Halo: The Master Chief Collection

aka: Halo: MCC
Moby ID: 69673

Xbox One credits (2014)

1,602 people (1,502 professional roles, 100 thanks) with 1,708 credits.

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Publishing

Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Technical Director
Senior Audio Director
Art Director
Concept Artist
Senior SDE
Creative Director
Senior Game Designer
Associate Producer in Test

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Franchise

Franchise Development Director
Franchise Management
Franchise Media Manager
Franchise Media Producer
Franchise Media AP
Franchise Writers

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Management & Administration

Corporate Vice President, Head of 343 Industries
Operations Director
Executive Business Administrator
Business Administrator

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Business

Franchise Business Managers
Business Operations Program Manager
Business Development Manager

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Halo Waypoint & Halo Channel

Executive Producer
Group Program Manager
Program Managers
Creative Coordinator

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Development

Development Manager
Development Lead
Software Development Engineers

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Test

Test Lead
Software Development Engineer in Test
Software Test Engineer
Test Associates

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Programming

Director of Programming
Supervising Producer
Channel PM

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Section 3 - Management

Executive Producer
Development Managers
Development Leads
Group Program Manager
Program Managers
Additional Design

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Section 3 - Developers

Software Development Engineers
Support Engineering

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Section 3 - Test

Test Manager
Test Leads

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Section 3 - IT

IT Service Engineering Manager
IT Service Engineering
IT Service Operations
IT Software Design Engineering

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Section 3 - Games Test Organization

Director of Test
Test Manager
Test Lead

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Section 3 - Release Management Team

Studios Production Services Manager
Studios Information Security
Studios Release Managers

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Section 3 - 343 Pro Team

Software Test Engineer
Additional Test Support

Halo 2A: Audio - 343 Industries

Senior Audio Director
Sound Supervisor
Sound Designer
Music Composed By
Adapted and Orchestrated By
Produced By
Additional Music

Halo 2A: Audio - Finishing Move Inc.

Audio Director/Score Supervisor
Project and Asset Management
Scoring Mixers
Additional Score Mixers
Assistant Audio Engineer
Music Editing
Production Assistants
Additional Drums
Additional Percussion
Music Prep
Vector Management
Guitar Tech
Outerloop Management
Orchestra recorded by
Assistant Engineers
Pro Tools Operator/Editor

Halo 2A: Audio - The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra Contractor and Manager

Halo 2A: Audio - The Skywalker Chorus

Chorus Manager
Chorus Contractor

Halo 2A: Audio - The San Francisco Boys Chorus

Mastering Engineer

Halo 2A: Audio - Source Sound Inc.

Supervising Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer
Sound Designer
Sound Editor
1st Assistant Sound Editor
Assistant Sound Editor
Additional Re-recording Mixer
Foley Walker
Foley Mixer

Halo 2A: Audio - Formosa Interactive - Sound Design

Supervising Sound Designer
Creative Director
Sound Designer
Asset Coordinator
Foley Artist
Foley Recordist

Halo 2A: Audio - Formosa Interactive - Voice Services

Director, Studio Services and Celebrity Acquisitions
Manager, Voice Over Studios
Voice Over Director
Project Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Recording Engineer
Assistant Engineer
Editorial Supervisor
Editorial Coordinator
Dialogue Editor

Halo 2A: Audio - Voice Talent

Linda, Robot AI
343 Guilty Spark, Alan, Prophet Steward
Loud Speaker Elite
Sesa Refurmee (Heretic Leader), Brass #1
Prophet Scribe, Prophet of Regret, Elite Lieutenant
Multiplayer Announcer
Brass, Fred, Prophet Steward
Additional Recording Services Provided By
  • Clatter & Din

Halo 2A: Xbox - Advanced Technology Group

Senior Program Manager
Principal Program Manager Lead
Program Manager II
Senior SDE
Principal SDE
Senior SDET

