Championship Boxing

aka: Arcade Boxing, Boxer's Story, Boxing


Championship Boxing is a single-player, 3D, boxing game, it is gamepad or keyboard controlled. It is the published, updated version of the game Rocky which was made available for free.

The game can be played in two ways. The main game is the 'Boxer's Story' which takes the player through Adam Bradbury's, there's no choice of character, career. This consists of a series of matches, the first two are workouts in the gym and are essentially practice matches. After this the player must fight and defeat progressively harder opponents on their way to the title. The other mode is 'Boxer's Fantasy' in which the player can play as any of the other boxers and fight any other boxer.

There are three different kinds of boxing match* Normal: which is an unlimited number of three minute rounds which ends either with a knock out or when a boxer has been knocked down three times in one round

  • Hardcore: Here there are no rounds, just one long battle, and this ends only when one boxer is knocked out

  • Technical: Similar to Normal but limited to five rounds when if there has been no knockout, the winner is decided by points

Other features designed to introduce a bit of unpredictability are 'miracles' in which a boxer can land a lucky punch, get second wind after being knocked down, or both boxers can knock each other out, as the name suggests these are rare occurrences. The action keys can be redefined and there is also an editing feature which allows the player to create and save up to thirty of their own boxers, once created these boxers cannot be deleted but they can be replaced.


  • История о боксёре - Russian spelling


Credits (Windows version)

Game Design
2D & 3D Graphics
  • Idigicon Ltd.

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Related Sites +

  • Developer website
    This game started out being called 'Rocky' after the movie series. It was picked up by Idigicon and developed as Boxer's Story before being released as Arcade Boxing in 2002. The full story is on the developer's site along with downloadable versions of both games

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