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7 Colors Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The main title screen
Language Selection Screen
Player Selection Screen
Multiple player profiles can be saved and reloaded later
The password protection screen
Difficulty levels are set here - this the hardest...
this the medium...
and this being the easiest
A game in progress on medium level
And I won!
The game's level editor lets you tweak and customize the playing areas

DOS version

Title screen.
Customize your game - diamond size, color variation, obstacles, time limit.
An easy game with few, large diamonds. Players expand their territory by recoloring it to match adjancent stones.
A big board with lots of diamonds and obstacles. Both players try to create a line to the opposite board border to fill the space in between.
The round ends when one player dominates half of the board.
Create your own playfields with the editor.

PC-98 version

Title screen
Starting a game