Halo 2A: Xbox - Xbox Platform

Partner Group Program Manager
Principal Program Manager Lead
Senior Program Manager
Program Manager II
Distinguished Engineer
Principle Software Engineer Manager
Principle Software Development Lead
Principle Software Architect
Software Engineer Lead
Principal SDE
Senior SDE
Quality Manager
Senior SDET
Principle Service Engineer Manager
Sr. Service Engineer Manager
Principle Service Engineer
Sr. Service Engineer II
Sr. Service Engineer

Halo 2A: Xbox - User Research

User Research Project Lead
User Research Lead
User Researcher
Special Thanks

Halo 2A: Xbox - Halo Babies

Halo Baby

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Special Thanks


Halo 2A: Blur

Company Creative Director
CG Supervisor
Animation Supervisor
Facial Animation Supervisor
Motion Capture Supervisor
Rigging Supervisor
FX Supervisor
Information Technology & Systems Supervisor
Pipeline & Tools Supervisor
Line Producer
Executive Producer

Halo 2A: Blur - Layout and Editorial

Layout Lead
Layout Artists
Editorial Assistant

Halo 2A: Blur - Character Modeling

Character Modeling Lead
Character Modelers

Halo 2A: Blur - Rigging

Facial Rigging Lead

Halo 2A: Blur - Animation

Animation Lead

Halo 2A: Blur - Cloth and Hair Simulation

Cloth Simulation Lead
Hair Simulation Lead
Cloth/Hair Simulation Artists

Halo 2A: Blur - Prop and Vehicle Modeling

Prop/Vehicle Modeling Lead
Prop/Vehicle Modelers

Halo 2A: Blur - Environment Modeling

Environment Modeling Leads
Environment Modelers

Halo 2A: Blur - Scene Assembly

Visual Development and Scene Assembly Lead
Scene Assemblers

Halo 2A: Blur - User Interface Graphics

UI Design Lead
UI Animators

Halo 2A: Blur - Matte Painting

Matte Painting Lead
Matte Painter

Halo 2A: Blur - FX

FX Artists

Halo 2A: Blur - Production

Production Coordinator – Layout
Production Coordinator – Animation
Production Coordinator – FX and Scene Assembly
Production Coordinator – Assests, Hair/Cloth and Scene Assembly
Production Assistant

Halo 2A: Blur - Concept Design

Concept Artists

Halo 2A: Blur - Information Technology

Systems Administrator/Programmer
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst/DBA

Halo 2A: Blur - Programming and Pipeline Development

Pipeline TD
Pipeline Intern

Halo 2A: Blur - Company Management & Administration

Company Operating Officer
HR/Recruiting Personnel

Halo 2A: Blur - Casting

Additional Casting by
Signatory Services provided by
  • Formosa Interactive

Halo 2A: Blur - Motion Capture Talent

Commander Miranda Keyes / Prophets
Sgt. Maj. Johnson / Arbiter
Admiral Hood
In Amber Clad Pilot
Sgt. Stacker
Marine - Male
Marine - Female

Halo 2A: Blur - Motion Capture Stunts

Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Performer
Stung Rigging Coordinator
Stunt Rigger

Halo 2A: Blur - Motion Capture

Motion Capture Assistant
Motion Capture Stage
  • Rouge Productions
Motion Capture Cleaning Services Provided by
  • Mocap Militia
Motion Capture Supervisor
Motion Capture Producer
Motion Capture Artist

Halo 2A: Blur - Facial Scanning and Capture

Facial Scans by
  • Light Stage Inc.
  • TNG Visual Effects
Facial Capture Services Provided by
  • MOVA

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Project Leads

Art Director
Executive Producer
Lead Producer
Lead Designer
Lead Programmer
QA Lead

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Art

Lead Environment Artist
Lead Character Artist
Lead Technical Artist
Lead Concept Artist
Environment Artist
Concept Artist
Technical Artist
VFX Artist
UI Artist
Character Artist

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Design

Lead Sandbox Designer
Lead Forge/UI Designer
Lead Level Designer
Systems Designer
Level Designer
UX Designer
Multiplayer Level Designer

