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Sportsfriends is a collection of four local multiplayer games not available separately. They are BaraBariBall, Hokra, Johan Sebastian Joust and Super Pole Riders. For both PC and PlayStation Johan Sebastian Joust requires at least two PlayStation Move controllers and on PC Windows is not supported. For the other three games at least two USB game controllers with twin analog sticks are required on PC, while on PlayStation the regular controllers can be used. The game features a "shared controller option", this means two players can share one controller for a 4-player mode requiring only 2 controllers.

BaraBariBall is a retro-styled 2D fighting game played one-on-one or with teams of two players. Players choose from three characters (Joshi, Popo and Sari), each with specific abilities based on speed and strength, and optionally a special technique such as bariball, ocean fist, plex or sky hook. The gameplay takes some cues from the Super Smash Brothers games. The characters start on a central platform with two additional platforms left and right. To score they need to carry a ball from the opposing side and dunk it into the coloured water of their own side. Characters can fight each other with different kinds of attacks and specials. There is water on both sides and it is possible to stay there for a short while, but the characters respawn when they disappear from the screen. There are seven environments to choose from. Settings include the option to have players choose their special technique and the amount of jumps allowed to remain in the air. You can also determine the number of points for dunking the ball in your coloured water, the amount of points you lose for falling beneath the water, the score limit and the match duration.

Hokra is a fast paced game played one-on-one or with teams of two players in an arena with two large coloured areas. Up to four players each control a square and attempt to keep the ball in the endzone area with the hostile colour, causing it to fill up with a different colour. The squares can be moved around and while not holding the ball a button is used to dash and possibly stun opponents. While holding the ball the same button is used to pass it in any direction. This game can be played by two players holding a single controller, each using an analog stick and a button. There are eight environments named after cities. Custom levels can be designed using an editor.

Johann Sebastian Joust is a contact sport game with no graphics, played through sound. Each player holds a PlayStation Move controller and moves around while music from Johann Sebastian Bach's Brandenburg concertos is played at a slow tempo. The goal is to be the last player standing by knocking out the other players, by jostling their controller with the free hand. There is a threshold however as at a slow tempo there is very little motion tolerance, meaning the players have to move slowly. When the music suddenly speeds up, the players can move more rapidly without setting off the controller. The PC version supports up to seven players and the PlayStation version up to four.

Super Pole Riders is a game played one-on-one or with teams of two players. In one of four environments each player controls a character holding a flexible pole vaulting pole. It is used to move around and jump. The goal is to push a ball, tied to a line hanging over the area, towards the goal on the other side. The characters can also hinder each other using the poles. In the settings the score limit and the match duration can be determined. Just like in Hokra two players can share a single controller.

Two additional games are unlocked through a sequence of button presses on the main menu. The first one is an enhanced version of Get On Top where two characters, holding hands facing each other, attempt to get on top of each other in an awkward wresting match. There are three buttons to control the characters, up, left and right, and when a character falls down, the other player is rewarded a point. The second game is FLOP, a PONG variant, but with flexible paddles.

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Credits (Windows version)

8 People

Producer & Creator, J.S. Joust
Creator, Hokra
Creator, BaraBariBall
Creator, Pole Riders
Logo & Menu Design
Menu Sound & Music



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For technical reasons, the headlining game Johann Sebastian Joust is not available on Windows; in the PC release, it's only available on Mac and Linux.

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