Spider-Man 2: Enter: Electro

aka: Spider-Man 2: La Revanche D'Electro
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Spider-Man is out to save New York City (and in the process the world) once again. This time it is Electro that is out to take Earth, and the galaxy itself, for his own. As you fight your way towards the final battle with Electro, you will come across a range of enemies, objectives and bosses. Climb buildings, save hostages, disarm bombs, all while avoiding hidden traps and enemies.

Spider-Man has a range of new techniques and power-ups for use, including Electric webs, ice webs, tasers, and electricity armor, plus all of the original moves from the first Playstation Spider-Man adventure. Punch and kick are your main attack abilities, but coupled with your web you can swing into and out of fights, tie up the enemy and surprise them from above. You can of course crawl along walls and roofs to get to hard to reach places, and find the hidden comic books (which opens up pictures in the gallery).

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Average score: 64% (based on 13 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 20 ratings with 5 reviews)

Good, but not great

The Good
Spider-Man (2000) was an amazing game on all levels; graphics, animation, storyline, game play, replay value, difficulty level, extra secrets, etc. It was the Spider-Man video game that fans had waited decades for and everyone expected a sequel. Spider-Man 2 (2001) follows the same basic format of the previous game with with slightly improved graphics, extra super hero moves, new levels and extra comic book inspired secrets. It is also based on an actual, albeit not especially well known, Spider-Man storyline.

The Bad
Spider-Man 2 feels shorter and less developed then the first game, with lesser known super villains, fewer cameos from super heroes and a rather repetitive and mundane "What If?" scenario. The real life terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001 compelled Activision to do a last minute revision of the game, which causes some confusing plot points.

The Bottom Line
Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2001) is not a bad game, by any means, and will, generally, please comic book fans who are all too often offered inferior games. However, it is no where near as creative or impressive as the first game. The minor improvements and new storyline feel less like a proper sequel and more like an appendix to the first game.

PlayStation · by ETJB (431) · 2010

Pretty good,but the first one is better.

The Good
Well there are a lot of things.For starters the graphics are a bit better.Also,there are more extras(Such as costumes art etc.)Also the levels are pretty fun too.

The Bad
Well for starters,it feels shorter than the first one,and it seems easier.And Spidey and Stan Lee's voice are the only returning characters(Unless you count the Lizard,who was left in the character viewer,mentioned and cameoed on a billboard.)Plus there are some annoying levels(Such as a level where you need to save a plane by opening doors and throwing barrels out of the way)

The Bottom Line
In short,spider-man 2 is a pretty good game but if your in a game shop,only allowed to buy 1 game and you see 1 & 2,get 1 instead.

PlayStation · by Tailsbandicoot (10) · 2007

Destined to be forgotten

The Good
Enter: Electro is clearly not a game that Activision had any intent to treat seriously. Released as a PSX exclusive in late 2001 [sic!], based entirely on its predecessor's engine, but made by another, less prominent studio while Neversoft was busy producing Tony Hawk sequels, it was most likely meant as an easy cash grab. Considering all that, it's pretty impressive that the team at Vicarious Visions made an actual effort to give the game its own identity.

While the gameplay is virtually the same as in the 2000 game, Enter: Electro does differ in its level design. Trying to break monotony, it takes focus away from simple combat by introducing varied mini-quests, more linear chase sequences, and somewhat simplistic puzzles. They may not always work quite as intended, but they are a clear attempt at making the game its own unique thing and not just a rehash of its predecessor.

It's worth noting that some of the boss fights have pretty cool gimmicks to them, such as using special webbing to revert the Lizard's transformation or luring Sandman in front of water pipes and increasing the pressure. Then again, the execution of these ideas sometimes feels clunky and it's not always that easy to stumble upon the right solution.

The Bad
Unfortunately, the ideas the designers came up with for individual levels aren't always the best. Some of the puzzles involve bland backtracking or performing very simple yet unintuitive tasks in specific places, and despite the interesting addition of two semi-open-ended areas where you can move between rooftops and the street level, most levels actually end up being more linear and limiting than in the first game.

Enter: Electro's storyline isn't exactly its strong suit either. Electro, despite his cool design and powers, doesn't make the most competent and intimidating main villain. And while I personally like the inclusion of some of the more niche Spider-Man enemies, I cannot imagine the thought process behind choosing Hammerhead of all people as a major character and a boss. It also seems like there was a larger Beetle subplot which had to be cut, because after his reveal in a cutscene, the game does absolutely nothing with his character, wasting an interesting opportunity.

The Bottom Line
Enter: Electro seems to mostly be remembered as the game that had to have the twin WTC towers removed in a hurry before its September 2001 release, and it shouldn't come as a surprise. This sequel was clearly never meant to leave a lasting impression, and while I appreciate Vicarious Visions' attempts to make it a unique, interesting game, it ultimately fails to escape mediocrity. 5/10

[played in emulator]

PlayStation · by Pegarange (200) · 2023

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