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Engineering


Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Production


Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Audio

Sound & Implementation

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - QA

QA Tester

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Studio Leadership

VP of Marketing and Operations
VP of Product Development
Art Director
Director of Talent and Culture
Director of Production
Director of Technical Operations
Design Director

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Studio Support

IT Systems Support Analyst
Project Manager
HR Business Partner
Accounting Clerk
Community Manager
Brand and Marketing Manager
IT Sys Admin/Web Dev
Accounting Manager
Facilities Manager
Talent Acquisition

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Additional Development

Additional Development

Halo 2A: Certain Affinity - Special Thanks


Halo 2A: Saber Interactive - Production

Associate Producers

Halo 2A: Saber Interactive - Programming Department

Programming Director
Lead Project Programmer / Console Tech Lead
Lead Physics Programmer
Lead Programmer
Game Integration Senior Programmers
Game Scripting Senior Programmers
Game Integration Programmer
Engine Lead
Game Engine Lead
Senior Engine Programmers
Engine Programmers
Lead Rendering Programmer
Senior Rendering Programmers
Rendering Programmers
Network Programmer
Lead Technology & Tools Programmer
Senior Tools Programmer
Tools Programmers
Build Programmer

Halo 2A: Saber Interactive - Art Department

Art Director
Characters Modelling Supervisors
Head of Concept Art Department
Senior Concept Artists
Concept Artists
Junior Concept Artists
Head of Level Modelling Department
Senior Level Modelers
Senior Level Modeller / Asset Designer
Level Modelers
Junior Level Modelers
Senior Asset Modeler
Technical Art Director
Lead Technical Artist
Senior Technical Artist
Technical Artists
Lead Integration Artist
Integration Artist
Junior Game Integration Programmer
Lead Animator
Head of VFX Department
Senior VFX Artist
VFX Artist
Head of Texturing Department
Senior Texture Artists
Texture Artists
Texture Artist, Additional Lighting
Head of Lighting Department
Senior Lighting Artists
Junior Lighting Artist
Head of Outsourcing Department
Outsource Manager
Character and Assets Modeling
  • Trace Studio
  • Digital Forms
  • Crystal-Hive Entertainment
Assets Modeling
  • Sanctum
  • Fox3D
  • Trias
  • Adia
  • Glass Egg
Character and Assets Modeler
Assets Modelers
Character Modeler

Halo 2A: Saber Interactive - QA Department

QA Director
QA Project Leads
QA Experts
QA Intern

Halo 2A: Saber Interactive - Support

Studio Director
Associate Producers
HR Managers
IT Director
Network Administrators
Director of Game Content

Halo 2A: Saber Interactive - Saber-Kiev

Project Manager
Technical Artist
Concept Artist
Level Modelers
Texture Artist

Halo 2A: The Sequence Group

Production Coordinator
Voice Talent
Art Director/ Lead Artist
Lead Character Animator
Animators / Compositors
Lead 3D Artist
3D Modeling Lead
3D Modelers
3D Character Rigging Lead
3D Character Rigging / Facial
Assistant Editor
Junior Editor
Sound Design & Mixing
Animation Production Services provided by
  • The Sequence Group

Halo 2A: United Front Games - UFG Team

Technical Director
Sr. UX Lead
QA Lead
QA Testers

Halo 2A: United Front Games - UFG Studio

Head of Production
Development Director

Halo 2A: United Front Games - Special Thanks


Halo 2A: Fireteam LTD

Chief Technical Officer
Senior Software Engineer
Lead Programmer
Executive Producer

Halo 2A: Test By Experis

Delivery Director
Operations Professional
Test Manager
Senior Test Lead
Test Lead
Software Development Engineer in Test
Software Test Engineers
Test Associates
Additional Testing

Halo 2A: Test By Lionbridge Game Services

Games Test Manager
Senior Test Lead
Test Lead
Senior Test Engineers
Lionbridge Test Associates

