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Animated Strip Poker is a version of the game Strip Poker where you play Five-Card Stud against a woman to try to get her naked by winning hands to make her remove clothing. On the screen you can see your current hand of cards, the woman and a small character in the shape of a card who tells you the next part of the game. Both you and the woman start with £145 and £10 in the pot and you must raise, call or bet money on how you feel your hand of five cards will do against hers. Once the betting has been completed, you remove any cards you don't need and receive the same amount of cards. Betting once again takes place until a player calls and you both show your cards. The player with the better hand like pairs, two pairs, full house etc., wins the money and the other player removes a piece of clothing.

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Average score: 56% (based on 5 ratings)


Average score: 2.9 out of 5 (based on 3 ratings with 1 reviews)


The Good
The sound effects are decent. Some okay digitized voice, and although the sound of cards being shuffled and dealt are rather generic, they mostly work. But you will also get really weary of them really fast, especially "PRESS ANY KEY TO DEAL THE CARDS" after every single hand.

The Bad
The graphics are primitive, and only "animated" for a couple of seconds out of hours of gameplay.

The game is definitely challenging, and borderline frustrating. Its slow pace will make you increasingly impatient, and that impatience will make you worse and worse at playing the game. If you can fight that impatience and keep at it, you can win, but you're not having fun.

The Bottom Line
Having no joystick control, this game requires you to use non-intuitive keyboard commands. Options such as "Call, raise, fold" can only be picked by slowly cycling through them by pressing the up/down key and hitting return. If you accidentally hit a return a second time, it will often go into effect later in the game when you don't want it to, and force you to bet. There is no way to cancel your bet.

Unlike other poker games where you can always see your own hand, your cards disappear frequently, and are completely invisible when your opponent shows you hers. This can be a problem because in one case I swore I had a royal straight but I lost to a regular pair. I'm pretty sure the game is so crappy it couldn't tell that I even had a straight but because I couldn't see the hands side by side I ended up doubting myself and now I'll never know.

Aside from a few fleeting moments when you actually win enough money, the girl is very much not animated, despite that being the name of the game. In fact, it's the entire point of the game. After a horrendous slog through frustrating controls, an AI that you'll swear is cheating sometimes, and occasionally maybe not even crediting you for the hand you actually have? That's when you discover: The payoff is no payoff at all.

Commodore 64 · by Tom White (35) · 2016

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