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Jars' Revenge

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Jars' Revenge is a single screen shooter which is a remake of the Atari 2600 bestseller Yars' Revenge where you control a creature who has to destroy Quotile Bases over various levels. Your creature starts on the left of the screen and you can move it in multiple directions as you fire your cannon to remove a shield protecting the base on the right of the screen. You must make a gap in the shield so that when you have got a missile, you can fire it to hit the base and destroy it. To make the missile appear you can eat the shield or keep touching the base and when it appears on the left of the screen, the position of your creature is the place the missile will launch by pressing the fire button.

If you miss the base then you can keep eating the shield or touching the base to make another one appear and if you are hit by the missile then you lose one of five lives. The base fires it's own missile and this follows you around the screen and if you are hit by the missile then a life is lost. The base occasionally also turns into a swirl which is fired across the screen and this also needs avoiding. Running vertically down the screen is a neutral zone and when you enter this then you can't be destroyed but you cannot fire your cannons either.


Credits (Commodore 64 version)

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