Halo 2A: Bungie

Project Lead
Executive Producer
Engineering Leads
Mission Design Lead
Game Design Lead
Art Director
Writer, Director of Cinematics
Composer, Audio Director
Multiplayer & User-Interface Lead
Test Manager, Producer Bungie.net

Halo 2A: Bungie - Engineering

Additional Engineering

Halo 2A: Bungie - Design

Mission Designers
Additional Mission Design
Cinematic Designer

Halo 2A: Bungie - Art

Lead 3D & Effects Artist
3D Artists
Additional 3D Art
Senior Animator
Animators, Game & Cinematic
Additional Animation by
Lead Environment Artists
Single-Player Environment Artists
Additional Single-Player Environment Art by
Lead Multiplayer Environment Artist
Multiplayer Environment Artist
User Interface Art and Design
Production Manager & Technical Artist
Effects Artist
Concept Art, 2D & Matte Paintings

Halo 2A: Bungie - Audio

Audio Lead
Sound Designer

Halo 2A: Bungie - Test

Test Leads
Test Tools Engineering
Software Test Engineers
Software Test Engineer Intern

Halo 2A: Bungie - Bungie.net Team

Bungie Community Lead
Community Team
Additional Community Support
Administrative Assistant & Bungie Princess
Additional Administrative Support

Halo 2A: Bungie - Additional Support

Titles & Trailers
  • The Ant Farm
Dialog Recording Engineer
Casting Director
Orchestra Contractor
Additional Orchestration, Music Editing
Attract Movies, Credits, DVD Production
  • FilmOasis Inc.
Cinematic Foley
  • Omni Interactive Audio
Additional Cinematic Animation
  • ReelFX Creative Sudios Inc.
Additional Music and Audio Production
Courtesy of Epic Records
Storyboard Artist

Halo 2A: Bungie - Special Thanks


Halo 2A: Bungie - Cinematic Cast

Miranda Keyes
Prophet of Mercy
343 Guilty Spark
SpecOps Leader
Master Chief
Prophet of Regret
Heretic Leader
240I Penitent Tangent
Lord Hood
Sergeant Johnson
Prophet of Truth
Marine Sergeant
Jackals, Hunters, & Flood
Additional Voices by
Casting & Voice-Over Production Services
  • Blindlight

Halo 2A: Microsoft

Lead Product Marketing Manager
User Testing Lead

Halo 2A: Microsoft - Halo 2 for Windows Vista

Project Lead
Engineering Lead
Test Leads
Project Management
Art and Design Lead
Control and UI Design
Microsoft Game Studios
Microsoft Legal
Map Editor and New Maps
Xbox Platform & Xbox Live
Xbox Marketing & PR
User Experience
User Testing
Localization Teams - Ireland
Localization Teams - Japan
Localization Teams - Korea
Localization Teams - Redmond
Localization Teams - Taiwan
Additional Microsoft Engineering Support Software Development Engineers
Additional Microsoft Test Support Software Test Engineers
Contract Test Team
Additional Microsoft Support

Halo 2A: Microsoft - Community

Biggest Community Supporters

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Community

Community Manager
Community Producer
Community AP
Graphic Designer
Assistant Director of Photography
Video Editors
Events Manager

Halo 2A: 343 Industries - Design

Visual & Motion Design Lead
Visual & Motion Designer
User Experience Design Leads
User Experience Designers
UI Designer
Visual Designer
Lead Writer

Behaviour Interactive (September 2018 update)

Associate Producer
Production Manager
Programming Technical Director
Technical Lead Programmers
Senior Graphics Programmer
Graphics Programmers
System Programmers
Lead UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer
Audio Designer
Lead Development QA
Development QA
Technical Writer
Additional Technical Lead
Additional System Programmers
Additional UI/UX Designer
Additional QA
Executive Producer
Executive Vice-President, Behaviour Studios
Vice-President of Production, Behaviour Studios
Head of Creative, Behaviour Studios
Head of Technology, Behaviour Studios
Head of Art
Head of Development Services
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