art Director
Lead Outsource Object Modelers
Outsource Object Modelers
Lead Outsource Character Modeler
Outsource Character Modelers

Development Team: Design Team

Lead Designers
User Experience Director
User Experience Designers
User Interface Art Director
User Interface Designers

Development Team: Engineering Team

Lead Build Mode Engineer
Build Mode Engineering Team
Lead Client Systems Engineer
Client Systems Engineering Team
Lead Configuration Management Engineer
Configuration Management Engineering Team
Create A Sim Engineering Team
Lead Gameplay Engineer
Gameplay Engineering Team
Lead MoTech Software Engineer
MoTech Software Engineers
Technical Animation Director
Lead Server Engineer
Server Engineering Team
Lead Software Tools Engineer
Software Tools Engineering Team
Lead UI Engineer
UI Engineering Team

Development Team: Audio Team

Senior Audio Director
Audio Development Director
Lead Audio Artists
Audio Artist
Audio Asset Managers
Audio Engineer
Voice Director
Lead Voice Editor
Voice Editors
Talent Manager
Talent Coordinator
Voice Actors
Additional Voice Actors
Recording and Mastering

Quality Assurance Team: Development QA Team

Quality Assurance Project Managers
Quality Assurance Project Leads
Sr. QA Analyst
QA Lead Tester
Quality Analysts
QE Director of Engineering
Director of Engineering Program Management
SQE Engineering Team

Quality Assurance Team: Core QA

Senior Director

Quality Assurance Team: EA Baton Rouge QA

Sr. QA Manager
Sr. QA Project Leads
QA Project Lead
QA Test Leads
QA Testers

Quality Assurance Team: EA Romania QA

GTO Director
Sr. QA Manager
QA Manager
QA Project Leads
QA Test Lead
QA Acting Leads
QA Testers

Quality Assurance Team: EA Baton Rouge Compliance

Sr. QA Compliance Manager
QA Compliance Manager
QA Compliance Project Lead
QA Compliance Test Lead
QA Analysts
QA Compliance Testers

Marketing, Public Relations, and Support

Senior Director Global Marketing
EA Global Marketing
Director Integrated Communications
EA Global Communications

Maxis Analytics & Data Platform

Development Director
Product Manager
Data Analysts
Software Engineers

Localization Team

Senior International Project Manager

Localization Testing (LT)

LT Project Manager
LT Heads of Testing
LT Coordinators (Asia)
LT Testers
Localization Engineering
Localization Coordinators
Translation Support

Maxis Operations

Senior Vice President EA Maxis
Vice President Operations
Vice President Product Technology
Senior Director Human Resources
Group Finance Director
Vice President Marketing
Senior Director Communications
Senior Legal Counsel
Maxis Human Resources
Maxis Finance Team
Administrative Support
Technical Support


Design Interns
Production Interns
Engineering Intern
Gameplay Engineering Intern
  • Austin Yarger
UI Engineering Intern

Additional Contributors

Art & Animation
User Experience and Interface Design
Development Direction
Software Engineering
Quality Assurance
Maxis Finance

Special Thanks

Special Thanks
The Sims 4 Team would like to thank
Development Babies

Electronic Arts

Launch Readiness

Electronic Arts: EA Certification

Project Manager
Site Manager
Project Lead
Test Specialists
Senior Testers
Test Team
Global Submissions and Age Ratings Team

Electronic Arts: Compatibility and Technology Lab

Compatibility and Technology Project Lead
Compatibility and Technology Testers

Electronic Arts: Digital Platform Infrastructure and Operations

Digital Platform Infrastructure and Operations

Electronic Arts: EA Digital Planning

Developer Relations
System Test
Commerce & Identity

Electronic Arts: Legal


Electronic Arts: Origin


Electronic Arts: EA Global Publishing

EA Global Publishing

Electronic Arts: Worldwide Customer Experience

Worldwide Customer Experience

Electronic Arts: Pulse


Audio: BitFlip

Audio Engineer

Audio: Skywalker Sound

Foley Artists
Foley Recordists

Additional Audio

Piano Object
Guitar Object
Violin Object

The Sims 4 Music

Executive Music Producer
Senior Music Supervisor
Music Licensing and Clearances
Original Music Written and Recorded by
Music Produced by
Music Performed by
  • The London Metropolitan Orchestra
Conducted by
Featured Musicians
Music Programming & Arranging
Music Recorded at
  • Abbey Road Studios
  • British Grove
  • Northpole Studio
Music Mixed at
  • Northpole Studio
Music Recording Engineer
Music Production Coordinator
Music Production Assistant
1st Violins
2nd Violins
Double Basses
Clarinet (double bass clarinet)
Bassoon (double contrabassoon)
Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone
Tenor Saxophone
Percussion, Guitars and Keyboards
"Real People"
"Fawna Benna Slo"
"Gell Haffa No Hast"
"Iffen Dona Bin Gau"
  • Written and recorded by Ki:Theory
"Who I Am"
"You're The One That I Want"
"That Evil"
"Again and Again"
"Never Be Lonely"
  • Written and recorded by OVERWERK
"Dobie Boppsie Barm"
"Nooboo Neeb"
"Reach You"
"Love In Your Eyes"
"In My Head"
"I'm Gone"
"Believe in Love"
"Love Is True"
"High Headed Woman"
"Shoby Nye"
"Gee Manray"
"Argument for Violin & Cello"
"Caprice II"
  • David Juritz (Violin)
  • Ilan Eshkeri (Writer)
  • Published by Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
  • Recordings courtesy of Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
"Caprice III"
  • David Juritz (Violin)
  • Ilan Eshkeri (Writer)
  • Published by Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
  • Recordings courtesy of Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
  • Rosey Chan (Piano)
  • Ilan Eshkeri (Writer)
  • Published by Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
  • Recordings courtesy of Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
"Ostinato for Clarinet"
  • Anthony Pike (Clarinet)
  • Ilan Eshkeri (Writer)
  • Published by Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
  • Recordings courtesy of Northdog Music Publishing Ltd.
"Passacaglia for Viola & Cello"

External Art Development Teams: EA Shanghai

Studio Director of Production
CG Supervisor
Development Director
Art Director
Associate Art Director
Art Leads
Art Specialists
Associate Animation Director
Animation Lead
Animation Specialist
Technical Artists

External Art Development Teams: LadyLuck Digital Media

Art Leads

External Art Development Teams: Tose Co., Ltd.

Project Manager
Art Leads

External Art Development Teams: Original Force 3D., Ltd.

Project Managers
Art Lead

External Art Development Teams: Mindwalk Studios

Art Leads

External Art Development Teams

External Art Development Teams
  • Massive Black Inc.

External Art Development Teams: Hot Studios

User Experience Designers
User Interface Artists


Tested at
  • The EA North American Test Center
  • a facility developed with the assistance of the Louisiana Economic Development's Office of Entertainment Industry Development
This software product included Autodesk Scaleform software
  • © 2014 Autodesk Inc.
  • All rights reserved.
  • This product may include in-game sponsorships or product placements

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