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You play the role of a Raven mercenary, piloting a powerful Mech called "Armored Core". You only work for profit, as the money you make goes towards upgrades and repaires to your mech.

Multi-national companies are lined up at your door, paying you to complete certain objectives, which mainly include the destruction of a certain target or another mech. The more you complete, the better the pay and job offers, therefore allowing you to build the ultimate Armored Core.

Apart from the single player campaign, you can take on a friend in a multiplayer battle. You each control a mech, and battle it out in a large war area (ranging from huge cities to desert planes).


  • アーマード・コア - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 79% (based on 13 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings with 2 reviews)

AC is a decent mecha game of its type and will appeal to most gamers who are into the manga-type style of mecha.

The Good
Armored Core is the first mecha-type game developed by From Software and at its first try it became a cult classic. The game has well paced gameplay but it is still clunky when compared to its CGI counterpart. At first glance, most mecha designs of this type usually ignores physics, with enemies and good guys whizzing by using an overkill number of missiles, lasers, and have the ability to dodge everything without a single scratch - a la Macross. Not here. AC attempts to be realistic but some of that realism doesn't carry over to a realistic operating mecha. An AC does not heat up and explode nor does it have proportional movement (i.e. Cores, or AC Mecha, can move forward quickly but not turn quickly). There have been direct comparisons between this game and Mechwarrior but AC has such a unique niche that more arcade-style gamers will appreciate. While Mechwarrior presents a deeper learning curve and a deeper hierarchy of weapon systems, AC does away with intricacies and just gives you a ton of weapons and accessories to play with. Rarely will you find yourself using older or different weapons from previous missions. In Mechwarrior, everything is still useful. In AC, you can upgrade to your hearts content. Most of the missions can be very satisfying but if you have played these types of games before don't expect too much when you're actually deployed to tackle a mission. Mechwarrior encourages teamwork. AC has you play as a merc. Make no mistake though. There are some similarities that are so subtle that it can only be appreciated when playing both games (Mechwarrior/Armored Core).

The Bad
Armored Core is a great game but you do get annoyed by a few things. AC has a so many things you can do in the "garage" when modifying your mecha but it is very inefficient at doing it. Its rotating menu will get on your nerves. If you're also the type of person that likes to be served stories via cutscenes don't expect anything here, players have to read an email or two detailing a job, and then they must choose which one to take. From there players are launched into the mission where they must use the mecha to complete whatever task they've been assigned When the job is complete - all which require a ton of reading. The graphics are good but not excellent. There are many graphic tricks that can still be exploited on the PS1 but From Software has taken a more simplistic look to up the frame rate. As with the graphics, the sound has reflects the same way. The music is almost completely muted out due to all the chaotic action that is usually going on in the missions. The music that plays during the menu screens are very catchy though. As for the sound effects, they are what you would expect from a game featuring giant robots with high-powered weapons. Just watch any Gundam anime.

The Bottom Line
The nice touch is a two-player option that supports the often forgotten link cable. In this mode you can each select your mecha (or load a custom one), and duke it out in an arena. It's this mode that gives PlayStation gamers their very own Virtual On.

Armored Core is a good mecha game. Definitely better than other games of this type but it is the gameplay and concept behind the game that is fun and addicting. Most of it being the modifying.

If you are a fan of mecha games in general, you will probably find something here to enjoy. Even if you have never played any mecha before, this game has enough to get you into it.

PlayStation · by (27) · 2005

Not a bad challenge to MechWarrior at all.

The Good
I didn't expect this to be as good as the MechWarrior series, as challenging a bunch of mates to a challenge over a LAN takes the cake any day, however I was surprised at the amount of depth included here.

The fact that you are playing for cash to buy some amazingly powerful gear for your mech, and that you can choose which missions to complete more then makes up for the lack of a true multiplayer session. Some of the upgrades are a real treat, just check out those rocket launchers. A few of them on the shoulders of your mech will really scare the hell out of the competition.

It's the ability to create your own mech, from the color scheme to the icon and of course the weapons, defense systems and other items of worth that are the key elements of the game, and that's what makes this a winner.

Of course, you have a 2 player mode, which makes for a nice few hours of gameplay to prove to your pal that in fact you do have the best mech in the galaxy. Graphically the game doesn't come close to any Mech game on the PC (or any of the current Mech games on console), but it's a solid presentation, and it wasn't at all bad in its day.

The Bad
The only things I would have liked to have seen is a 4 player mode, more missions (which would later come in the next two PSX titles, so that's ok) and a better soundtrack. The sounds of battle are all here, but here isn't any real music here, and I always look out for that to add some atmosphere to the game. Sadly, it really wasn't to my liking here at all.

The Bottom Line
Overall, not a bad Mech game at all for a console. Sure, it doesn't come close to any of the current games on either PC or console(s), but if you can find this in a bargain bin somewhere you can be sure that it is worth the money.

PlayStation · by Kartanym (12382) · 2002

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