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A Solid Enough Effort From An Amateur Developer Windows Russell Brisson (6)
The Tale of Mephistopheles Windows vicrabb (7299)
Just like a cheesy horror movie sequel Windows CubbyKatz (216)
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream! Windows Classic Nigel (150)
Like a chewed bubble gum with almost no flavor. Windows Czar Husk Qi (39)
Big on atmosphere, short on gameplay Windows jTrippy (63)

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Windows 34 3.8
Combined User Score 34 3.8

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WindowsAbandonia Reloaded (Mar 27, 2005)
7 Days a Skeptic is the very good 2004 sequel to 5 Days a Stranger. Like its predecessor, this is one of my favourite AGS and adventure games. Definitely worth a try.
WindowsJust Adventure (May 09, 2007)
In 7 days a skeptic, an excellent sequel, you are Dr Jonathan Somerset, on board onto a space ship some decades later, along with his captain and three more astronauts. They manage to pick up a strange box, floating in the space, which just happens to have something … evil inside , and suddenly they are in trouble!
75 (Nov 05, 2005)
Pokud bych to měl shrnout do pár vět, tak hra si jistě najde spoustu příznivců, kteří ale budou spíše mezi hráči ze staré školy. Příběh vás opravdu donutí hrát až dokonce a nudit se nebudete. Pokud vám tedy nebude vadit grafika, pusťte se do toho, mnoho věcí čeká na vaše vyřešení.
WindowsAdventure Lantern (Oct, 2006)
In the end, it seems that despite Yahtzee's efforts, 7 Days a Skeptic did not manage to escape the curse of the sequels, as it ends up being inferior to its predecessor. It is still an enjoyable game, and if you enjoyed the first part you should definitely play this one as well, but be prepared for some frustration. As with 5 Days a Stranger, there is a special edition of 7 Days a Skeptic available for 5 dollars, offering several extras such as a commentary track and a new warning system for the chase scenes.
70 (Aug 08, 2004)
With all the problems I pointed out, you could think 7 Days A Skeptic is a bad game, or almost; it's not. It's still a solid product, with a very good plot development and lots of atmosphere and tension; my beloved cutscenes with no defined boundary between reality and nightmare are here again. When you have to run to survive, it feels almost like a survival horror. So, if you played and liked 5 Days A Stranger (and it's recommended you do it first, so to have the best enjoyment from the plot), I'm pretty sure you will like this one too, even if it's not on par with the previous episode.
WindowsAGS Ezine (Jul 23, 2007)
While not superior to its predecessor, “7 days a skeptic” will provide several hours of fun to fans of horror and mystery. Looking forward to Yahtzee’s next releases!